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Framadate - funky version

FR: Un logiciel libre de sondage fait par les contributeurs de l'association Framasoft, avec une API backend. EN: A libre polling software made by contributors around the French association Framasoft. This version uses a brand new backend API.

Pour débuter - getting started

lire la doc pour débuter votre Funky Framadate


FR: Toute la documentation est disponible dans le dossier "doc", principalement en Français. EN: All documentation is available in the "doc" folder, mainly in French because reasons.

Version funky framadate

Documentations sur Angular

  • {- sur sass -} (on va utiliser CSS, si angular permet d'avoir des variables CSS, @newick)

Exemple de maquette de la nouvelle version

funky_framadate_maquette funky_framadate_maquette


status lib choice_label usage
axios http client
bulma CSS framework
chart.js PrimeNG solution for graphs. (Chart.js installs MomentJS)
compodoc Generate technic documentation
ESlint, Prettier, Lint-staged Format & lint code
fork-awesome Icons collection
fullcalendar PrimeNG solution to manage & display calendars
husky Hook actions on commit
jest test engine
json-server local server for mocking data backend
removed locale-enum enum of all locales
momentJS manipulate dates. (chartJSs dependency)
to be installed ng2-charts Manipulate graphs along with chart.js
ngx-clipboard Handle clipboard
ngx-markdown markdown parser
ngx-webstorage handle localStorage & webStorage
primeNG UI components collection
quill powerful rich text editor. WYSIWYG.
to be installed short-uuid generate uuid
removed storybook StyleGuide UI
ts-mockito Mocks for testing.
to be removed uuid generate uuid

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 8.2.1.