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###### Twitter (aka "Birdsite")
"Letsencrypt DNS 方式更新证书,托管在 Cloudflare 的 DNS 更改后一直无效。以为是国内网络原因,后来发现赶上了 Cloudflare 的 DNS 故障" by @[yanchuan](
"Wer glaubt, amerikanische Konzerne wie #Google oder #Facebook wären die größten Dantengangster, der kennt #Cloudflare noch nicht." by @[ASteinBS](
"*shakes fist furiously at Cloudflare* Stop screwing up our software!" by @[Supermathie](
"It is time to call out Cloudflare and stop using their services. " by @[dittigas](
"El mundo se va a acabar. Ayer se cayó Google y hoy hay problemas con Cloudflare" by @[Cangreja533](
"our sites are having issues, loading your error 502, and even the Enterprise Support interface is giving us problems, so we cannot even create a ticket." by @[andevco](
"Решил я как-то сделать выходную ноду Tor. Ну чтобы помочь людям анонимизировать свой трафик, а для себя возможность просматривать HTTP трафик. Меня через 4 часа заблокировали абсолютно на всех сайтах, где стоит CloudFlare. Все такие не стоит ставить exit-node Tor дома." by @[gashish1n](
"BTW hat Cloudflare einen riesigen Nachteil: Ist bei Verwendung von Tor durch unlösbare Captchas unbrauchbar. Man kann die Seite nicht anonym abrufen. Kann nach dieser DDOS Attacke zwar erwünscht sein, jedoch als Tor Nutzer, der einfach anonym ins Netz will, ziemlich ärgerlich." by @[schurlbaer](
"من اومدم مال یکیو بدم حالا، این cloudflare اونقد به torم گیر داد و سایته نیومد که بیخیال شدم :)" by @[_alitou](
"hmmm, when using brave in their AnonTorNetwork private window, accessing a Cloudflare site is often google (javascript) #captcha'd." by @[phy0x](
"cloudflare AND google having issues right now apparently" by @[widdr](
"Can't access to article almost likely that the captcha/cloudflare is blocking it" by @[yajount](
"Can’t access Destiny 2 from the UK and then when I try and check the status on I’m greeted with a 522 CloudFlare guys got some Vex loose in your servers?" by @[JustYeenThings](
"shit's broke from Canada, from VPN working. Cloudflare issues?" by @[_RobertLowe](
"cloudflare having a hiccup or why are a lot of websites very very slow right now" by @[faint_visions](
"Issue discovered. The Cloudflare DNS ( seems to make it fail. Why would a DNS service block file download is a curious issue." by @[bozhobg](
"What’s next, people start trusting a company like Cloudflare to VPN their DNS traffic?" by @[reykfloeter](
"I lost faith in firefox when they sold out their DNS resolution to Cloudflare" by @[peter_szilagyi](
"That’s censorship. Please … don’t." by @[kickino](
"I'm having an issue with the site lagging, and your cloudflare keeps appearing with unable to connect to host." by @[SprazzoMedia](
"Cloudflare's head of abuse, has me blocked. So much for transparency or freedom of speech, huh Cloudflare?" by @[phyzonloop](
"Dear cloudflare: Would you mind explaining to me why you subscribed me to your newsletter without my consent? You also handed over my email addresses to MailChimp without my consent." by @[MacLemon](
"Oh interesting, that happened with one of my email addresses, too." by @[rixxtr](
"Has anyone else had issues with #cloudflare not responding to 'abuse' and #spam complaints? I'm beginning to conclude that they actually encourage it with their technology - which is a pity." by @[thismikebray](
"Good read on why to avoid Cloudflare, And its privacy concerns." by @[6JY6ZQVYS4p7YrL](
"It appears to be really hard to get support from you guys and when I joined the community for support you locked my account." by @[CCreativeAus](
"Kodi Users Blocked By Cloudflare, Showing No Sources" by @[KodiNewsTips](
"One of our servers is 403 blocked by cloudflare when trying to apt-get the deb repo (configured as per instructions), it's asking for a captcha which the headless server can't complete!" by @[lanosk](
"Cloudflare are quite the hypocrites when it comes to transparency and free speech. If you say anything they don't like about their lack of enforcement of their own policies, they ban or block you." by @[phyzonloop](
"I cannot access the website, it just keeps saying there is an error between Cloudflare and origin web server timed out" by @[RBNTWRK](
