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Matt Jankowski
55e1e12b7d Ensure i18n matches options (#2358)
* Add failing spec showing that human_locales does not match what i18n knows about

* Add missing `ar` key for arabic to human locales

* Remove duplicate `id` key from available locales

* Sort keys in human locales list

* Add spec for human_locale helper
2017-04-23 19:09:52 +02:00
Joël Quenneville
1cf9e14a41 Test embedded_view related code in a helper (#2282)
The two methods `StreamEntriesHelper#stream_link_target` and
`StreamEntriesHelper#acct` are based on checking whether we are running
in an embedded view.

This adds some test helper code to make the testing easier. We extracted
some "magic strings" to constants to lower the coupling in the specs.
2017-04-23 06:05:52 +02:00
Joël Quenneville
0c2fe22bc1 Add test coverage to CSS class generation (#2285)
The code that generates CSS is based on a lot of boolean conditions.
The possible combinations of these grows exponentially as we add more

Since most of the code is conditional on a single boolean, we tested the

1. All `false`
2. All `true`
3. Each individual flag set to `true`

The methods tested are:

* `StreamEntriesHelper#style_classes`
* `StreamEntriesHelper#microformats_classes`
* `StreamEntriesHelper#microformats_h_class`
2017-04-23 06:04:32 +02:00
Joël Quenneville
974ac467de Add tests for StreamEntriesHelper#rtl? (#2286)
We used some random Arabic characters to test that the various RTL
conditions got triggered.
2017-04-22 00:13:37 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
389f8f8249 Instance helper to replace site title helper (#2038)
* Move site title helper to instance helper (name change only)

* Remove newline in <title> tag

* Add site_hostname helper method to wrap up local_domain value

* Use site_hostname helper in places that need local_domain value
2017-04-18 00:16:32 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
3834e1e69b View spec fix (#1888)
* Add option to disable verify partial doubles

* Add show_landing_strip? helper method

* Use show_landing_strip? helper in accounts and stream entries views

* Fix naming in view specs
2017-04-16 03:40:33 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
09540192c9 Rename admin/accounts_helper to admin/filter_helper (#1816)
- Add some spec coverage for both methods
- Add explicit constant call-outs for where the params are from
2017-04-15 03:09:55 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
f24daa399b Remove pending specs for methods that dont exist (#1658)
* Remote spec for non-existent entry_classes helper method

This method no longer exists, and is handled by a local variable in a partial

* Remove spec for non-existent Account#ping! method
2017-04-13 02:51:13 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
e60286a344 Remove unused methods from StreamEntriesHelper (#1365)

- avatar_for_status_url
- relative_time
- reblogged_by_me_class
- favourited_by_me_class
2017-04-11 19:32:02 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
53850bce93 Remove unused AtomBuilderHelper (#1364)
This was used in the views/atom/user_stream.xml.ruby file, which no longer is
2017-04-11 19:31:22 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
4ada50985a Pagination improvements (#1445)
* Replace will_paginate with kaminari

* Use #page instead of #paginate in controllers

* Replace will_paginate.page_gap with pagination.truncate in i18n

* Customize kaminari views to match prior styles

* Set kaminari options to match prior behavior

* Replace will_paginate with paginate in views
2017-04-11 01:11:41 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
ea6c930c04 Helper cleanup (#1348)
* Remove unused helper files

* Add coverage for application helper

* Add coverage for StreamEntriesHelper #display_name
2017-04-09 17:11:37 +02:00
Matt Jankowski
ca44c13455 Use Setting.site_title value for og:site_name occurrences (#1194)
* Add helper method to return Setting.site_title

