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Yamagishi Kazutoshi 31490e0d6c Add Japanese translations (#4140)
* Add Japanese translations for #3879

* Add Japanese translations for #4033

* Add Japanese translations for #4136
2017-07-10 16:32:17 +02:00
のら ca45bd0361 Add Japanese translation of terms and flash (#4137) 2017-07-10 14:04:05 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 63baab088d Fix regular expression for RFC 5646 (regression from #3604) (#4133) 2017-07-10 14:02:18 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 2b9721d1b3 Add setting a always mark media as sensitive (#4136) 2017-07-10 14:00:32 +02:00
abcang 617208053c Rescue exceptions related to Goldfinger at FetchRemoteStatusService (#4138) 2017-07-10 13:59:29 +02:00
Sadiq Saif 4aa6cd66fc Change default for auto_play_fit to false for a11y (#4132)
This is per issue #3876
2017-07-10 04:49:48 +02:00
Lynx Kotoura 1c6cbdd4e4 Fix duplication of tag in columns_area.js (#4131)
Deleted ">" just a typo.
2017-07-10 04:37:10 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi f8212da329 Add attribute for default privacy to verify credentials (#4075)
* Add attribute for default privacy to verify credentials

* add raw_note

* source
2017-07-10 03:29:34 +02:00
Sorin Davidoi 4122a837fa fix(components/media_modal): Aspect ratio (#4128)
* fix(components/media_modal): Aspect ratio

* fix: Remove useless style
2017-07-09 18:49:07 +02:00
Nolan Lawson 5fa2dd6e65 Use babel-plugin-transform-react-inline-elements (#4109) 2017-07-09 17:34:05 +02:00
abcang 307f3e0dd7 Rescue exceptions related to Goldfinger (#4044)
* Rescue exceptions related to Goldfinger

* Exclude Goldfinger::SSLError
2017-07-09 17:33:21 +02:00
Sorin Davidoi fc4c74660b Swipeable views (#4105)
* feat: Replace react-swipeable with react-swipeable-views

* fix: iOS 9
2017-07-09 15:02:26 +02:00
unarist caf938562e Avoid async import if the component is previously loaded (#4127) 2017-07-09 14:52:03 +02:00
unarist ce3a371eee Fix initial loading of pinned Notifications column (#4126) 2017-07-09 13:04:30 +02:00
m4sk1n 8781a8e203 i18n: minor change (pl) (#4124) 2017-07-09 12:17:00 +02:00
Sorin Davidoi 37c832cdf7 refactor: Make all reducers sync (#4125) 2017-07-09 12:16:08 +02:00
Daniel Hunsaker f68fa930ea [nanobox] Allow Full-size Uploads (#4123)
The Nginx configurations used by Nanobox previously neglected to increase the default upload size limit. This PR bumps that value up to the current Mastodon limit of 8MiB.
2017-07-09 02:52:36 +02:00
nullkal 007ab330e6 Use charlock_holmes instead of nkf at FetchLinkCardService (#4080)
* Specs for language detection

* Use CharlockHolmes instead of NKF

* Correct mistakes

* Correct style

* Set hint_enc instead of falling back and strip_tags

* Improve specs

* Add dependencies
2017-07-08 22:44:31 +02:00
abcang 794781d121 Change account link to admin account link on report page (#4119) 2017-07-08 18:35:08 +02:00
Sorin Davidoi 91cacb1e8f fix: Rerender Bundle on route change (#4120) 2017-07-08 18:34:55 +02:00
unarist 46f5d3a2e9 Fix first loading of notifications when the column is pinned (#4114) 2017-07-08 17:22:24 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 76318f8830 Don't use preview when image size is unknown (#4113) 2017-07-08 17:21:59 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 852bda3d32 Use srcSet only when know width (#4112) 2017-07-08 17:20:53 +02:00
Jeroen 0324f807f4 Update and improvement Dutch language strings (#4117)
* Update

* Update
2017-07-08 17:17:02 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 864e3f8d9c Replace OEmbed and initial state Rabl templates with serializers (#4110)
* Replace OEmbed Rabl template with serializer

* Replace initial state rabl with serializer
2017-07-08 14:51:05 +02:00
unarist 102466ac58 Fix JSON serialization of media_attachment (#4111) 2017-07-08 14:50:45 +02:00
Nolan Lawson 63b77f2320 Avoid using getBoundingClientRect to calculate height (#4001) 2017-07-08 01:57:22 +02:00
Sylvhem 8fecd80108 Various fixes in the French translation (#4107)
* Changement de « Changement de mot de passe » en « Sécurité »

* Suppression de « (Two-factor auth) »

Change la valeur de la chaîne « two_factor_authentication » de « Identification à deux facteurs (Two-factor auth) » à « Identification à deux facteurs ».
La traduction anglaise entre parathentèse était redondante et gênait la lecture.

