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Alexander Mankuta
0dbbc16c69 More SMTP customization (#1372)
* Allow SMTP auth method customization

* Add SMTP openssl_verify_mode option support

Allows one use self-signed certs with their SMTP server.

* Add SMTP enable_starttls_auto option support
2017-04-10 21:48:30 +02:00
James Smith
b79c80b620 Add OTP_SECRET to Heroku app.json (#1246) 2017-04-08 20:31:33 +10:00
Tom McAtee
8a93ae4f18 Added SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS to heroku deploy config
Allows the user to set the address mastodon emails are maraked as being sent from
2017-02-17 14:45:31 +10:30
Effy Elden
ab4f5f5da5 Add Heroku deployment support 2017-01-17 22:00:03 +11:00