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"selectors": {
"lang": "Select the lang"
"create-a-poll": "Create a poll",
"define-dates-or-subjects-to-choose-from": "Define dates or subjects to choose from",
"discuss-and-make-a-decision": "Discuss and make a decision",
"do-you-want-to": "Do you want to",
"framadate-is-an-online-service-for-planning-an-appointment-or-making-a-decision-quickly-and-easily-n": "Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily. No registration is required.",
"here-is-how-it-works": "Here is how it works:",
"send-the-poll-link-to-your-friends-or-colleagues": "Send the poll link to your friends or colleagues",
"what-is-framadate": "What is Framadate?",
"view-an-example": "view an example?",
"cecill-b-license": "CeCILL-B license",
"framadate-is-licensed-under-the": "Framadate is licensed under the",
"framadate-was-initially-based-on": "Framadate was initially based on",
"the-software": "The software",
"this-software-needs-javascript-and-cookies-enabled-it-is-compatible-with-the-following-web-browsers": "This software needs javascript and cookies enabled. It is compatible with the following web browsers:",
"software-developed-by-the-university-of-strasbourg-these-days-it-is-developed-by-the-framasoft-assoc": "software developed by the University of Strasbourg. These days, it is developed by the Framasoft association.",
"grow-your-own": "Grow your own",
"if-you-want-to-install-the-software-for-your-own-use-and-thus-increase-your-independence-we-can-help": "If you want to install the software for your own use and thus increase your independence, we can help you at:",
"to-participate-in-the-software-development-suggest-improvements-or-simply-download-it-please-visit": "To participate in the software development, suggest improvements or simply download it, please visit",
"the-development-site": "the development site",
"Actions": "Actions",
"Administration": "Administration",
"Author": "Author",
"back-to-administration": "Back to administration",
"change-the-poll": "Change the poll",
"Email": "Email",
"Executed": "Executed",
"expiry-date": "Expiry date",
"Fail": "Fail",
"failed": "Failed:",
"Format": "Format",
"Installation": "Installation",
"Logs": "Logs",
"Migration": "Migration",
"Nothing": "Nothing",
"pages": "Pages:",
"poll-id": "Poll ID",
"poll-deleted": "Poll deleted",
"Polls": "Polls",
"Purge": "Purge",
"purge-the-polls": "Purge the polls",
"purged": "Purged:",
"see-the-poll": "See the poll",
"skipped": "Skipped:",
"Status": "Status",
"succeeded": "Succeeded:",
"Success": "Success",
"Summary": "Summary",
"Title": "Title",
"Votes": "Votes",
"Waiting": "Waiting",
"polls-in-the-database-at-this-time": "polls in the database at this time",
"check-again": "Check again",
"consider-enabling-the-php-extension-openssl-for-increased-security": "Consider enabling the PHP extension OpenSSL for increased security.",
"consider-setting-the-date-timezone-in-php-ini": "Consider setting the date.timezone in php.ini.",
"consider-setting-session-cookie-httponly-1-inside-your-php-ini-or-add-php-value-session-cookie-httpo": "Consider setting « session.cookie_httponly = 1 » inside your php.ini or add « php_value session.cookie_httponly 1 » to your .htaccess so that cookies can't be accessed through Javascript.",
"continue-the-installation": "Continue the installation",
"cookies-are-served-from-http-only": "Cookies are served from HTTP only.",
"installation-checking": "Installation checking",
"openssl-extension-loaded": "OpenSSL extension loaded.",
"php-intl-extension-is-enabled": "PHP Intl extension is enabled.",
"php-version-x-is-enough-needed-at-least-php-x": "PHP version %s is enough (needed at least PHP %s).",
"the-config-file-directory-x-is-not-writable-and-the-config-file-x-does-not-exists": "The config file directory (%s) is not writable and the config file (%s) does not exists.",
"the-config-file-directory-x-is-writable": "The config file directory (%s) is writable.",
"the-config-file-exists": "The config file exists.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-doesnt-exist-in-x-retry-the-installation-process": "The template compile directory (%s) doesn't exist in \"%s\". Retry the installation process.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-is-not-writable": "The template compile directory (%s) is not writable.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-is-writable": "The template compile directory (%s) is writable.",
"you-need-to-enable-the-php-intl-extension": "You need to enable the PHP Intl extension.",
"your-php-version-x-is-too-old-this-application-needs-at-least-php-x": "Your PHP version (%s) is too old. This application needs at least PHP %s.",
"date-timezone-is-set": "date.timezone is set.",
"add-a-comment-to-the-poll": "Add a comment to the poll",
"Comment": "Comment",
"comment-saved": "Comment saved",
"Comments": "Comments",
"enter-your-name-and-comment-prior-to-submitting-the-form": "Enter your name and comment prior to submitting the form",
"remove-comment": "Remove comment",
"submit-comment": "Submit comment",
"a-e-b-y": "%A %e %B %Y",
"a-b-e-y": "%A, %B %e, %Y",
"b-y": "%B %Y",
"y-m-x": "%Y-%m-%d",
"a-e": "%a %e",
"m-x-y-h-m": "%m/%d/%Y %H:%M",
"add-range-dates": "Add range dates",
"end-date": "End date",
"start-date": "Start date",
"Y-m-d": "Y-m-d",
"you-can-select-at-most-4-months": "You can select at most 4 months",
"yyyy-mm-dd": "yyyy-mm-dd",
"yyyy-mm-dd-for-humans": "year-month-day",
"edit-link-for-poll-x": "Edit link for poll \"%s\"",
"here-is-the-link-for-editing-your-vote": "Here is the link for editing your vote:",
"if-you-dont-want-to-lose-your-personalized-link-we-can-send-it-to-you-by-email": "If you don't want to lose your personalized link, we can send it to you by email.",
"please-wait-x-seconds-before-we-can-send-an-email-to-you-then-try-again": "Please wait %d seconds before we can send an email to you then try again.",
"Send": "Send",
"the-email-address-is-not-correct": "The email address is not correct.",
"your-reminder-has-been-successfully-sent": "Your reminder has been successfully sent!",
"adding-vote-failed": "Adding vote failed",
"cant-create-an-empty-column": "Can't create an empty column.",
"cant-create-the-config-php-file-in-x": "Can't create the config.php file in '%s'.",
"comment-failed": "Comment failed",
"cookies-are-disabled-on-your-browser-they-are-required-to-be-able-to-create-a-poll": "Cookies are disabled on your browser. They are required to be able to create a poll.",
"enter-a-name": "Enter a name",
"enter-a-name-and-a-comment": "Enter a name and a comment!",
"enter-a-title": "Enter a title",
"enter-an-email-address": "Enter an email address",
"error-on-amount-of-votes-limitation-value-must-be-an-integer-greater-than-0": "Error on amount of votes limitation: Value must be an integer greater than 0",
"error": "Error!",
"failed-to-delete-all-comments": "Failed to delete all comments",
"failed-to-delete-all-votes": "Failed to delete all votes",
"failed-to-delete-column": "Failed to delete column",
"failed-to-delete-the-comment": "Failed to delete the comment",
"failed-to-delete-the-poll": "Failed to delete the poll",
"failed-to-delete-the-vote": "Failed to delete the vote!",
"failed-to-insert-the-comment": "Failed to insert the comment!",
"failed-to-save-poll": "Failed to save poll",
"forbidden": "Forbidden!",
"GenericErrorPollCreation": "Oh no! Your poll could not be created at the moment. Sorry about that. Please try again later.",
"identifier-is-already-used": "Identifier is already used",
"if-you-quit-now-your-changes-will-be-lost": "If you quit now, your changes will be lost.",
"javascript-is-disabled-on-your-browser-it-is-required-to-create-a-poll": "JavaScript is disabled on your browser. It is required to create a poll.",
"missing-values": "Missing values",
"no-polls-found": "No polls found",
"password-is-empty": "Password is empty.",
"passwords-do-not-match": "Passwords do not match.",
"poll-has-been-updated-before-you-vote": "Poll has been updated before you vote",
"something-has-gone-wrong": "Something has gone wrong...",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format": "Something is wrong with the format",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format-customized-urls-should-only-consist-of-alphanumeric-characters-an": "Something is wrong with the format: Customized URLs should only consist of alphanumeric characters and hyphens.",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format-name-shouldnt-have-any-spaces-before-or-after": "Something is wrong with the format: name shouldn't have any spaces before or after",
"the-address-is-not-correct-you-should-enter-a-valid-email-address-like-r-stallman-outlock-com-in-ord": "The address is not correct! You should enter a valid email address (like in order to receive the link to your poll.",
"the-column-already-exists": "The column already exists",
"the-name-is-invalid": "The name is invalid.",
"the-name-youve-chosen-already-exists-in-this-poll": "The name you've chosen already exists in this poll!",
"there-is-a-problem-with-your-choices": "There is a problem with your choices",
"this-identifier-is-not-allowed": "This identifier is not allowed",
"this-poll-doesnt-exist": "This poll doesn't exist!",
"unable-to-connect-to-database": "Unable to connect to database",
"update-vote-failed": "Update vote failed",
"you-already-voted": "You already voted",
"you-cant-create-a-poll-with-hidden-results-with-the-following-option": "You can't create a poll with hidden results with the following option: ",
"you-cant-select-more-than-x-dates": "You can't select more than %d dates",
"you-havent-filled-the-first-section-of-the-poll-creation-or-your-session-has-expired": "You haven't filled the first section of the poll creation, or your session has expired.",
"your-vote-wasnt-counted-because-someone-voted-in-the-meantime-and-it-conflicted-with-your-choices-an": "Your vote wasn't counted, because someone voted in the meantime and it conflicted with your choices and the poll conditions. Please retry.",
"Address": "Address",
"created-polls": "Created polls",
"have-a-good-day": "Have a good day!",
"here-is-the-list-of-the-polls-that-you-manage-on-x": "Here is the list of the polls that you manage on %s:",
"if-you-werent-the-source-of-this-action-and-if-you-think-this-is-an-abuse-of-the-service-please-noti": "If you weren't the source of this action and if you think this is an abuse of the service, please notify the administrator at %s.",
"its-address": "Its address",
"last-access-date": "Last access date",
"list-of-your-polls": "List of your polls",
"ps-this-email-has-been-sent-because-you-or-someone-else-asked-to-get-back-the-polls-created-with-you": "PS: this email has been sent because you or someone else asked to get back the polls created with your email address.",
"polls-saved-inside-this-browser": "Polls saved inside this browser",
"polls-sent": "Polls sent",
"remove-all-my-polls-from-this-browsers-index": "Remove all my polls from this browser's index",
"remove-poll-from-index": "Remove poll from index",
"send-me-my-polls": "Send me my polls",
"send-my-polls-by-email": "Send my polls by email",
"the-date-you-created-or-last-accessed-the-poll": "The date you created or last accessed the poll",
"the-title-of-the-poll": "The title of the poll",
"there-are-no-polls-saved-inside-your-browser-yet": "There are no polls saved inside your browser yet",
"to-delete-this-data-click-the-trashcan-on-the-according-line-or-click-the-delete-my-polls-index-opti": "To delete this data click the trashcan on the according line or click the « delete my polls index » option. This won't delete your polls.",
"to-help-you-find-your-previous-polls-we-save-each-poll-you-create-or-access-inside-your-browser-this": "To help you find your previous polls, we save each poll you create or access inside your browser. This data is saved inside this browser only. The following data will be saved:",
"visited-polls": "Visited polls",
"in-the-format-name-mail-com": "(in the format",
"Add": "Add",
"Back": "Back",
"back-to-the-homepage-of": "Back to the homepage of",
"Cancel": "Cancel",
"Choice": "Choice",
"Classic": "Classic",
"Close": "Close",
"create-your-own-polls": "Create your own polls",
"creation-date": "Creation date:",
"Date": "Date",
"Day": "Day",
"Description": "Description",
"Edit": "Edit",
"framadate-is-an-online-service-for-planning-an-appointment-or-making-a-decision-quickly-and-easily": "Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily.",
"Home": "Home",
"Information": "Information",
"legend": "Legend:",
"Link": "Link",
"Markdown": "Markdown",
"Next": "Next",
"No": "No",
"page-generated-in": "Page generated in",
"Poll": "Poll",
"Remove": "Remove",
"Save": "Save",
"Search": "Search",
"Time": "Time",
"under-reserve": "Under reserve",
"Unknown": "Unknown",
"Validate": "Validate",
"Yes": "Yes",
"your-email-address": "Your email address",
"your-name": "Your name",
"days": "days",
"for": "for",
"months": "months",
"seconds": "seconds",
"vote": "vote",
"votes": "votes",
"with": "with",
"make-a-standard-poll": "Make a standard poll",
"schedule-an-event": "Schedule an event",
"where-are-my-polls": "Where are my polls?",
"administrator-mail-address": "Administrator mail address",
"application-name": "Application name",
"clean-url": "Clean URL",
"database-driver": "Database driver",
"database-hostname": "Database hostname",
"database-name": "Database name",
"database-port": "Database port",
"default-language": "Default language",
"General": "General",
"Install": "Install",
"migration-table": "Migration table",
"Password": "Password",
"Prefix": "Prefix",
"respond-to-mail-address": "Respond-to mail address",
"User": "User",
"change-language": "Change language",
"select-language": "Select language",
"the-road-is-long-but-the-way-is-clear-framasoft-lives-only-by-your-donations-thank-you-in-advance-fo": "\"The road is long, but the way is clear…\"<br/>Framasoft lives only by your donations.<br/>Thank you in advance for your support",
"message-for-the-author": "Message for the author",
"notification-of-poll-x": "Notification of poll: %s",
"participant-link": "Participant link",
"poll-participation-x": "Poll participation: %s",
"someone-just-changed-your-poll-at-the-following-link-x-bb8fe9ef20b2cd00960b698bc5594f8c": "Someone just changed your poll at the following link <a href=\"%1$s\">%1$s</a>.",
"someone-just-deleted-your-poll-x": "Someone just deleted your poll \"%s\".",
"thank-you-for-participating-in-the-poll-at-the-following-link": "Thank you for participating in the poll at the following link",
"thank-you-for-your-trust": "Thank you for your trust.",
"this-is-the-message-to-forward-to-the-poll-participants": "This is the message to forward to the poll participants.",
