Patrick Figel ffb99325ca Add gif auto-play/pause preference
This introduces a new per-user preference called
"Auto-play animated GIFs", which is enabled by default. When a
user disables this setting, gifs in toots become click-to-play.

Previews of animated gifs were changed to display the video play
button so that users can distinguish them from regular images.

This setting also affects account avatars in the detailed account
view, which was changed to use the same hover-to-play mechanism
that is used for animated avatars in timelines.

Fixes #1652
2017-04-17 12:14:03 +02:00

38 lines
848 B

# config/app.yml for rails-settings-cached
# This file contains default values, and does not need to be edited
# when configuring an instance. These settings may be changed by an
# Administrator using the Web UI.
# For more information, see docs/Running-Mastodon/
defaults: &defaults
site_title: 'Mastodon'
site_description: ''
site_extended_description: ''
site_contact_username: ''
site_contact_email: ''
open_registrations: true
closed_registrations_message: ''
boost_modal: false
auto_play_gif: true
follow: false
reblog: false
favourite: false
mention: false
follow_request: true
digest: true
must_be_follower: false
must_be_following: false
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults