Petko Bordjukov c80046a77b Update Capistrano lock version in config/deploy.rb (#4352)
Deployment with Capistrano was failing due to a mismatch between the loaded
version of Capistrano and the one specified in the deployment
configuration. Bumping the version in config/deploy.rb fixes this issue.
2017-07-25 01:14:01 +02:00

15 lines
427 B

# frozen_string_literal: true
lock '3.8.2'
set :repo_url, ENV.fetch('REPO', '')
set :branch, ENV.fetch('BRANCH', 'master')
set :application, 'mastodon'
set :rbenv_type, :user
set :rbenv_ruby,'.ruby-version').strip
set :migration_role, :app
append :linked_files, '.env.production', 'public/robots.txt'
append :linked_dirs, 'vendor/bundle', 'node_modules', 'public/system'