"this-message-should-not-be-sent-to-the-poll-participants-you-should-keep-it-private-you-can-modify-y": "This message should NOT be sent to the poll participants. You should keep it private. <br/><br/>You can modify your poll at the following link",
"added-a-vote-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-ab641717ef722077e7555439f2bf924c": "added a vote.<br/>You can visit your poll at the link",
"has-just-created-a-poll-called": "has just created a poll called",
"updated-a-vote-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-f28e580ca94af3289fb956d2c52563c0": "updated a vote.<br/>You can visit your poll at the link",
"wrote-a-comment-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-f0a9fed08ad28c6b319627a63e188828": "wrote a comment.<br/>You can visit your poll at the link",
"thank-you-for-your-understanding": "Thank you for your understanding.",
"the-application": "The application",
"is-currently-under-maintenance": "is currently under maintenance.",
"submit-access": "Submit access",
"wrong-password": "Wrong password",
"you-have-to-provide-a-password-so-you-can-participate-to-the-poll": "You have to provide a password so you can participate to the poll.",
"you-have-to-provide-a-password-to-access-the-poll": "You have to provide a password to access the poll.",
"x-option": "%s option",
"anyone-will-be-able-to-see-your-email-address-after-you-voted": "Anyone will be able to see your email address after you voted",
"best-choice": "Best choice",
"best-choices": "Best choices",
"Chart": "Chart",
"display-the-chart-of-the-results": "Display the chart of the results",
"edit-line-x": "Edit line: %s",
"link-to-edit-this-particular-line": "Link to edit this particular line",
"remove-line": "Remove line:",
"save-choices": "Save choices",
"scroll-to-the-left": "Scroll to the left",
"scroll-to-the-right": "Scroll to the right",
"the-current-best-choice-is": "The current best choice is:",
"the-current-best-choices-are": "The current best choices are:",
"the-link-to-edit-this-particular-line-has-been-copied-to-the-clipboard": "The link to edit this particular line has been copied to the clipboard!",
"Total": "Total",
"vote-no-for": "Vote \"no\" for",
"vote-yes-for": "Vote \"yes\" for",
"votes-under-reserve-for": "Votes under reserve for",
"polled-user": "polled user",
"polled-users": "polled users",
"admin-link-for-the-poll": "Admin link for the poll",
"cancel-the-description-edit": "Cancel the description edit",
"cancel-the-email-address-edit": "Cancel the email address edit",
"cancel-the-expiration-date-edit": "Cancel the expiration date edit",
"cancel-the-name-edit": "Cancel the name edit",
"cancel-the-rules-edit": "Cancel the rules edit",
"cancel-the-title-edit": "Cancel the title edit",
"creator-of-the-poll": "Creator of the poll",
"edit-name": "Edit name",
"edit-the-description": "Edit the description",
"edit-the-email-address": "Edit the email address",
"edit-the-expiry-date": "Edit the expiry date",
"edit-the-poll-rules": "Edit the poll rules",
"edit-title": "Edit title",
"export-to-csv": "Export to CSV",
"no-password": "No password",
"only-votes-are-protected": "Only votes are protected",
"password-protected": "Password protected",
"poll-rules": "Poll rules",
"Print": "Print",
"public-link-to-the-poll": "Public link to the poll",
"remove-all-comments": "Remove all comments",
"remove-all-votes": "Remove all votes",
"remove-password": "Remove password",
"remove-the-poll": "Remove the poll",
"results-are-hidden": "Results are hidden",
"results-are-visible": "Results are visible",
"rich-editor": "Rich editor",
"save-the-description": "Save the description",
"save-the-email-address": "Save the email address",
"save-the-new-expiration-date": "Save the new expiration date",
"save-the-new-name": "Save the new name",
"save-the-new-rules": "Save the new rules",
"save-the-new-title": "Save the new title",
"simple-editor": "Simple editor",
"title-of-the-poll": "Title of the poll",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected": "Voters' email addresses are collected",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected-and-required": "Voters' email addresses are collected and required",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected-required-and-verified": "Voters' email addresses are collected, required and verified",
"voters-email-addresses-are-not-collected": "Voters' email addresses are not collected",
"votes-and-comments-are-locked": "Votes and comments are locked",
"votes-protected-by-password": "Votes protected by password",
"all-voters-can-modify-any-vote": "All voters can modify any vote",
"by-defining-an-identifier-that-can-facilitate-access-to-the-poll-for-unwanted-people-it-is-recommend": "By defining an identifier that can facilitate access to the poll for unwanted people. It is recommended to protect it with a password.",
"collect-voters-email-addresses": "Collect voters' email addresses",
"Confirmation": "Confirmation",
"customize-the-url": "Customize the URL",
"email-addresses-are-collected-but-not-required": "Email addresses are collected but not required",
"email-addresses-are-not-collected": "Email addresses are not collected",
"email-addresses-are-required": "Email addresses are required",
"email-addresses-are-required-and-verified": "Email addresses are required and verified",
"go-to-step-2": "Go to step 2",
"limit-the-amount-of-voters-per-option": "Limit the amount of voters per option",
"more-informations-here": "More informations here:",
"only-the-poll-maker-can-see-the-poll-results": "Only the poll maker can see the poll results",
"optional-parameters": "Optional parameters",
"Permissions": "Permissions",
"poll-creation-1-of-3": "Poll creation (1 of 3)",
"poll-link": "Poll link",
"poll-title": "Poll title",
"receive-an-email-for-each-new-comment": "Receive an email for each new comment",
"receive-an-email-for-each-new-vote": "Receive an email for each new vote",
"required-fields-cannot-be-left-blank": "Required fields cannot be left blank.",
"the-identifier-can-contain-letters-numbers-and-dashes": "The identifier can contain letters, numbers and dashes \"-\".",
"the-results-are-publicly-visible": "The results are publicly visible",
"to-make-the-description-more-attractive-you-can-use-the-markdown-format": "To make the description more attractive, you can use the Markdown format.",
"use-a-password-to-restrict-access": "Use a password to restrict access",
"value-max": "Value Max",
"voters-can-modify-their-own-vote-themselves": "Voters can modify their own vote themselves",
"votes-cannot-be-modified": "Votes cannot be modified",
"warning-anyone-can-see-the-polled-users-email-addresses-since-all-voters-can-modify-any-vote-you-sho": "Warning: Anyone can see the polled users' email addresses since all voters can modify any vote. You should restrict permission rules.",
"you-are-in-the-poll-creation-section": "You are in the poll creation section.",
"you-can-enable-or-disable-the-editor-at-will": "You can enable or disable the editor at will.",
"votes-per-option": "votes per option",
"go-to-step-3": "Go to step 3",
"return-to-step-1": "Return to step 1",
"add-a-choice": "Add a choice",
"add-a-link-or-an-image": "Add a link or an image",
"alternative-text": "Alternative text",
"links-or-images-can-be-included-using": "Links or images can be included using",
"markdown-syntax": "Markdown syntax",
"poll-options-2-of-3": "Poll options (2 of 3)",
"remove-a-choice": "Remove a choice",
"these-fields-are-optional-you-can-add-a-link-an-image-or-both": "These fields are optional. You can add a link, an image or both.",
