fr.json typo (realtive time) (#5447)

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@ -159,11 +159,11 @@
"privacy.public.short": "Public",
"privacy.unlisted.long": "Ne pas afficher dans les fils publics",
"privacy.unlisted.short": "Non-listé",
"relative_time.days": "il y a {number} jour",
"relative_time.hours": "il y a {number}h",
"relative_time.days": "il y a {number} j",
"relative_time.hours": "il y a {number} h",
"relative_time.just_now": "à linstant",
"relative_time.minutes": "il y a {number} min.",
"relative_time.seconds": "il y a {number}s",
"relative_time.minutes": "il y a {number} min",
"relative_time.seconds": "il y a {number} s",
"reply_indicator.cancel": "Annuler",
"report.placeholder": "Commentaires additionnels",
"report.submit": "Envoyer",