Rey Tucker 94f5c714f1 Don't delete periods when validating username uniqueness (#11392) (#11400)
* Check to make sure usernames with '.' cannot be created

* Add test for instance actor account name conflicts

This makes sure that migration 20190715164535_add_instance_actor
won't fail if there's already an account that is named the same
as the domain (minus the .)

* Put the test into the correct context...

* Add another test to split this into two validations

* Don't delete periods when validating username uniqueness (#11392)

The 20190715164535_add_instance_actor migration fails if there's
already a username similar to the domain name, e.g. if you are
'' and have a user named 'vulpineclub', validation

Upon further review, usernames with periods are dropped by the
regular expression in the Account class, so we don't need to
worry about it here.

Fixes #11392
2019-07-24 14:19:17 +02:00

17 lines
471 B

# frozen_string_literal: true
# See also: USERNAME_RE in the Account class
class UniqueUsernameValidator < ActiveModel::Validator
def validate(account)
return if account.username.nil?
normalized_username = account.username.downcase
scope = Account.where(domain: nil).where('lower(username) = ?', normalized_username)
scope = scope.where.not(id: if account.persisted?
account.errors.add(:username, :taken) if scope.exists?