"to-create-a-poll-you-should-provide-at-least-two-different-choices": "To create a poll you should provide at least two different choices.",
"url-of-the-image": "URL of the image",
"you-can-add-or-remove-choices-with-the-buttons": "You can add or remove choices with the buttons",
"add-a-day": "Add a day",
"add-a-time-slot": "Add a time slot",
"choose-dates-for-your-poll": "Choose dates for your poll",
"copy-times-from-the-first-day": "Copy times from the first day",
"for-each-selected-day-you-are-free-to-suggest-meeting-times-e-g-8h-8-30-8h-10h-evening-etc": "For each selected day, you are free to suggest meeting times (e.g., \"8h\", \"8:30\", \"8h-10h\", \"evening\", etc.)",
"poll-dates-2-of-3": "Poll dates (2 of 3)",
"remove-a-day": "Remove a day",
"remove-a-time-slot": "Remove a time slot",
"remove-all-days": "Remove all days",
"remove-all-times": "Remove all times",
"remove-this-day": "Remove this day",
"to-schedule-an-event-you-need-to-provide-at-least-two-choices-e-g-two-time-slots-on-one-day-or-two-d": "To schedule an event you need to provide at least two choices (e.g., two time slots on one day or two days).",
"you-can-add-or-remove-additional-days-and-times-with-the-buttons": "You can add or remove additional days and times with the buttons",
"back-to-step-2": "Back to step 2",
"confirm-the-creation-of-your-poll": "Confirm the creation of your poll",
"create-the-poll": "Create the poll",
"expiry-date-a8393c173af1de7cb1eb4d839aecae18": "Expiry date:",
"list-of-options": "List of options",
"once-you-have-confirmed-the-creation-of-your-poll-you-will-automatically-be-redirected-to-the-polls-": "Once you have confirmed the creation of your poll, you will automatically be redirected to the poll's administration page.",
"removal-date-and-confirmation-3-of-3": "Removal date and confirmation (3 of 3)",
"then-you-will-receive-two-emails-one-containing-the-link-of-your-poll-for-sending-to-the-participant": "Then you will receive two emails: one containing the link of your poll for sending to the participants, the other containing the link to the poll administration page.",
"you-can-set-a-specific-expiry-date-for-the-poll": "You can set a specific expiry date for the poll.",
"your-poll-will-automatically-be-archived": "Your poll will automatically be archived",
"your-poll-will-be-automatically-archived-in-x-days": "Your poll will be automatically archived in %d days.",
"after-the-last-date-of-your-poll": "after the last date of your poll.",
"version-x": "Version %s",
"add-a-column": "Add a column",
"adding-a-column": "Adding a column",
"all-comments-deleted": "All comments deleted",
"all-votes-deleted": "All votes deleted",
"as-poll-administrator-you-can-change-all-the-lines-of-this-poll-with-this-button": "As poll administrator, you can change all the lines of this poll with this button",
"back-to-the-poll": "Back to the poll",
"choice-added": "Choice added",
"collect-the-emails-of-the-polled-users-for-the-choice": "Collect the emails of the polled users for the choice",
"column-deleted": "Column deleted",
"comment-deleted": "Comment deleted",
"confirm-removal-of-all-comments": "Confirm removal of all comments",
"confirm-removal-of-all-votes": "Confirm removal of all votes",
"confirm-removal-of-the-column": "Confirm removal of the column.",
"confirm-removal-of-your-poll": "Confirm removal of your poll",
"delete-poll": "Delete poll",
"finally-you-can-change-the-properties-of-this-poll-such-as-the-title-the-comments-or-your-email-addr": "Finally, you can change the properties of this poll such as the title, the comments or your email address.",
"keep-comments": "Keep comments",
"keep-the-comments": "Keep the comments",
"keep-the-poll": "Keep the poll",
"keep-the-votes": "Keep the votes",
"keep-this-poll": "Keep this poll",
"keep-votes": "Keep votes",
"poll-fully-deleted": "Poll fully deleted",
"poll-saved": "Poll saved",
"remove-column": "Remove column",
"remove-the-comments": "Remove the comments",
"remove-the-votes": "Remove the votes",
"the-poll-was-created": "The poll was created.",
"vote-added": "Vote added",
"vote-deleted": "Vote deleted",
"vote-updated": "Vote updated",
"you-can-add-a-new-scheduling-date-to-your-poll": "You can add a new scheduling date to your poll.",
"your-poll-has-been-removed": "Your poll has been removed!",
"and-add-a-new-column-with": "and add a new column with",
"remove-a-column-or-a-line-with": "remove a column or a line with",
"users-who-voted-if-need-be-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Users who voted \"If need be\" for this option have left those email addresses:",
"users-who-voted-no-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Users who voted \"No\" for this option have left those email addresses:",
"users-who-voted-yes-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Users who voted \"Yes\" for this option have left those email addresses:",
"deletion-date": "Deletion date:",
"if-you-want-to-vote-in-this-poll-you-have-to-give-your-name-make-your-choice-and-submit-it-by-select": "If you want to vote in this poll, you have to give your name, make your choice, and submit it by selecting the save button at the end of the line.",
"the-administrator-locked-this-poll-votes-and-comments-are-frozen-it-is-no-longer-possible-to-partici": "The administrator locked this poll. Votes and comments are frozen, it is no longer possible to participate",
"the-poll-has-expired-it-will-soon-be-deleted": "The poll has expired, it will soon be deleted.",
"your-vote-has-been-saved-but-please-note-you-need-to-keep-this-personalised-link-to-be-able-to-edit-": "Your vote has been saved, but please note: you need to keep this personalised link to be able to edit your vote."
"DE": "Allemand",
"FR": "French",

@ -142,6 +142,435 @@
"selectors": {
"lang": "Sélectionner la langue"
"create-a-poll": "Créez un sondage",
"define-dates-or-subjects-to-choose-from": "Déterminez les dates ou les sujets à choisir",
"discuss-and-make-a-decision": "Discutez et prenez votre décision",
"do-you-want-to": "Voulez-vous",
"framadate-is-an-online-service-for-planning-an-appointment-or-making-a-decision-quickly-and-easily-n": "Framadate est un service en ligne permettant de planifier un rendez-vous ou prendre des décisions rapidement et simplement. Aucune inscription préalable nest nécessaire.",
"here-is-how-it-works": "Voici comment ça fonctionne :",
"send-the-poll-link-to-your-friends-or-colleagues": "Envoyez le lien du sondage à vos ami·e·s ou collègues",
"what-is-framadate": "Prise en main",
"view-an-example": "voir un exemple ?",
"cecill-b-license": "licence CeCILL-B",
"framadate-is-licensed-under-the": "Il est régi par la",
"framadate-was-initially-based-on": "Framadate est initialement basé sur",
"the-software": "Le logiciel",
"this-software-needs-javascript-and-cookies-enabled-it-is-compatible-with-the-following-web-browsers": "Ce logiciel requiert lactivation du JavaScript et des cookies. Il est compatible avec les navigateurs web suivants :",
"software-developed-by-the-university-of-strasbourg-these-days-it-is-developed-by-the-framasoft-assoc": "un logiciel développé par l'Université de Strasbourg. Aujourd'hui, son développement est assuré par lassociation Framasoft.",
"grow-your-own": "Cultivez votre jardin",
"if-you-want-to-install-the-software-for-your-own-use-and-thus-increase-your-independence-we-can-help": "Si vous souhaitez installer ce logiciel pour votre propre usage et ainsi gagner en autonomie, nous vous aidons sur :",
