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Akihiko Odaki
0f852c6f74 Do not set port for puma if it is bound to unix socket (#2289)
Setting port after binding a unix socket puma listen to both of an unix
socket and TCP/IP, which is not a desired behavior.
2017-04-22 01:22:20 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki
16cd648181 Allow to listen Unix socket (#2085)
* Allow puma to listen Unix socket

* streaming: Show the whole listening address instead of the port

Port is not always appropriate (e.g. Unix socket)

* streaming: Close server before exiting

This change especially allows to remove Unix socket before exiting.
2017-04-21 19:24:31 +02:00
Ash Furrow
0f8b7d0660 Removed Heroku in-process spawning. (#1873) 2017-04-15 23:02:13 +02:00
1c351709bc Force UTF8 encoding on generated XML (#1140) 2017-04-07 11:09:14 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
fcb5a85cdd Add sounds for notifications. Boop by 2017-01-17 20:09:03 +01:00
Effy Elden
ab4f5f5da5 Add Heroku deployment support 2017-01-17 22:00:03 +11:00
Eugen Rochko
e7723ab662 Add puma preloading, decrease DB pool size to size of threads per worker 2016-11-02 16:38:54 +01:00
Eugen Rochko
10ba09f546 Upgrade to Rails 2016-08-17 17:58:00 +02:00
Eugen Rochko
aab9f57e36 Adding config for puma, dashboard layout, fixing some queries 2016-03-12 16:21:53 +01:00