Change the value of the "two_factor_authentication" from "Identification à deux facteurs (Two-factor auth)" to "Identification à deux facteurs".
The English translation in brackets was superflous and was getting in the way of the reader.

* Remplace « ' » par « ’ »

Retire de la traduction les apostrophes droites « ' » (U+0027) au profit des apostrophes typographiques « ’ » (U+2019).
En typographie française, les apostrophes typographiques sont utilisées à la place des apostrophes droites. La traduction était jusqu’ici incohérente et utilisait les deux.

Remove from the translation all the vertical apostrophes (U+0027) in favor of the curly ones (U+2019).
In French typography, typographic apostrophes are used instead of vertical ones. The translation was incoherent and used both.

* Remplace « ... » par « … »

Remplace les séries de trois points par le caractère dédié « … » (U+2026).

Replace all the series of three dots by the dedicated character "…" (U+2026).

* Mise à jour

Crée config/locales/, ajoute de nouvelles chaînes et met à jour certains textes.
Les compteurs de caractères pour le pseudonyme et la biographie devrait maintenant pouvoir fonctionner même quand l’interface est en français.

Create config/locales/, add new strings et update some textes.
The caracters counters for the username and the biography should now work even when the interface is in French.

* Remplace « A » par « À »

Remplace « A » par « À » aux endroits où le mot est mal orthographié.

Replace "A" by "À" when the wrong word is used.

* Ajout d’espaces insécables

Ajoute des espaces insécables suivant les régles nécessaires en typographie française.

Add non-breaking spaces following rules of French typography.

* Remplace « certain » par « certain·e »

Harmonise la traduction en remplaçant « certain » par sa forme épicène.

Harmonize the translation by replacing "certain" (sure) by its epicene form.

* Corrige un angliscisme

Remplace « adresse e-mail » par « adresse électronique ».

Replace "adresse e-mail" (e-mail address) by "adresse électronique" (electronic address).
2017-07-08 01:27:22 +02:00
Sorin Davidoi 348d6f5e75 Lazy load components (#3879)
* feat: Lazy-load routes

* feat: Lazy-load modals

* feat: Lazy-load columns

* refactor: Simplify Bundle API

* feat: Optimize bundles

* feat: Prevent flashing the waiting state

* feat: Preload commonly used bundles

* feat: Lazy load Compose reducers

* feat: Lazy load Notifications reducer

* refactor: Move all dynamic imports into one file

* fix: Minor bugs

* fix: Manually hydrate the lazy-loaded reducers

* refactor: Move all dynamic imports to async-components

* fix: Loading modal style

* refactor: Avoid converting the raw state for each lazy hydration

* refactor: Remove unused component

* refactor: Maintain modal name

* fix: Add as=script to preload link

* chore: Fix lint error

* fix(components/bundle): Check if timestamp is set when computing elapsed

* fix: Load compose reducers for the onboarding modal
2017-07-08 00:06:02 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 00df69bc89 Fix #4058 - Use a long-lived cookie to keep track of user-level sessions (#4091)
* Fix #4058 - Use a long-lived cookie to keep track of user-level sessions

* Fix tests, smooth migrate from previous session-based identifier
2017-07-07 23:25:15 +02:00
m4sk1n 7a549f830e i18n: improve consistency (pl) (#4104)
Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>
2017-07-07 20:01:17 +02:00
Nolan Lawson 3f82d8b979 Gracefully stop streaming server (#4103) 2017-07-07 20:01:00 +02:00
m4sk1n 9fe6cfca48 i18n: @18d3fa9 (pl) (#4101) 2017-07-07 17:35:47 +02:00
Eugen Rochko ebd2dde688 Restore streaming API output format (#4100)
* Restore streaming API output format