"to-participate-in-the-software-development-suggest-improvements-or-simply-download-it-please-visit": "Pour participer au développement du logiciel, proposer des améliorations ou simplement le télécharger, rendez-vous sur",
"the-development-site": "le site de développement",
"Actions": "Actions",
"Administration": "Administration",
"Author": "Auteur·rice",
"back-to-administration": "Retour à l'administration",
"change-the-poll": "Modifier le sondage",
"Email": "Courriel",
"Executed": "Exécutées",
"expiry-date": "Date dexpiration",
"Fail": "Échec",
"failed": "Échec :",
"Format": "Format",
"Installation": "Installation",
"Logs": "Historique",
"Migration": "Migration",
"Nothing": "Rien",
"pages": "Pages :",
"poll-id": "ID sondage",
"poll-deleted": "Sondage complètement supprimé",
"Polls": "Sondages",
"Purge": "Purger",
"purge-the-polls": "Purger les sondages",
"purged": "Purgés :",
"see-the-poll": "Voir le sondage",
"skipped": "Passé :",
"Status": "Statut",
"succeeded": "Succès :",
"Success": "Réussite",
"Summary": "Résumé",
"Title": "Titre",
"Votes": "Votes",
"Waiting": "En attente",
"polls-in-the-database-at-this-time": "sondages dans la base actuellement",
"check-again": "Vérifier à nouveau",
"consider-enabling-the-php-extension-openssl-for-increased-security": "Veuillez considérer l'activation de l'extension PHP OpenSSL pour améliorer la sécurité.",
"consider-setting-the-date-timezone-in-php-ini": "Veuillez considérer la définition de date.timezone dans le php.ini.",
"consider-setting-session-cookie-httponly-1-inside-your-php-ini-or-add-php-value-session-cookie-httpo": "Pensez à définir « session.cookie_httponly = 1 » dans votre fichier php.ini ou bien ajouter « php_value session.cookie_httponly 1 » à votre fichier .htaccess de telle sorte que les cookies ne puissent pas être accessibles depuis Javascript.",
"continue-the-installation": "Continuer l'installation",
"cookies-are-served-from-http-only": "Les cookies sont accessibles uniquement via HTTP.",
"installation-checking": "Vérifications de l'installation",
"openssl-extension-loaded": "L'extension PHP OpenSSL est chargée.",
"php-intl-extension-is-enabled": "L'extension PHP Intl est activée.",
"php-version-x-is-enough-needed-at-least-php-x": "Version de PHP %s suffisante (nécessite au moins PHP %s).",
"the-config-file-directory-x-is-not-writable-and-the-config-file-x-does-not-exists": "Le dossier du fichier de configuration (%s) n'est pas accessible en écriture et le fichier de configuration (%s) n'existe pas.",
"the-config-file-directory-x-is-writable": "Le dossier du fichier de configuration (%s) est accessible en écriture.",
"the-config-file-exists": "Le fichier de configuration existe.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-doesnt-exist-in-x-retry-the-installation-process": "Le dossier de compilation des templates (%s) n'existe pas dans \"%s\". Essayez de relancer l'installation.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-is-not-writable": "Le dossier de compilation des templates (%s) n'est pas accessible en écriture.",
"the-template-compile-directory-x-is-writable": "Le dossier de compilation des templates (%s) est accessible en écriture.",
"you-need-to-enable-the-php-intl-extension": "Vous devez activer l'extension PHP Intl.",
"your-php-version-x-is-too-old-this-application-needs-at-least-php-x": "Votre version de PHP (%s) est trop vieille. Cette application a besoin de PHP %s au moins.",
"date-timezone-is-set": "date.timezone est défini.",
"add-a-comment-to-the-poll": "Ajouter un commentaire au sondage",
"Comment": "Votre commentaire",
"comment-saved": "Commentaire ajouté",
"Comments": "Commentaires de sondé·e·s",
"enter-your-name-and-comment-prior-to-submitting-the-form": "Entrez votre nom et commentaire avant de soumettre le formulaire",
"remove-comment": "Supprimer le commentaire",
"submit-comment": "Envoyer le commentaire",
"a-e-b-y": "%A %e %B %Y",
"a-b-e-y": "%A %e %B %Y",
"b-y": "%B %Y",
"y-m-x": "%d/%m/%Y",
"a-e": "%a %e",
"m-x-y-h-m": "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M",
"add-range-dates": "Ajout d'un intervalle de dates",
"end-date": "Date de fin",
"start-date": "Date de début",
"Y-m-d": "d/m/Y",
"you-can-select-at-most-4-months": "Vous pouvez sélectionner au maximum 4 mois",
"yyyy-mm-dd": "dd/mm/yyyy",
"yyyy-mm-dd-for-humans": "jour/mois/année",
"edit-link-for-poll-x": "Lien d'édition du sondage \"%s\"",
"here-is-the-link-for-editing-your-vote": "Voici le lien pour éditer votre vote :",
"if-you-dont-want-to-lose-your-personalized-link-we-can-send-it-to-you-by-email": "Afin de ne pas perdre ce lien d'édition de vote, nous pouvons vous l'envoyer par courriel.",
"please-wait-x-seconds-before-we-can-send-an-email-to-you-then-try-again": "Veuillez patienter encore %d secondes avant que nous puissions vous envoyer un email, puis réessayez.",
"Send": "Envoyer",
"the-email-address-is-not-correct": "Courriel incorrect.",
"your-reminder-has-been-successfully-sent": "Votre rappel a été envoyé avec succès !",
"adding-vote-failed": "Échec de l'ajout d'un vote",
"cant-create-an-empty-column": "Impossible de créer une colonne vide.",
"cant-create-the-config-php-file-in-x": "Impossible de créer le fichier config.php dans '%s'.",
"comment-failed": "Échec du commentaire",
"cookies-are-disabled-on-your-browser-they-are-required-to-be-able-to-create-a-poll": "Les cookies sont désactivés sur votre navigateur. Leur activation est requise pour la création d'un sondage.",
"enter-a-name": "Vous n'avez pas saisi de nom !",
"enter-a-name-and-a-comment": "Merci de remplir les deux champs !",
"enter-a-title": "Il faut saisir un titre !",
"enter-an-email-address": "Il faut saisir une adresse électronique !",
"error-on-amount-of-votes-limitation-value-must-be-an-integer-greater-than-0": "Erreur : le nombre de votants doit être un nombre supérieur à 0",
"error": "Erreur !",
"failed-to-delete-all-comments": "Impossible de supprimer tous les commentaires",
"failed-to-delete-all-votes": "Impossible de supprimer tous les votes",
"failed-to-delete-column": "Échec de la suppression de colonne",
"failed-to-delete-the-comment": "Impossible de supprimer le commentaire",
"failed-to-delete-the-poll": "Impossible de supprimer le sondage",
"failed-to-delete-the-vote": "Échec de la suppression du vote !",
"failed-to-insert-the-comment": "Échec à l'insertion du commentaire !",
"failed-to-save-poll": "Échec de la sauvegarde du sondage",
"forbidden": "Interdit !",
"GenericErrorPollCreation": "Oh non ! Votre sondage n'a pas pu être enregistré. Nous sommes désolés. Merci de réessayer.",
"identifier-is-already-used": "L'identifiant est déjà utilisé",
"if-you-quit-now-your-changes-will-be-lost": "Si vous quittez maintenant, vos modifications seront perdues.",
"javascript-is-disabled-on-your-browser-it-is-required-to-create-a-poll": "JavaScript est désactivé sur votre navigateur. Son activation est requise pour la création d'un sondage.",
"missing-values": "Il manque des valeurs",
"no-polls-found": "Aucun sondage n'a été trouvé",
"password-is-empty": "Le mot de passe est vide.",
"passwords-do-not-match": "Les mots de passe ne correspondent pas.",
"poll-has-been-updated-before-you-vote": "Le sondage a été mis à jour avant votre vote",
