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Tykayn 5ce3984dc9 disposition entête 2 years ago
Tykayn 748eb48125 keep stack of vote after creation 2 years ago
Tykayn e4ed956970 send vote stack to a new endpoint 2 years ago
Tykayn fc0db05f23 stacks count on consultation page 2 years ago
Tykayn 4a7b989142 fix time slices creation, were all linked 2 years ago
Tykayn d222d88872 env message demo dans le header 2 years ago
Tykayn 9a013f6d2c fix get participation url 2 years ago
tykayn 59cb917ea3 fix url public 2 years ago
tykayn bdfcef490c Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
tykayn dc382017a2 hop 2 years ago
Tykayn 86c0ff815f group display of days 2 years ago
Tykayn 585d3a215e creation poll style, fill DTO for creation 2 years ago
Tykayn d5bc5777b7 add good hash in route 2 years ago
tykayn b2b8056b7e default backend to framadate demo api 2 years ago
tykayn f1e6b5955e set choices and toggle votes in votestack 2 years ago
tykayn 620a7b99fa stack of vote relié au formulaire de commentaire 2 years ago
Tykayn 0abf924cae show counters on answers and favourite answer 2 years ago
Tykayn e45b490c2f fix models for backend update 2 years ago
Tykayn 163b89b03f transmettre l'information d'expiration du sondage au front 2 years ago
Tykayn 1e90d92ab9 export results added, models updates 2 years ago
Tykayn 078f63f742 add comment on display 2 years ago
tykayn d84809d62a display title on poll page 2 years ago
tykayn 56273946c3 montrer consultation et préciser si aucun vote 2 years ago
tykayn 21aa634ce5 display de sondage de démo 2 years ago
Tykayn 6cb32cb2e1 manage consultation path 2 years ago
Tykayn 7140072ecc fill poll config default 2 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 8cac3d1862 start form 3 years ago
svek a62e00c6ad refacto routing 3 years ago
seraph 63600c759e add route resolver for lazy-loading 3 years ago
seraph f9b847b305 replace primeng by material && improvments 3 years ago
seraph ae29749670 add json-server + refacto 3 years ago