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abcang 629a4d0fca fix DB_URL (#2778) 2017-05-04 15:53:44 +02:00
Eugen Rochko c997091166 Clean up redis configuration. Allow using REDIS_URL to set advanced (#2732)
connection options instead of setting REDIS_HOST etc individually

Close #1986
2017-05-03 23:18:13 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki a6788662b0 Revert "Use PostgreSQL inheritance for blocks and mutes (#2520)" (#2634)
This reverts commit 5135d609b7.
2017-04-30 08:49:24 -04:00
Akihiko Odaki 5135d609b7 Use PostgreSQL inheritance for blocks and mutes (#2520) 2017-04-30 00:27:31 +02:00
YOU d0665726ca Update index.js (#2612) 2017-04-29 14:35:16 +02:00
masarakki d0ec4fb828 refactor-cores (#2308) 2017-04-22 15:11:56 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki 16cd648181 Allow to listen Unix socket (#2085)
* Allow puma to listen Unix socket

* streaming: Show the whole listening address instead of the port

Port is not always appropriate (e.g. Unix socket)

* streaming: Close server before exiting

This change especially allows to remove Unix socket before exiting.
2017-04-21 19:24:31 +02:00
178inaba dd517b9a55 Fix a bug where the hashtag could not be specified with the streaming API (#2258) 2017-04-21 16:45:14 +02:00
kuro5hin 0790aa9165 Fix streaming server worker count (#2082)
* Make sure we start at least one streaming worker, even if there's only one CPU and we're in production mode.

* Oops, let's make sure we're counting cpus right too.
2017-04-18 15:58:22 +02:00
geta6 64e1d51025 Improve streaming server with cluster (#1970) 2017-04-17 04:32:30 +02:00
Gavin Mogan 3672a799d4 Dev Tooling fixes (eslint/editorconfig) (#1398)
* Add eslint to dev dependancies so it gets installed for the repo

yarn add --dev eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-reac

project specific version of eslint, you can globally install eslint-cli
if you want the global runtime, or add .bin to your path

* fix eslint errors about inconsitent returns

* eslint ignore the same as git ignore. allows for eslint .

* Add editorconfig file so everyones editor will be setup to follow the same standards
2017-04-11 00:36:03 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 3618cc04ff Add heartbeat to websockets streaming API connections 2017-04-02 21:27:14 +02:00
Eugen Rochko c64a1c25c4 Fix #231 - Muting 2017-03-02 18:49:32 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 02e91a96dd Make streaming API use one pattern-matching redis pubsub connection
Refresh timelines when streaming API reconnects in the UI
2017-02-07 14:39:08 +01:00
Eugen Rochko c8252759df Add streaming API channels for local-only statuses 2017-02-06 23:46:14 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 4d2be9f432 Add unique request IDs to streaming API to improve logs 2017-02-05 23:37:25 +01:00
Eugen Rochko fb6aa7ad5c Add tracking of delay to streaming API 2017-02-05 03:19:04 +01:00
Eugen Rochko ccb8ac8573 Make the streaming API also handle websockets (because trying to get the browser EventSource interface to
work flawlessly was a nightmare). WARNING: This commit makes the web UI connect to the streaming API instead
of ActionCable like before. This means that if you are upgrading, you should set that up beforehand.
2017-02-04 00:34:31 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 8c0bc1309f Add CORS to the streaming API 2017-02-03 18:27:42 +01:00
Eugen Rochko df507f5e6e Fix streaming API queries 2017-02-02 17:10:59 +01:00
Eugen Rochko aa2fa227e9 Adding documentation for streaming API. Fixing filtering bug 2017-02-02 16:35:06 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 61ce15d94b Make node read the right .env file 2017-02-02 16:11:36 +01:00
Eugen Rochko d1a01dbbdd Add redis configuration to streaming API 2017-02-02 15:29:41 +01:00
Eugen Rochko b6c922f169 Fix potential resource leaks in streaming server 2017-02-02 15:20:31 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 1ee4a17f37 Add logging and filtering to the node.js streaming API 2017-02-02 13:56:14 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 0cfd3188b4 Add streaming API in Node.js 2017-02-02 01:31:09 +01:00