"something-has-gone-wrong": "Quelque chose ne va pas...",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format": "Quelque chose ne va pas avec le format",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format-customized-urls-should-only-consist-of-alphanumeric-characters-an": "Format incorrect : seuls les caractères alphabétiques, nombres et tirets sont acceptés dans les URLs personnalisées.",
"something-is-wrong-with-the-format-name-shouldnt-have-any-spaces-before-or-after": "Quelque chose ne va pas avec le format : le nom ne devrait pas contenir d'espaces avant ou après",
"the-address-is-not-correct-you-should-enter-a-valid-email-address-like-r-stallman-outlock-com-in-ord": "L'adresse saisie n'est pas correcte ! Il faut une adresse électronique valide (par exemple pour recevoir le lien vers le sondage.",
"the-column-already-exists": "La colonne existe déjà",
"the-name-is-invalid": "Le nom n'est pas valide.",
"the-name-youve-chosen-already-exists-in-this-poll": "Le nom que vous avez choisi existe déjà !",
"there-is-a-problem-with-your-choices": "Il y a un problème avec vos choix",
"this-identifier-is-not-allowed": "Cet id n'est pas autorisé",
"this-poll-doesnt-exist": "Ce sondage n'existe pas !",
"unable-to-connect-to-database": "Impossible de se connecter à la base de données",
"update-vote-failed": "Échec de la mise à jour du vote",
"you-already-voted": "Vous avez déjà voté",
"you-cant-create-a-poll-with-hidden-results-with-the-following-option": "Vous ne pouvez pas créer de sondage avec résulats cachés avec les options d'édition suivantes : ",
"you-cant-select-more-than-x-dates": "Vous ne pouvez pas choisir plus de %d dates",
"you-havent-filled-the-first-section-of-the-poll-creation-or-your-session-has-expired": "Vous n'avez pas renseigné la première page du sondage, ou bien votre session a expiré.",
"your-vote-wasnt-counted-because-someone-voted-in-the-meantime-and-it-conflicted-with-your-choices-an": "Votre vote n'a pas été pris en compte, car quelqu'un a voté entre temps et cela entre en conflit avec vos choix et les conditions du sondage. Merci de réessayer.",
"Address": "Adresse",
"created-polls": "Sondages créés",
"have-a-good-day": "Bonne journée !",
"here-is-the-list-of-the-polls-that-you-manage-on-x": "Voici la liste des sondages que vous administrez sur %s :",
"if-you-werent-the-source-of-this-action-and-if-you-think-this-is-an-abuse-of-the-service-please-noti": "Si jamais vous n'étiez pas à l'origine de cette action et que vous pensez qu'il s'agit d'un abus, vous pouvez nous le signaler à l'administrateur·rice sur %s.",
"its-address": "Son adresse",
"last-access-date": "Date de dernier accès",
"list-of-your-polls": "Liste de vos sondages",
"ps-this-email-has-been-sent-because-you-or-someone-else-asked-to-get-back-the-polls-created-with-you": "PS : ce mail a été envoyé parce que vous ou quelqu'un d'autre avez demandé la récupération des sondages créés à l'aide de votre adresse email.",
"polls-saved-inside-this-browser": "Sondages stockés dans ce navigateur",
"polls-sent": "Sondages envoyés",
"remove-all-my-polls-from-this-browsers-index": "Supprimer tous mes sondages de l'index de ce navigateur",
"remove-poll-from-index": "Supprimer le sondage de l'index",
"send-me-my-polls": "Envoyer mes sondages",
"send-my-polls-by-email": "Envoyer mes sondages par courriel",
"the-date-you-created-or-last-accessed-the-poll": "La date à laquelle vous avez créé ou accédé en dernier le sondage",
"the-title-of-the-poll": "Le titre du sondage",
"there-are-no-polls-saved-inside-your-browser-yet": "Il n'y a pas encore de sondages sauvegardés dans votre navigateur",
"to-delete-this-data-click-the-trashcan-on-the-according-line-or-click-the-delete-my-polls-index-opti": "Pour supprimer ces données, cliquez sur l'icône en forme de poubelle en face de chaque ligne ou cliquez sur le bouton « Supprimer l'index de mes sondages ». Cela ne supprimera pas vos sondages.",
"to-help-you-find-your-previous-polls-we-save-each-poll-you-create-or-access-inside-your-browser-this": "Pour vous aider à trouver vos sondages précédents, nous enregistrons des informations sur chaque sondage que vous effectuez ou auquel vous accédez dans votre navigateur. Ces données sont sauvegardées uniquement dans votre navigateur. Les données suivantes seront enregistrées :",
"visited-polls": "Sondages accédés",
"in-the-format-name-mail-com": "(au format",
"Add": "Ajouter",
"Back": "Précédent",
"back-to-the-homepage-of": "Retourner à la page d'accueil de",
"Cancel": "Annuler",
"Choice": "Choix",
"Classic": "Classique",
"Close": "Fermer",
"create-your-own-polls": "Créez vos propres sondages",
"creation-date": "Date de création :",
"Date": "Date",
"Day": "Jour",
"Description": "Description",
"Edit": "Modifier",
"framadate-is-an-online-service-for-planning-an-appointment-or-making-a-decision-quickly-and-easily": "Framadate est un service en ligne permettant de planifier un rendez-vous ou prendre des décisions rapidement et simplement.",
"Home": "Accueil",
"Information": "Légende",
"legend": "Légende :",
"Link": "Lien",
"Markdown": "Markdown",
"Next": "Continuer",
"No": "Non",
"page-generated-in": "Page générée en",
"Poll": "Sondage",
"Remove": "Effacer",
"Save": "Enregistrer",
"Search": "Chercher",
"Time": "Horaire",
"under-reserve": "Si nécessaire",
"Unknown": "Inconnu",
"Validate": "Valider",
"Yes": "Oui",
"your-email-address": "Votre courriel",
"your-name": "Votre nom",
"days": "jours",
"for": "à",
"months": "mois",
"seconds": "secondes",
"vote": "vote",
"votes": "votes",
"with": "avec",
"make-a-standard-poll": "Créer un sondage classique",
"schedule-an-event": "Créer un sondage spécial dates",
"where-are-my-polls": "Où sont mes sondages ?",
"administrator-mail-address": "Adresse mail de l'application",
"application-name": "Nom de l'application",
"clean-url": "URL propres",
"database-driver": "Pilote de la base de données",
"database-hostname": "Nom d'hôte",
"database-name": "Nom de la base de données",
"database-port": "Port de la base de données",
"default-language": "Langue par défaut",
"General": "Général",
"Install": "Installer",
"migration-table": "Table de migration",
"Password": "Mot de passe",
"Prefix": "Préfixe",
"respond-to-mail-address": "Mail de réponse",
"User": "Utilisateur·rice",
"change-language": "Changer la langue",
"select-language": "Choisir la langue",
"the-road-is-long-but-the-way-is-clear-framasoft-lives-only-by-your-donations-thank-you-in-advance-fo":  La route est longue, mais la voie est libre… »<br/>Framasoft ne vit que par vos dons (déductibles des impôts).<br/>Merci d'avance pour votre soutien",
"message-for-the-author": "Réservé à l'auteur·rice",
"notification-of-poll-x": "Notification d'un sondage : %s",
"participant-link": "Pour diffusion aux sondé·e·s",
"poll-participation-x": "Participation au sondage : %s",
"someone-just-changed-your-poll-at-the-following-link-x-bb8fe9ef20b2cd00960b698bc5594f8c": "Quelqu'un·e vient de modifier votre sondage accessible au lien suivant <a href=\"%1$s\">%1$s</a>.",
"someone-just-deleted-your-poll-x": "Quelqu'un·e vient de supprimer votre sondage \"%s\".",
"thank-you-for-participating-in-the-poll-at-the-following-link": "Merci de bien vouloir participer au sondage à l'adresse suivante",
"thank-you-for-your-trust": "Merci de votre confiance.",
"this-is-the-message-to-forward-to-the-poll-participants": "Ceci est le message qui doit être envoyé aux sondé·e·s.<br/>Vous pouvez maintenant transmettre ce message à toutes les personnes susceptibles de participer au vote.",
