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tykayn 3306e7c29d reuse automatic slug from poll config in form 2 years ago
tykayn 04f04d622d 🎨 add pictures from undraw, translate sentences on homepage 2 years ago
tykayn 94162c796c add time to date func 2 years ago
tykayn 82910a9aae more settings for admin form with time and answers groups 2 years ago
tykayn 4769ecefc3 add keybaord shortcuts on array for choices 2 years ago
tykayn d3042b3723 togglable advanced options 2 years ago
tykayn d07f51dd91 translate homepage 2 years ago
tykayn 8df2b95c1e reorder questions 2 years ago
tykayn 10c1930e4d 🐛 select lang wigthout lifecycle bug 2 years ago
tykayn fa534af3ab multiple choices for creation 2 years ago
tykayn e5b8d5b65e add all config controls 2 years ago
tykayn 8c119739a7 dynamically add choices 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 4bec5828b3 start combine choices array 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 41fd153991 🔨 test the build with gitlab CI 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine d9301559ef add form array for choices 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 8cac3d1862 start form 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 6059533c36 move dev menu slider and show it only in dev mode env 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine e5214fdd97 only send list of polls by email to user 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 5f072fe3ab remove some broken automation 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 6db96397ea hop 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine b4f496b08d 👽 i18n header menu, :gears: splits routes, :fix: RED theme fix in switch 2 years ago
svek a62e00c6ad refacto routing 2 years ago
seraph 63600c759e add route resolver for lazy-loading 2 years ago
seraph f9b847b305 replace primeng by material && improvments 2 years ago
seraph 3125e86f0b clean refacto 2 years ago
seraph ae29749670 add json-server + refacto 3 years ago
seraph 355fed53f3 add user settings button & modal 3 years ago
tykayn b2a739016f 🎨 primary button, section to find back my polls on home 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine - tykayn a93a34a638 📖 add footer links, 🎨 set default theme to light, fix some details with black theme. 3 years ago
tykayn cc27f31e0e refacto feedback, 🎨 style for popup links, place icons before text 3 years ago
tykayn 93ea161274 default to hide menu 3 years ago
tykayn 9057e890a4 :style: style for feedback options, fixed floating button 3 years ago
tykayn 442530983b [feat] add a floating button to give feedback 3 years ago
seraph 91be2a3048 - replace date-fns by momentJS 3 years ago
seraph 7029368ab1 upgrade archi with modules 3 years ago
seraph 3997dd090e split config service & dispatch 3 years ago