"Ever since web server admins happily signed up for cloudflare, over 70% of all HTTPS traffic is effectively MITM'ed as far as the browser user is concerned." by @[modrobert](
"I can't access Medium today This is being reported by Cloudflare #boring" by @[eucinico](
"So, is the site under DDOS attack or is there another reason why Cloudflare security seems to be at actual max and i'm unable to login?" by @[PeliOptic](
"Are we down in New Zealand? Can't access Cloudflare Location: Auckland? Help!" by @[rugar8](
"Cloudflare is shit bro, change your protection." by @[CyrilB4](
"ずっとCoinDeskがTorで見れないなーって思ってたんだけどこれCloudflareのServer-Side Excludeで弾いてる可能性高いな" by @[CheenaBlog](
"Been unable to access the site for almost 48 hours now" by @[Remusion](
"Anyone else seeing a Cloudflare outage in Au? Many, many sites showing 502 or 522 errors." by @[tomrlacey](
"Suddenly getting 522 errors all over our site. Works OK if we disable Cloudflare cache." by @[DataCentreOps](
"Sir, your amazing site is down for ~week (giving me Cloudflare error 522 every time I try to open it)" by @[btwosoft](
"I have been trying to contact you via warranty claim but I keep getting blocked by cloudflare both at work and at home. I got a bounce when I try to email customer service. Are you just not supporting customers anymore? How do I contact you?" by @[werdina](
"Got double-billed for a domain last week and now got a cancellation email even though I didn't cancel anything." by @[markmcerqueira](
"I received an email saying I signed up for an account but never did. I’ve never even heard of you before I got that email." by @[Diego_Galaviz_](
"Cloudflare is blocking some BiteBTC services due to fake claim." by @[bitebtccom](
" is hypocritical. They claim to care about copyrights yet use infringement-friendly Cloudflare to hide their website." by @[dxgl_org](
"Cloudflare is the NSA (effectively), so both proposals are about equal in their merits, but at least by routing traffic through the NSA we reduce the number of hops, increase efficiency, and are more upfront and transparent with users about it." by @[taoeffect](
"Our legal team has just filed complaints, but apparently they're more likely to act if contacted by multiple people." by @[t_blom](
"cloudflare blacklisted me and now I cant access most of the internet on my PC.... gonna have to reset everything tomorrow so I can get a new ip.... :( so annoying." by @[Sven986](
"One thing that I take from this that it is a privacy invasion from a European point of view, while many Americans see it as an improvement. That makes a lot if sense, I trust my local ISP more than Cloudflare or any US entity." by @[reykfloeter](
"This has to be a fucking joke eastdakota. Yesterday was the year anniversary that AssemblyFour was kicked from Cloudflare, we received this e-mail from a sales person who did no research at all and when I called was quite shocked to hear we were an escort directory." by @[Zemmiph0bia](
"Cloudflare employees don't know about their own policies or past." by @[](
"I know US-based people who cheer for Cloudflare DoH and centralized DNS. I can understand that from their point of view if it becomes the lesser evil. But we don’t have the same Internet everywhere. What is good for them is bad for us and Mozilla should respect all their users." by @[reykfloeter](
"Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, has given me ZERO reasons to ever trust him over the years. I have used Cloudflare for their analytics tools which are very nice, but do not and will not place all my eggs in their basket. Nor should anyone." by @[b_mcnett](
"personally I don't trust Cloudflare at all either. Fortunately i'm capable of routing through an ISP i do sorta trust, and can run my own DNS infra. i think we americans need to understand centralization on the net is a bad thing." by @[nomadlogicLA](
"Cloudflare or their hosting provider could shut it down on a whim. Also advertising based monetization is dangerous for freedom of speech, because the advertisers can lobby to block certain content." by @[purehategraphs](
