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Eugen Rochko
88725d6ce8 OEmbed support for PreviewCard (#2337)
* OEmbed support for PreviewCard

* Improve ProviderDiscovery code failure treatment

* Do not crawl links if there is a content warning, since those
don't display a link card anyway

* Reset db schema

* Fresh migrate

* Fix rubocop style issues
Fix #1681 - return existing access token when applicable instead of creating new

* Fix test

* Extract http client to helper

* Improve oembed controller
2017-04-27 14:42:22 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
0618f09939 Add spec coverage and refactor authorize_follows controller (#2505) 2017-04-27 00:19:53 +02:00
Koala Yeung
a23eaf720e Update Russian translation (rebased) (#2503)
* Fix syntax error

* Remove two_factor_auth.warning (appears obsolete)

* Add missing strings in ru.yml

A lot of new strings translated, especially for the newly added admin section

* Update Russian translation

* Fix merge conflicts

Redid Works by @rkarabut
2017-04-26 22:33:54 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
3e78b7cc3a Updated renamed i18n keys in de translation (#2500) 2017-04-26 19:33:10 +02:00
Matthieu Paret
647a148d4d fix indentation in translation file (#2498) 2017-04-26 18:48:43 +02:00
Benedikt Geißler
0576daf5f9 Update German translation (#2485) 2017-04-26 15:46:14 +02:00
c442cade78 Update of simple_forum OC (#2486)
Now perfectly similar to the English one.
2017-04-26 15:45:58 +02:00
6137268e79 Update Japanese translation for activitypub and authorized followers (#2471)
* Update Japanese translation for activitypub and authorized followers

* Fixed Japanese translation by review
2017-04-26 14:54:35 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi
8ee1af9530 Move a locale files for ActiveRecord (#2461)
ref #2162 and fix #2460
2017-04-26 02:16:30 +02:00
45b379abac Missing occitan locale file (#2446)
Based on the device.en file
2017-04-25 23:26:53 +02:00
Mingye Wang
5d26c70a9c Complete proofreading and addition for zh-CN YML translations (#2445)
* proofread & update zh-CN setting form locale

* Pull in new devise zh-CN translations from their wiki,
more precisely

* pull in zh-CN translation for doorkeeper

... from
2017-04-25 23:26:33 +02:00
Evan Minto
122d59ac41 Change ActivityPub paging to match spec. Clean up ActivityPub outbox changes. (#2410)
* Change ActivityPub paging to match spec. Clean up ActivityPub outbox changes.

* Fix code style and test failures for OutboxController.

* Attempt to fix CI errors.
2017-04-25 15:06:06 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
8b5179d006 Fix #2402 - Add Idempotency-Key header to PostStatusService that prevents (#2419)
duplicates. Web UI regenerates UUID for that header every time the compose
form is changed or successfully submitted

Also, fix Farsi i18n overwriting the English one
2017-04-25 15:04:49 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
164bad171f Fix Persian translation (#2428) (#2432)
Settings page contained labels in Persian, when I was using English.
2017-04-25 05:17:52 -04:00
Masoud Abkenar
bb04a9be52 Persian translation (#2405)
* Persian translation

* adding :fa to make the site use the rtl stylesheet

based on [this comment](

* fix missing quotes

* add 'fa' locale
2017-04-24 22:39:15 +02:00
da022e1e4f Run i18n-tasks normalize (#2412) 2017-04-24 20:52:55 +02:00
Shin Adachi
bc955eaf61 add patch method support to CORS (#2408) 2017-04-24 20:19:51 +02:00
Eduardo Elias
3d3707a077 Language: Missing keys for pt and pt-BR (#2355) 2017-04-24 02:49:29 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
a0dd90a397 Return force_ssl to the controller (#2380) 2017-04-24 02:44:05 +02:00
Nolan Lawson
1e2a5dded7 Simplify browserify+babelify config (#2377) 2017-04-24 02:19:10 +02:00
Effy Elden
1801a36414 Report processing improvements (#2349)
* Expose media attachments on reported statuses directly

* Comment out unused bulk report checkbox. Add title to report comment for viewing full comment. Add 'contents' column, with icons and numerical indicators to show the number of referenced statuses and media attachments in the report

* Link account name on authorize_follow card back to account

* Add localisation string for report_contents

* Show new admin accounts card partial on report view. Apply simple_format to report comment so newlines are preserved.

* Add new admin accounts card partial, for display quick useful admin stats (e.g. report history, moderation status).

