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Matt Jankowski
fc122e9d78 README tidy up (#2026)
* Remove docker guide and put it in docs repo

* Move tasks to docs repo

* Move requirements to contributing doc

* Move advice about tagged releases to docs repo

* Move local domain and host config to docs repo

* Link to related tech
2017-04-17 21:28:31 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
a67909ec1e Rubocop instructions (#1973)
* Rubocop link for Sublime Text

* Fix rubocop links

* Link to gh issues page from contributing doc
2017-04-17 10:35:42 +02:00
Shel R
9e63bf446e Request documentation (#1616)
This addition to the submission guidelines requests that contributors remember to document their code. It's not a hard fast rule just a reminder.
2017-04-12 18:27:33 +02:00
Neville Park
54c796c8df Corrected spelling mistake 2017-04-02 13:01:55 -04:00
Eugen Rochko
8c7277acd4 Add link to contribution guidelines to README 2017-03-19 04:05:19 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
50f3a81f63 Added contribution guidelines 2017-03-19 03:52:21 +01:00