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Adding more arabic translated strings.
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@ -71,89 +71,89 @@
"home.settings": "إعدادات العمود",
"lightbox.close": "إغلاق",
"loading_indicator.label": "تحميل ...",
"media_gallery.toggle_visible": "Toggle visibility",
"media_gallery.toggle_visible": "عرض / إخفاء",
"missing_indicator.label": "تعذر العثور عليه",
"navigation_bar.blocks": "الحسابات المحجوبة",
"navigation_bar.community_timeline": "الخيط العام المحلي",
"navigation_bar.edit_profile": "تعديل الملف الشخصي",
"navigation_bar.favourites": "Favourites",
"navigation_bar.follow_requests": "Follow requests",
"navigation_bar.info": "Extended information",
"navigation_bar.favourites": "المفضلة",
"navigation_bar.follow_requests": "طلبات المتابعة",
"navigation_bar.info": "معلومات إضافية",
"navigation_bar.logout": "خروج",
"navigation_bar.mutes": "Muted users",
"navigation_bar.mutes": "الحسابات المكتومة",
"navigation_bar.preferences": "التفضيلات",
"navigation_bar.public_timeline": "الخيط العام الموحد",
"notification.favourite": "{name} أعجب بمنشورك",
"notification.follow": "{name} يتبعك",
"notification.reblog": "{name} قام بترقية تبويقك",
"notifications.clear": "Clear notifications",
"notifications.clear_confirmation": "Are you sure you want to permanently clear all your notifications?",
"notifications.clear": "إمسح الإخطارات",
"notifications.clear_confirmation": "أمتأكد من أنك تود مسح جل الإخطارات الخاصة بك و المتلقاة إلى حد الآن ؟",
"notifications.column_settings.alert": "إشعارات سطح المكتب",
"notifications.column_settings.favourite": "المُفَضَّلة :",
"notifications.column_settings.follow": "متابعُون جُدُد :",
"notifications.column_settings.mention": "الإشارات :",
"notifications.column_settings.reblog": "الترقيّات:",
"notifications.column_settings.show": "إعرِضها في عمود",
"notifications.column_settings.sound": "Play sound",
"notifications.settings": "Column settings",
"onboarding.done": "Done",
"onboarding.next": "Next",
"notifications.column_settings.sound": "أصدر صوتا",
"notifications.settings": "إعدادات العمود",
"onboarding.done": "تم",
"onboarding.next": "التالي",
"onboarding.page_five.public_timelines": "The local timeline shows public posts from everyone on {domain}. The federated timeline shows public posts from everyone who people on {domain} follow. These are the Public Timelines, a great way to discover new people.",
"onboarding.page_four.home": "The home timeline shows posts from people you follow.",
"onboarding.page_four.notifications": "The notifications column shows when someone interacts with you.",
"onboarding.page_one.federation": "Mastodon is a network of independent servers joining up to make one larger social network. We call these servers instances.",
"onboarding.page_one.handle": "You are on {domain}, so your full handle is {handle}",
"onboarding.page_one.welcome": "Welcome to Mastodon!",
"onboarding.page_six.admin": "Your instance's admin is {admin}.",
"onboarding.page_six.almost_done": "Almost done...",
"onboarding.page_six.appetoot": "Bon Appetoot!",
"onboarding.page_one.welcome": "مرحبا بك في ماستدون !",
"onboarding.page_six.admin": "مدير(ة) مثيل الخادم هذا {admin}.",
"onboarding.page_six.almost_done": "أنهيت تقريبا ...",
"onboarding.page_six.appetoot": "تمتع بالتبويق !",
"onboarding.page_six.apps_available": "There are {apps} available for iOS, Android and other platforms.",
"onboarding.page_six.github": "Mastodon is free open-source software. You can report bugs, request features, or contribute to the code on {github}.",
"onboarding.page_six.guidelines": "community guidelines",