* Fix localized variable
2017-04-24 00:44:37 +02:00
501514960a Followers-only post federation (#2111)
* Make private toots get PuSHed to subscription URLs that belong to domains where you have approved followers

* Authorized followers controller, stub for bulk action

* Soft block in the background

* Add simple test for new controller

* Rename Settings::FollowersController to Settings::FollowerDomainsController, paginate results,
rename "private" post setting to "followers-only", fix pagination style, improve post privacy
preferences style, improve warning style

* Extract compose form warnings into own container, show warning when posting to followers-only with unlocked account
2017-04-24 00:38:37 +02:00
072c6f1527 Add link for domain in land strip (#2306)
* Add link for domain in land strip

* Use root_path

* Avoid repeating code
2017-04-23 21:45:03 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi
55e32fe579 Update Japanese translation (#2360)
for #2181
2017-04-23 21:34:48 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
55e1e12b7d Ensure i18n matches options (#2358)
* Add failing spec showing that human_locales does not match what i18n knows about

* Add missing `ar` key for arabic to human locales

* Remove duplicate `id` key from available locales

* Sort keys in human locales list

* Add spec for human_locale helper
2017-04-23 19:09:52 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
57cd6546c3 Make HSTS enable optional with force_ssl (#2364) 2017-04-23 19:08:32 +02:00
Koala Yeung
6f0b3b069f Adding arabic string localization (rebased) (#1895)
* Create ar.jsx

* Preparing file for translation.

* Create ar.yml

* Preparing file for translation.

* Create

* Preparing file for translation.

* Create

* Preparing file for translation.

* Create

* Preparing file for translation.

* Update index.jsx

Preparing file for translation.

* Update mastodon.jsx

* Preparing file to translation.
* Correction thanks to @Taekiro

* Update settings_helper.rb

Preparing file to translation.

* Update application.rb

* Preparing file to translation.

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update ar.yml

* Fix i18n-tasks unused issue (ar)

Remove unused translation strings

* Update application.rb

* Update ar.jsx

* Fix various issues with Arabic translation

* Fix duplication caused in merge
* Fix syntax error in
* Fix import error Duplicated incorrect import in mastodon.jsx
* Fix duplication error in locales/index.jsx

* Update ar.yml

* Update ar.jsx

* Update ar.yml

* Update ar.jsx

* Fix ar translation
2017-04-23 05:58:47 +02:00
Evan Minto
66fd8e7821 ActivityPub: Add basic, read-only support for Outboxes, Notes, and Create/Announce Activities (#2197)
* Clean up collapsible components

* Expose user Outboxes and AS2 representations of statuses

* Save work thus far.

* Fix bad merge.

* Save my work

* Clean up pagination.

* First test working.

* Add tests.

* Add Forbidden error template.

* Revert yarn.lock changes.

* Fix code style deviations and use localized instead of hardcoded English text.
2017-04-23 05:21:10 +02:00
Ash Furrow
723f25a999 Admin UI for confirming users (#2245)
* Shows confirmed status in list.

* Adds ability to confirm users in admin UI.

* Added new english translations.

* Addresses feedback from #2245.

* More feedback.
2017-04-23 04:43:42 +02:00
59b1de0bcf Add a confirmation modal: (#2279)
- Deleting a toot
- Muting, blocking someone
- Clearing notifications

Remove source map generation from development environment, as it is a huge
performance sink hole with little gains
2017-04-23 04:39:50 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki
df46864b39 Alter Japanese translations for CW and NSFW (#2305)
The previous translation for NSFW, "不適切" means "impertinent". This change
suggests "閲覧注意", which means the content requires precaution, instead.

However, "閲覧注意" was also a translation for CW. CW is now translated as
"警告", which simply means "warnings".
2017-04-23 04:31:40 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
ee82d8a876 Move force_ssl check to production config (#2165)
The force_ssl method from controllers does not add all of the options that the
sitewide configuration in a config block does. For example, HSTS enforcement is
not added by the controller method, but is added by this style.
2017-04-23 04:22:22 +02:00
5817bae2da fix can toot whitespace (#2218) 2017-04-22 19:48:55 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
67dea31b0f 2FA controller cleanup (#2296)
* Add spec coverage for settings/two_factor_auth area

