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// This file can be replaced during build by using the `fileReplacements` array.
// `ng build --prod` replaces `environment.ts` with ``.
// The list of file replacements can be found in `angular.json`.
import { apiV1, endpoints } from './endpoints';
import { poll_conf } from './poll_conf';
* For easier debugging in development mode, you can import the following file
* to ignore zone related error stack frames such as ``, `zoneDelegate.invokeTask`.
* This import should be commented out in production mode because it will have a negative impact
* on performance if an error is thrown.
import 'zone.js/plugins/zone-error';
endpoints.baseHref = apiV1.baseHref;
export const environment = {
advanced_options_display: true,
appLogo: 'assets/img/LogoViolet.svg',
appLogoFooter: 'assets/img/LogoBlanc.svg',
appLanding: 'assets/img/landing_calendar.svg',
appTitle: 'BarracuDate',
appVersion: '2.2.2',
appSupportEmail: '',
appSupportWebpage: '',
autofill_creation: false,
autofill_default_timeslices: false,
autofill_participation: false,
autoSendNewPoll: false,
creation_display_admin_url: false,
creation_display_hour_per_day: false, // display or not the ability to choose time slices different per day
creation_display_proposals_time_slices: false,
creation_email_is_required: true,
display_header_create_button: false,
display_password_clear_button: false,
display_regen_slug: false,
display_menu_creation: false,
display_routes: false, // demo paths to test polls
enable_colored_weekend_days: false, // color differently the weekend days
expiresDaysDelay: 30,
frontDomain: '',
interval_days_default: 7,
description_max_chars: 900,
maxCountOfAnswers: '',
production: false,
showDemoWarning: false,
showStepperShortcuts: false,
api: endpoints,
poll: poll_conf,
localStorage: {
key: 'FramaDateFunky',
display_validation_errors: false,
propose_expire_input: false,
defaultLanguage: 'fr',
display_count_timelist: false,
display_time_actions_more: false,
display_date_end_of_poll: false,
display_wip: false,
show_bottom_sources: false,
show_graphic_chart: false,
// Included with Angular CLI.