Regression from #4090

* Remove whitespace
2017-07-07 16:56:52 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 6e1261f277 Fix notifications including wrong status in JSON (#4097) 2017-07-07 16:19:28 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 91d548f7e6 Update webpack-dev-server to v2.5.1 (#4094) 2017-07-07 14:12:45 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi 76eda2fc21 Add recursive object support to API response (#4095) 2017-07-07 14:12:16 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 1c1819a78a Fix feed author not being enforced in ProcessFeedService (#4092)
Ensure the only allowed author of top-level entries in feed is the person
the feed belongs to (a verified user). Ensure delete events only apply
if the deleted item belonged to that user.
2017-07-07 04:31:40 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 8b2cad5637 Refactor JSON templates to be generated with ActiveModelSerializers instead of Rabl (#4090) 2017-07-07 04:02:06 +02:00
のら 2d6128672f Togglable filter links (#4021)
* Togglable filter links

* Rename is_selected to selected?
2017-07-07 00:48:09 +02:00
Daniel Hunsaker 185b41beb4 [nanobox] Add Automated Backups (#4023)
This PR adds automatic backups to Nanobox instances. The database, Redis, and user files are backed up every day at 03:00 (server time) to the data warehouse component which comes with every Nanobox app. Old backups are automatically cleared out, but the number of backups that are left untouched can be configured by setting the `BACKUP_COUNT` environment variable to any integer value greater than 0 (the default is 1).

Also updated `.env.nanobox` to reflect the current `.env.production.sample`.
2017-07-07 00:46:45 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki ( 2083000027 Set default From address in config (#3756)
The old implementation sets default From address in mailers. It sets
the address from SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS, or notifications@localhost. The
behavior is occasionally undesired results.

In production environment, notifications@localhost is likely to be
In testing environment, the email address should not be varied by a
environment variable.

After appling this change,

In production environment, it will throw an exception when launching
In testing environment, the address will be fixed with
2017-07-07 00:12:12 +02:00
Damien Erambert 18d3fa953b Add a setting allowing the use of system's default font in Web UI (#4033)
* add a system_font_ui setting on the server

* Plug the system_font_ui on the front-end

* add EN/FR locales for the new setting

* put Roboto after all other fonts

* remove trailing whitespace so CodeClimate is happy

* fix user_spec.rb

* correctly write user_spect this time

* slightly better way of adding the classes

* add comments to the system-font stack for clarification

* use .system-font for the class instead

* don't use multiple lines for comments

* remove trailing whitespace

* use the classnames module for consistency

* use `mastodon-font-sans-serif` instead of Roboto directly
2017-07-06 22:39:56 +02:00
abcang f76e71825d Improve Activity stream spoiler (#4088) 2017-07-06 21:31:03 +02:00
STJrInuyasha 6bf6d35637 Parse links in status content on update as well as mount (#4042)
* Update links in status content on update as well as mount
Fixes occasional bugs with mentions and hashtags not being set to open in a new column like they should, and instead opening in a new page

* use classList instead of raw className
2017-07-06 21:30:37 +02:00
unarist 9c03fd9cae Unobserve status on unmount (#4013)
This fixes a warning on status unmounting (e.g. deletion).

This also resets IntersectionObserverWrapper on disconnect to avoid `unobserve()` calls
which has bug in Edge.
2017-07-06 21:26:21 +02:00
Mantas 34c8a46d7d Remove ugly blue highlight on Android browsers (#4031) 2017-07-06 21:26:07 +02:00
Quent-in 26949607d2 l10n Occitan locale (#4089)
* Small adjustments

About the report part.

* Update time format
2017-07-06 21:10:12 +02:00
Shin Kojima e7c0d87d98 Fix embedded SVG fill attribute (#4086)
* Fix embedded SVG fill attribute

SCSS darken/lighten functions may not return a color value, but a color
name like "white".  See following example:

This patch will normalize $color argument to FFFFFF style.

I also changed the function name from "url-friendly-colour" to
"hex-color", Because...

1. The name "url-friendly" is not meaningful enough to describe what it

2. It is familier to me using "color" rather than "colour"

    kojima:kojiMac mastodon[master]$ git grep -l colour

    kojima:kojiMac mastodon[master]$ git grep -l color

* Add semicolon
2017-07-06 15:27:02 +02:00
m4sk1n 6d106d3943 i18n: minor changes in Polish translation (#4087)
* i18n: minor changes in Polish translation

* Update pl.json
2017-07-06 15:25:27 +02:00