"this-message-should-not-be-sent-to-the-poll-participants-you-should-keep-it-private-you-can-modify-y": "Ce message ne doit PAS être diffusé aux sondé·e·s. Il est réservé à l'auteur·rice du sondage.<br/><br/>Vous pouvez modifier ce sondage à l'adresse suivante",
"added-a-vote-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-ab641717ef722077e7555439f2bf924c": "vient de voter.<br/>Vous pouvez retrouver votre sondage avec le lien suivant",
"has-just-created-a-poll-called": "vient de créer un sondage intitulé",
"updated-a-vote-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-f28e580ca94af3289fb956d2c52563c0": "vient de mettre à jour un vote.<br/>Vous pouvez retrouver votre sondage avec le lien suivant",
"wrote-a-comment-you-can-visit-your-poll-at-the-link-f0a9fed08ad28c6b319627a63e188828": "vient de rédiger un commentaire.<br/>Vous pouvez retrouver votre sondage avec le lien suivant",
"thank-you-for-your-understanding": "Merci de votre compréhension.",
"the-application": "L'application",
"is-currently-under-maintenance": "est en cours de maintenance.",
"submit-access": "Accéder",
"wrong-password": "Mot de passe incorrect.",
"you-have-to-provide-a-password-so-you-can-participate-to-the-poll": "Vous devez donner le mot de passe pour pouvoir participer à ce sondage.",
"you-have-to-provide-a-password-to-access-the-poll": "Vous devez donner le mot de passe pour avoir accès à ce sondage.",
"x-option": "%s option",
"anyone-will-be-able-to-see-your-email-address-after-you-voted": "Tout le monde pourra accéder à votre courriel après que vous ayez voté",
"best-choice": "Meilleur choix",
"best-choices": "Meilleurs choix",
"Chart": "Graphique",
"display-the-chart-of-the-results": "Afficher le graphique des résultats",
"edit-line-x": "Modifier la ligne : %s",
"link-to-edit-this-particular-line": "Lien pour éditer cette ligne",
"remove-line": "Supprimer la ligne :",
"save-choices": "Enregistrer les choix",
"scroll-to-the-left": "Faire défiler à gauche",
"scroll-to-the-right": "Faire défiler à droite",
"the-current-best-choice-is": "Pour l'instant, le choix ayant reçu le plus grand nombre de votes est :",
"the-current-best-choices-are": "Pour l'instant, les choix ayant reçu le plus grand nombre de votes sont :",
"the-link-to-edit-this-particular-line-has-been-copied-to-the-clipboard": "Le lien pour l'édition de cette ligne a été copié dans le presse-papier !",
"Total": "Somme",
"vote-no-for": "Voter « non » pour",
"vote-yes-for": "Voter « oui » pour",
"votes-under-reserve-for": "Si nécessaire",
"polled-user": "votant·e",
"polled-users": "votant·e·s",
"admin-link-for-the-poll": "Lien d'administration du sondage",
"cancel-the-description-edit": "Annuler le changement de description",
"cancel-the-email-address-edit": "Annuler le changement de courriel",
"cancel-the-expiration-date-edit": "Annuler le changement de date d'expiration",
"cancel-the-name-edit": "Annuler le changement d'auteur·rice",
"cancel-the-rules-edit": "Annuler le changement de permissions",
"cancel-the-title-edit": "Annuler le changement de titre",
"creator-of-the-poll": "Auteur·rice du sondage",
"edit-name": "Modification de l'auteur·rice",
"edit-the-description": "Modifier la description",
"edit-the-email-address": "Modifier le courriel",
"edit-the-expiry-date": "Modifier la date d'expiration",
"edit-the-poll-rules": "Modifier les permissions du sondage",
"edit-title": "Modifier le titre",
"export-to-csv": "Export Tableur (CSV)",
"no-password": "Pas de mot de passe",
"only-votes-are-protected": "Seul les votes sont protégés",
"password-protected": "Protégé par mot de passe",
"poll-rules": "Permissions du sondage",
"Print": "Imprimer",
"public-link-to-the-poll": "Lien public du sondage",
"remove-all-comments": "Supprimer tous les commentaires",
"remove-all-votes": "Supprimer tous les votes",
"remove-password": "Supprimer le mot de passe",
"remove-the-poll": "Supprimer le sondage",
"results-are-hidden": "Les résultats sont cachés",
"results-are-visible": "Les résultats sont visibles",
"rich-editor": "Editeur avancé",
"save-the-description": "Enregistrer la description",
"save-the-email-address": "Enregistrer le courriel",
"save-the-new-expiration-date": "Enregistrer la date d'expiration",
"save-the-new-name": "Enregistrer l'auteur·rice",
"save-the-new-rules": "Enregistrer les nouvelles permissions",
"save-the-new-title": "Enregistrer le nouveau titre",
"simple-editor": "Editeur simple",
"title-of-the-poll": "Titre du sondage",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected": "Les courriels des votants sont collectés",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected-and-required": "Les courriels des votants sont collectés et requis",
"voters-email-addresses-are-collected-required-and-verified": "Les courriels des votants sont collectés, requis et vérifiés",
"voters-email-addresses-are-not-collected": "Les courriels des votants ne sont pas collectés",
"votes-and-comments-are-locked": "Il n'est plus possible de voter",
"votes-protected-by-password": "Votes protégés par mot de passe",
"all-voters-can-modify-any-vote": "Tou·te·s les sondé·e·s peuvent modifier tous les votes",
"by-defining-an-identifier-that-can-facilitate-access-to-the-poll-for-unwanted-people-it-is-recommend": "La modification du lien du sondage peut faciliter l'accès à ce sondage pour des personnes non désirées. Il est recommandé de le protéger par mot de passe.",
"collect-voters-email-addresses": "Collecter les courriels des votants",
"Confirmation": "Confirmation",
"customize-the-url": "Personnaliser le lien",
"email-addresses-are-collected-but-not-required": "Les courriels sont collectés mais pas requis",
"email-addresses-are-not-collected": "Les courriels ne sont pas collectés",
"email-addresses-are-required": "Les courriels sont requis",
"email-addresses-are-required-and-verified": "Les courriels sont requis et vérifiés",
"go-to-step-2": "Aller à l'étape 2",
"limit-the-amount-of-voters-per-option": "Limiter le nombre de votant·e·s par option",
"more-informations-here": "Plus d'informations ici :",
"only-the-poll-maker-can-see-the-poll-results": "Seul·e le ou la créateur·rice du sondage peut voir les résultats",
"optional-parameters": "Paramètres facultatifs",
"Permissions": "Permissions",
"poll-creation-1-of-3": "Création de sondage (1 sur 3)",
"poll-link": "Lien du sondage",
"poll-title": "Titre du sondage",
"receive-an-email-for-each-new-comment": "Recevoir un courriel à chaque commentaire",
"receive-an-email-for-each-new-vote": "Recevoir un courriel à chaque participation",
"required-fields-cannot-be-left-blank": "Merci de remplir les champs obligatoires, marqués d'une *.",
"the-identifier-can-contain-letters-numbers-and-dashes": "(peut contenir des lettres, des chiffres et des tirets \"-\")",
"the-results-are-publicly-visible": "Les résultats sont visibles sans mot de passe",
"to-make-the-description-more-attractive-you-can-use-the-markdown-format": "Afin de rendre le descriptif de ce sondage plus attractif, vous pouvez utiliser le formatage Markdown.",
"use-a-password-to-restrict-access": "Restreindre l'accès au sondage par mot de passe",
"value-max": "Valeur Maximale",
"voters-can-modify-their-own-vote-themselves": "Chaque sondé·e peut modifier son propre vote",
"votes-cannot-be-modified": "Aucun vote ne peut être modifié",
"warning-anyone-can-see-the-polled-users-email-addresses-since-all-voters-can-modify-any-vote-you-sho": "Attention : tout le monde pourra accéder aux courriels des votants car tout le monde peut éditer chaque vote. Vous devriez restreindre les règles de permission.",