* extract setup method for qr code

* Move otp required check to before action

* Merge method only used once

* Remove duplicate view

* Consolidate creation of @codes for backup

* Move settings/2fq#recovery_codes to settings/recovery_codes#create

* Rename settings/two_factor_auth#disable to #destroy

* Add coverage for the otp required path on 2fa#show

* Clean up the recovery codes list styles

* Move settings/two_factor_auth to settings/two_factor_authentication

* Reorganize the settings two factor auth area

Updated to use a flow like:

- settings/two_factor_authentication goes to a #show view which has a button
  either enable or disable 2fa on the account
- the disable button turns off the otp requirement for the user
- the enable button cycles the user secret and redirects to a confirmation page
- the confirmation page is a #new view which shows the QR code for user
- that page posts to #create which verifies the code, and creates the recovery
- that create action shares a view with a recovery codes controller which can be
  used separately to reset codes if needed
2017-04-22 04:23:17 +02:00
05ac28f3e4 Added API for single notification dismissal (#2251)
* Added API backend for notification dismissal

* Added render statement

* Changed statement
2017-04-22 02:30:35 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki
0f852c6f74 Do not set port for puma if it is bound to unix socket (#2289)
Setting port after binding a unix socket puma listen to both of an unix
socket and TCP/IP, which is not a desired behavior.
2017-04-22 01:22:20 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi
1948f9e767 Remove deprecated features at React v15.5 (#1905)
* Remove deprecated features at React v15.5

- [x] React.PropTypes
- [x] react-addons-pure-render-mixin
- [x] react-addons-test-utils

* Uncommented out & Add browserify_rails options

* re-add react-addons-shallow

* Fix syntax error from resolve conflicts

* follow up 59a77923b3
2017-04-21 20:05:35 +02:00
Eduardo Elias
27ea2a88c1 Language: Missing keys for pt and pt-BR (#2277) 2017-04-21 19:53:47 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki
16cd648181 Allow to listen Unix socket (#2085)
* Allow puma to listen Unix socket

* streaming: Show the whole listening address instead of the port

Port is not always appropriate (e.g. Unix socket)

* streaming: Close server before exiting

This change especially allows to remove Unix socket before exiting.
2017-04-21 19:24:31 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi
53b21ac1cd Add Japanese translation for display name and bio counter (#2275)
* Add Japanese translation for display name and bio counter

* Remove dep key
2017-04-21 19:23:20 +02:00
Eduardo Elias
e4550811b2 Language: Update missing key for pt and pt-BR (#2276) 2017-04-21 19:23:02 +02:00
Eduardo Elias
704846a258 Fix: missing : for language (#2274) 2017-04-21 19:18:16 +02:00
Koala Yeung
935aecdc32 Add Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia / id) translation (#2200)
* add Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) translation

add id.jsx
add translations on email views
add id.yml

update id locale on mastodon.jsx, index.jsx, settings_helper.rb, and

* add Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) translation

add id.jsx
add translations on email views
add id.yml

update id locale on mastodon.jsx, index.jsx, settings_helper.rb, and

* fix InvalidLocaleData on a string

* fix InvalidLocaleData on a string

* Fix language keys in Indonesian ruby locale (id)

Use "id" instead of "en" as object keys.

* Removed obsoleted translation (id)
2017-04-21 19:16:26 +02:00
Koala Yeung
1714f08d75 Add Ido (io) translation (#2202)
* Add Ido (io) translation

* Fix mastodon.jsx for io reference

There is no react-intl support for io. Removed the references.
2017-04-21 19:15:25 +02:00
Sebastian Morr
74c474a652 Display remaining characters when editing display name and bio (#2219) 2017-04-21 18:17:21 +02:00
d2dc31a74a Ruby time format fixed (#2259) 2017-04-21 16:47:15 +02:00
Ash Furrow
a0ed88a99b Adds version to about/more and API (#2181)
* Adds version.

* Cleans up code.

* Removes standalone endpoint and adds version to instance endpoint.

* Addresses feedback from #2181.
2017-04-21 03:30:59 +02:00
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
25d2853db2 Croatian language updates & fixes (#2203)
* Update hr.jsx

* Update and rename to

fixed file name

* Update hr.yml

* Update hr.yml
2017-04-21 03:30:15 +02:00
Ash Furrow
6c34eafe02 Enables the Polish translation. (#2235) 2017-04-21 03:29:11 +02:00
bbff431e3a Updated Dutch strings and added Dutch onboarding modal strings (#2243)
* A bit of more explanation

* Update nl.yml

* That's more elegant

* More consistent and adding missing translation

* Update

* Update

* Added Dutch onboarding modal strings
2017-04-21 03:29:00 +02:00