* Use site_title helper in application layout

* Use site_title value for og:site_name
2017-04-08 12:15:40 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
149887a0ff Make follow requests federate 2017-02-11 02:58:00 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
49834a6e7f Add API for retrieving blocked accounts 2016-12-29 20:12:32 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
d7dc84439c Add ability to use remote follow function on other sites 2016-12-29 16:54:54 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
3689c119f0 Replacing follow requests in the settings area with in-UI column 2016-12-26 21:33:51 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
004382e4d0 Adding follow requests API 2016-12-26 19:30:45 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
b302b9202b Add page for authorizing/rejecting follow requests 2016-12-23 00:04:52 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
76ec907993 Improved admin UI 2016-12-13 13:42:10 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
80c44ed9c1 Do not autoplay videos, display play button instead. Use expiring links when using S3. Do not keep originals
for avatars/headers, resize avatars down to 120x120 instead of 300x300. Set cache headers on S3 stuff, also
make it private (aka only accessible via expiring links to prevent hotlinking)
2016-12-04 12:28:10 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
6ff93845d5 Add basic OEmbed provider API, fix #247 2016-11-30 23:01:03 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
14bd46946d Per-status control for unlisted mode, also federation for unlisted mode
Fix #233, fix #268
2016-11-30 21:34:59 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
356d3874eb Normalize localizations, add stub for admin/accounts 2016-11-30 15:32:26 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
27fc49d745 Add simple admin overview of PuSH subscriptions 2016-11-28 18:45:13 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
48b9619439 Adding hashtags 2016-11-05 17:13:14 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
7a6d95f70c E-mail preferences page 2016-10-14 02:28:49 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
e63aebff7a Adding landing page 2016-09-27 23:12:33 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
4f9b7432dd Fix #52 - Add API versioning (v1) 2016-09-27 16:59:08 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
7e14eefc81 Replace logo, fix #57 - delete/unreblog/unfavourite API, fix #45 - app
registration API
2016-09-26 23:56:53 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
3cc47beb6e Refactored generation of unique tags, URIs and object URLs into own classes,
as well as formatting of content
2016-09-09 20:04:34 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
85d89b472d Optimized n+1 queries in accounts Atom and HTML views
Added stack trace for SQL queries in development
Removed badly thought out accounts/lookup API
2016-09-08 20:36:01 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
a4cc966476 Removing default avatars 2016-09-08 18:23:59 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
1d9c886518 Adding enclosures to Atom and statuses JSON 2016-09-05 18:57:59 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
eec0dc46a6 PostStatusService can attach media to status, ProcessFeedService likewise 2016-09-05 18:39:53 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
ae1fac0062 Add API to upload media attachments 2016-09-05 17:46:36 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
1022d682dc Normalized data in Redux, fix for asset URLs when rendered outside request 2016-09-04 14:04:26 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
039e6f951c Fix issue with unresolvable usernames 2016-03-27 23:38:46 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
a08e724476 Fix subscriptions:clear task, refactor feeds, refactor streamable activites
and atom feed generation to some extent, as well as the way mentions are
2016-03-25 02:13:30 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
f14f462eaf Adding Turbolinks, adding status posting form on homepage 2016-03-21 18:26:47 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
9d55529318 Fix text color in dashboard inputs, sanitize remote status content in UI,
simplify FanOutOnWriteService, add /api/accounts/lookup method
2016-03-21 17:02:16 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
253ab26520 Adding more tests for helpers 2016-03-20 13:50:22 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
c349200761 Removing some unused gems, adding pagination to profiles, fix #10 2016-03-19 12:49:34 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
071f64d317 Fix #13, Atom feeds now contain formatted post content 2016-03-19 00:16:04 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
7837afbb5f Removing autogenerated test stubs that were not needed 2016-03-18 23:36:54 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
6fec8afc3f Bind oauth applications to users 2016-03-14 17:49:13 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
3441361568 Adding simple_form, adding profile settings, header image 2016-03-12 20:47:22 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
ab6696e855 Adding doorkeeper, adding a REST API
POST /api/statuses                  Params: status (text contents), in_reply_to_id (optional)
GET  /api/statuses/:id
POST /api/statuses/:id/reblog

GET  /api/accounts/:id
GET  /api/accounts/:id/following
GET  /api/accounts/:id/followers
POST /api/accounts/:id/follow
POST /api/accounts/:id/unfollow

POST /api/follows                  Params: uri (e.g. user@domain)

OAuth authentication is currently disabled, but the API can be used with HTTP Auth.
2016-03-07 12:42:33 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
23d08c6749 Changing the use of config constants to the Rails configuration object 2016-02-29 20:06:39 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
0e8f59c16f Refactoring Grape API methods into normal controllers & other things 2016-02-29 19:42:08 +01:00