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Alexander Mankuta 0dbbc16c69 More SMTP customization (#1372)
* Allow SMTP auth method customization

* Add SMTP openssl_verify_mode option support

Allows one use self-signed certs with their SMTP server.

* Add SMTP enable_starttls_auto option support
2017-04-10 21:48:30 +02:00
Eugen d5a675099a Add env variable to disable prepared statements (#1293) 2017-04-09 05:46:32 +02:00
Eugen 3cb13bdd84 Merge pull request #1125 from jasonrhodes/patch-1
Email service options :P
2017-04-08 00:24:38 +02:00
Jason Rhodes 2ac8a590cd Moved into a comment per feedback 2017-04-07 07:43:44 -04:00
Eugen 0adee18d73 Merge branch 'master' into feature-customized-default-locale 2017-04-07 13:07:03 +02:00
Jantso Porali 786e6f94b9 Update Finnish translations, add sample Minio config (#954) 2017-04-07 12:58:12 +02:00
Eugen Rochko e3a3422a65 Allow setting of default language through config
Setting of locale in controller extracted to Localized concern,
the doorkeeper authorized applications controller moved under
custom namespace with inclusion of Localized, which resolves the
"it sometimes appears in a different random language" bug
2017-04-07 12:40:26 +02:00
Jason Rhodes 5d43a9cae2 Email service options :P
Small addition in case people want email service options, gives you 100k/mo free
2017-04-06 22:48:17 -04:00
Pete Keen e9a6da6bc7 [#817] Add email whitelist
This adds the ability to filter user signup with a whitelist
instead of or in addition to a blacklist.

Fixes #817
2017-04-04 11:20:15 -04:00
leopku c46843c65c 🔧 S3 protocol from ENV
add support for reading S3 protocol from ENV
also add S3_HOSTNAME in .env.production.sample
2017-03-23 15:44:55 +08:00
Eugen Rochko ccb8ac8573 Make the streaming API also handle websockets (because trying to get the browser EventSource interface to
work flawlessly was a nightmare). WARNING: This commit makes the web UI connect to the streaming API instead
of ActionCable like before. This means that if you are upgrading, you should set that up beforehand.
2017-02-04 00:34:31 +01:00
Eugen Rochko ff90a5ff84 Update sample .env 2017-01-29 13:06:58 +01:00
Eugen 777bcfc701 Add docker-compose example about rake secret task 2016-12-29 20:53:18 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 1357c1cb3d Add single user mode 2016-12-06 17:19:26 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 5973ca3d11 Upgrade Paperclip to 5, AWS-SDK to 2, do not generate medium/small versions of avatars 2016-11-29 14:20:15 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 6c82dfcf5f Fix CDN_HOST variable requirement 2016-11-26 15:27:05 +01:00
Andrea Faulds b107a4820a Remove remnants of Neo4J 2016-11-25 16:15:46 +00:00
Andrea Faulds 82191b3383 Explain application secrets (#217) 2016-11-23 09:30:53 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 4d336cefac Add sync command for neo4j, fix configuration, add neo4j to docker-compose, fix seed 2016-10-15 12:37:43 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 48d66a2055 Fixing the docker container setup (with assets compilation &co) 2016-03-16 12:57:01 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 2c374cd97c Adding e-mail configuration 2016-03-16 12:13:40 +01:00
Eugen Rochko b17202ca0f Adding a docker-compose template for running Mastodon easily 2016-03-14 21:39:39 +01:00