Spec action verification of StreamEntryFinder (#3549)

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Akihiko Odaki (@fn_aki@pawoo.net) 2017-06-04 21:56:31 +09:00 committed by Eugen Rochko
parent 19084d3c6c
commit 00e61d6807
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@ -14,6 +14,14 @@ describe StreamEntryFinder do
it 'finds the stream entry' do
expect(subject.stream_entry).to eq(status.stream_entry)
it 'raises an error if action is not :show' do
recognized = Rails.application.routes.recognize_path(url)
expect(recognized).to receive(:[]).with(:action).and_return(:create)
expect(Rails.application.routes).to receive(:recognize_path).with(url).and_return(recognized)
expect { subject.stream_entry }.to raise_error(ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound)
context 'with a stream entry url' do