"you-are-in-the-poll-creation-section": "Vous avez choisi de créer un nouveau sondage.",
"you-can-enable-or-disable-the-editor-at-will": "Vous pouvez activer ou désactiver l'éditeur à votre guise.",
"votes-per-option": "votes par choix",
"go-to-step-3": "Aller à létape 3",
"return-to-step-1": "Revenir à létape 1",
"add-a-choice": "Ajouter un choix",
"add-a-link-or-an-image": "Ajouter un lien ou une image",
"alternative-text": "Texte alternatif",
"links-or-images-can-be-included-using": "Il est possible dinsérer des liens ou des images en utilisant",
"markdown-syntax": "la syntaxe Markdown",
"poll-options-2-of-3": "Choix des sujets (2 sur 3)",
"remove-a-choice": "Supprimer le dernier choix",
"these-fields-are-optional-you-can-add-a-link-an-image-or-both": "Ces champs sont facultatifs. Vous pouvez ajouter un lien, une image ou les deux.",
"to-create-a-poll-you-should-provide-at-least-two-different-choices": "Pour créer un sondage classique, vous devez proposer au moins deux choix différents.",
"url-of-the-image": "URL de l'image",
"you-can-add-or-remove-choices-with-the-buttons": "Vous pouvez ajouter ou supprimer des choix supplémentaires avec les boutons",
"add-a-day": "Ajouter un jour",
"add-a-time-slot": "Ajouter un horaire",
"choose-dates-for-your-poll": "Choisissez les dates de votre sondage",
"copy-times-from-the-first-day": "Reporter les horaires du premier jour sur les autres jours",
"for-each-selected-day-you-are-free-to-suggest-meeting-times-e-g-8h-8-30-8h-10h-evening-etc": "Pour chacun des jours sélectionnés, vous avez la possibilité de choisir ou non, des heures de réunion (par exemple : \"8h\", \"8:30\", \"8h-10h\", \"soir\", etc.)",
"poll-dates-2-of-3": "Choix des dates (2 sur 3)",
"remove-a-day": "Supprimer le dernier jour",
"remove-a-time-slot": "Supprimer le dernier horaire",
"remove-all-days": "Effacer tous les jours",
"remove-all-times": "Effacer tous les horaires",
"remove-this-day": "Supprimer ce jour",
"to-schedule-an-event-you-need-to-provide-at-least-two-choices-e-g-two-time-slots-on-one-day-or-two-d": "Pour créer un sondage spécial dates vous devez proposer au moins deux choix (deux horaires pour une même journée ou deux jours).",
"you-can-add-or-remove-additional-days-and-times-with-the-buttons": "Vous pouvez ajouter ou supprimer des jours et horaires supplémentaires avec les boutons",
"back-to-step-2": "Revenir à létape 2",
"confirm-the-creation-of-your-poll": "Confirmez la création de votre sondage",
"create-the-poll": "Créer le sondage",
"expiry-date-a8393c173af1de7cb1eb4d839aecae18": "Date d'archivage :",
"list-of-options": "Liste de vos choix",
"once-you-have-confirmed-the-creation-of-your-poll-you-will-automatically-be-redirected-to-the-polls-": "Une fois que vous aurez confirmé la création du sondage, vous serez redirigé·e automatiquement vers la page d'administration de votre sondage.",
"removal-date-and-confirmation-3-of-3": "Date d'expiration et confirmation (3 sur 3)",
"then-you-will-receive-two-emails-one-containing-the-link-of-your-poll-for-sending-to-the-participant": "En même temps, vous recevrez deux courriels : l'un contenant le lien vers votre sondage pour le faire suivre aux futur·e·s sondé·e·s, l'autre contenant le lien vers la page d'administration du sondage.",
"you-can-set-a-specific-expiry-date-for-the-poll": "Vous pouvez décider d'une date d'archivage plus proche.",
"your-poll-will-automatically-be-archived": "Votre sondage sera automatiquement archivé",
"your-poll-will-be-automatically-archived-in-x-days": "Votre sondage sera automatiquement archivé dans %d jours.",
"after-the-last-date-of-your-poll": "après le dernier jour de votre sondage.",
"version-x": "Version %s",
"add-a-column": "Ajouter une colonne",
"adding-a-column": "Ajout de colonne",
"all-comments-deleted": "Tous les commentaires ont été supprimés",
"all-votes-deleted": "Tous les votes ont été supprimés",
"as-poll-administrator-you-can-change-all-the-lines-of-this-poll-with-this-button": "En tant qu'administrateur·rice, vous pouvez modifier toutes les lignes de ce sondage avec ce bouton",
"back-to-the-poll": "Retour au sondage",
"choice-added": "Choix ajouté",
"collect-the-emails-of-the-polled-users-for-the-choice": "Collecter les courriels des utilisateurs pour ce choix",
"column-deleted": "Colonne supprimée",
"comment-deleted": "Commentaire supprimé",
"confirm-removal-of-all-comments": "Confirmer la suppression de tous les commentaires de ce sondage",
"confirm-removal-of-all-votes": "Confirmer la suppression de tous les votes de ce sondage",
"confirm-removal-of-the-column": "Confirmer la suppression de cette colonne.",
"confirm-removal-of-your-poll": "Confirmer la suppression du sondage",
"delete-poll": "Supprimer le sondage",
"finally-you-can-change-the-properties-of-this-poll-such-as-the-title-the-comments-or-your-email-addr": "Vous pouvez enfin également modifier les informations relatives à ce sondage comme le titre, les commentaires ou encore votre courriel.",
"keep-comments": "Garder les commentaires",
"keep-the-comments": "Garder les commentaires",
"keep-the-poll": "Je garde le sondage",
"keep-the-votes": "Garder les votes",
"keep-this-poll": "Garder ce sondage",
"keep-votes": "Garder les votes",
"poll-fully-deleted": "Sondage complètement supprimé",
"poll-saved": "Sondage sauvegardé",
"remove-column": "Effacer la colonne",
"remove-the-comments": "Supprimer les commentaires",
"remove-the-votes": "Supprimer les votes",
"the-poll-was-created": "Le sondage a été créé",
"vote-added": "Vote ajouté",
"vote-deleted": "Vote supprimé",
"vote-updated": "Vote mis à jour",
"you-can-add-a-new-scheduling-date-to-your-poll": "Vous pouvez ajouter une date à votre sondage.",
"your-poll-has-been-removed": "Votre sondage a été supprimé !",
"and-add-a-new-column-with": "et si vous avez oublié de saisir un choix, vous pouvez rajouter une colonne en cliquant sur",
"remove-a-column-or-a-line-with": "effacer une colonne ou une ligne avec",
"users-who-voted-if-need-be-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Les utilisateurs qui ont voté « Si nécessaire » pour cette option ont laissé les courriels suivants :",
"users-who-voted-no-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Les utilisateurs qui ont voté « Non » pour cette option ont laissé les courriels suivants :",
"users-who-voted-yes-for-this-option-have-left-those-email-addresses": "Les utilisateurs qui ont voté « Oui » pour cette option ont laissé les courriels suivants :",
"deletion-date": "Date de suppression :",
"if-you-want-to-vote-in-this-poll-you-have-to-give-your-name-make-your-choice-and-submit-it-by-select": "Pour participer à ce sondage, veuillez entrer votre nom, choisir toutes les valeurs qui vous conviennent et valider votre choix avec le bouton en bout de ligne.",
"the-administrator-locked-this-poll-votes-and-comments-are-frozen-it-is-no-longer-possible-to-partici": "L'administrateur·rice a verrouillé ce sondage. Les votes et commentaires sont gelés, il n'est plus possible de participer",
"the-poll-has-expired-it-will-soon-be-deleted": "Le sondage a expiré, il sera bientôt supprimé.",
"your-vote-has-been-saved-but-please-note-you-need-to-keep-this-personalised-link-to-be-able-to-edit-": "Votre vote a bien été pris en compte, mais faites attention : ce sondage n'autorise l'édition de votre vote qu'avec le lien personnalisé suivant ; conservez-le précieusement !"
"DE": "Allemand",
"FR": "Français",