"onboarding.page_six.read_guidelines": "Please read {domain}'s {guidelines}!",
"onboarding.page_six.various_app": "mobile apps",
"onboarding.page_six.github": "ماستدون برنامج مفتوح المصدر. يمكنك المساهمة، أو الإبلاغ عن تقارير الأخطاء، على GitHub {github}.",
"onboarding.page_six.guidelines": "المبادئ التوجيهية للمجتمع",
"onboarding.page_six.read_guidelines": "رجاءا، قم بالإطلاع على {guidelines} لـ {domain} !",
"onboarding.page_six.various_app": "تطبيقات الجوال",
"onboarding.page_three.profile": "Edit your profile to change your avatar, bio, and display name. There, you will also find other preferences.",
"onboarding.page_three.search": "Use the search bar to find people and look at hashtags, such as {illustration} and {introductions}. To look for a person who is not on this instance, use their full handle.",
"onboarding.page_two.compose": "Write posts from the compose column. You can upload images, change privacy settings, and add content warnings with the icons below.",
"onboarding.skip": "Skip",
"privacy.change": "Adjust status privacy",
"privacy.direct.long": "Post to mentioned users only",
"privacy.direct.short": "Direct",
"privacy.private.long": "Post to followers only",
"privacy.private.short": "Followers-only",
"privacy.public.long": "Post to public timelines",
"privacy.public.short": "Public",
"privacy.unlisted.long": "Do not show in public timelines",
"privacy.unlisted.short": "Unlisted",
"onboarding.skip": "تخطي",
"privacy.change": "إضبط خصوصية المنشور",
"privacy.direct.long": "أنشر إلى المستخدمين المشار إليهم فقط",
"privacy.direct.short": "مباشر",
"privacy.private.long": "أنشر لمتابعيك فقط",
"privacy.private.short": "لمتابعيك فقط",
"privacy.public.long": "أنشر على الخيوط العامة",
"privacy.public.short": "للعامة",
"privacy.unlisted.long": "لا تقم بإدراجه على الخيوط العامة",
"privacy.unlisted.short": "غير مدرج",
"reply_indicator.cancel": "إلغاء",
"report.heading": "New report",
"report.placeholder": "Additional comments",
"report.submit": "Submit",
"report.target": "Reporting",
"report.heading": "تقرير جديد",
"report.placeholder": "تعليقات إضافية",
"report.submit": "إرسال",
"report.target": "إبلاغ",
"search.placeholder": "ابحث",
"search_results.total": "{count, number} {count, plural, one {result} other {results}}",
"status.cannot_reblog": "This post cannot be boosted",
"status.cannot_reblog": "تعذرت ترقية هذا المنشور",
"status.delete": "إحذف",
"status.favourite": "أضف إلى المفضلة",
"status.load_more": "Load more",
"status.load_more": "حمّل المزيد",
"status.media_hidden": "Media hidden",
"status.mention": "أذكُر @{name}",
"status.open": "وسع هذه المشاركة",
"status.reblog": "رَقِّي",
"status.reblogged_by": "{name} رقى",
"status.reply": "ردّ",
"status.replyAll": "Reply to thread",
"status.replyAll": "رُد على الخيط",
"status.report": "إبلِغ عن @{name}",
"status.sensitive_toggle": "اضغط للعرض",
"status.sensitive_warning": "محتوى حساس",
"status.show_less": "إعرض أقلّ",
"status.show_more": "أظهر المزيد",
"tabs_bar.compose": "تحرير",
"tabs_bar.federated_timeline": "Federated",
"tabs_bar.federated_timeline": "الموحَّد",
"tabs_bar.home": "الرئيسية",
"tabs_bar.local_timeline": "Local",
"tabs_bar.local_timeline": "المحلي",
"tabs_bar.notifications": "الإخطارات",
"upload_area.title": "Drag & drop to upload",
"upload_area.title": "إسحب ثم أفلت للرفع",
"upload_button.label": "إضافة وسائط",
"upload_form.undo": "إلغاء",
"upload_progress.label": "يرفع...",
@ -161,4 +161,4 @@
"video_player.toggle_sound": "تبديل الصوت",
"video_player.toggle_visible": "إظهار / إخفاء الفيديو",
"video_player.video_error": "تعذر تشغيل الفيديو"