"One example where decentralized systems win: decentralized file storage and delivery is *more* efficient than centralized systems." by @[SCBuergel](
"Cloudflare not working, as usual. Websites constantly down. Another reason why people shouldn't use centralized web serivces." by @[HiddenRefuge](
"but because we’ve centralized the Internet so much, companies like Cloudflare, Google, and Facebook become arbiters of who speaks" by @[Pinboard](
"the Internet giants make decisions that affect elections, political speech, violent protests—and are answerable only to themselves" by @[Pinboard](
"annoying part was cloudflare" by @[AltichaDev](
"A Cloudflare issue caused this for me. Check your firewall settings. Super annoying!" by @[zackkatz](
"I keep being unable to login to your site. It's throwing this annoying error. Credentials are correct for sure." by @[tsopicland](
"The error 502s I keep getting when using your site are getting annoying. Cloudflare says its a host issue - "Server reported a bad gateway" Please sort this out!" by @[mrfuzzy](
"I have been unable to access your MiceChat site due to this annoying Cloudflare blocking software. My Router is secure. So, why the case: Region? Your site, which is not a private community, under ADA, should be fully accessible." by @[RonaldVining](
"cloudflare unable to resolve DNS query? be wary, this could be a DNS spoof attack" by @[ggmesh](
"What is going on w/Cloudflare invading my computer and saying I have to do CAPTCHA on numerous everyday websites I visit? Malware??" by @[faiburns](
"Please stop using google captcha." by @[umurgdk](
"Might be pretty hard doing research when entering a captcha every page on google or anything that has cloudflare." by @[s7nsins](
"I think its related to the Cloudflare bug. A bunch of IPs were blacklisted for no reason, and it's preventing me from queuing into any kind of Draft Pick." by @[Novarch_](
"インドネシアで遅い原因はこいつだ" by @[redsnow_](
"you've recently flagged a website of mine as a suspect of phishing and then banned my Cloudflare account. Website is now fixed but I cannot submit a request for review since my account is banned." by @[alexbratsos](
"Cloudflare banned our domain seemingly under pressure from mass-reporting . This sucks." by @[EaterDoritos](
"Cloudflare Error 1005. Can i be unbanned? Did i do something wrong?" by @[CutieJenny6](
"I really blame Cloudflare for companies now choosing to ”police” content they don’t like." by @[N8I](
"Just got several emails about "Traffic acceleration report [...] using Argo Smart Routing". The lack of "Cloudflare" in the "From" makes them hard(er) to identify" by @[limenet](
"Got an email about “crypto week” from Cloudflare and my first instinct was to report spam." by @[atmattb](
"I've already started moving all my clients off Cloudflare." by @[davidzack](
"To see a 522 Error is to know CLOUDFLARE is involved in Internet Traffic on Networks.. CLOUDFLARE handles 10% of all Internet Traffic" by @[AVIVA_Films](
"Why I can’t get access to the powerscore website now?" by @[Amber09729770](
"Trying to get some work done, but fucking Cloudflare keeps getting in the way. Don't fucking lie to me, the issue is not the website, but your shitty servers. #CloudflareSucks" by @[mevangelista93](
"Posting private data without consent it's not a Cloudflare problem, it's violating the law and police should work on that." by @[ISbitnev](
"i think they are too big, and i don't like some of their practices about some other stuff. they would recommend using their ddos protection all the time, that protection forces me to allow js on each" by @[mikrfe](
"I can’t seem to access Notion in my browser: I get a 522 error from CloudFlare" by @[samstarling](
"they are being blacklisted on any websites or services running on Cloudflare and at minimum need to complete a recaptcha check to access a website and at worst can't access any Cloudflare run sites and services at all." by @[betadesh](
"can't access any websites due to cloudflare blocking me. I can't even access the cloudflare website to put in a support ticket" by @[Hidd3nKnight](
"I have this infinite Cloudflare captcha for streamlabs OBS no other website seems to be affected. Anyone else had this issue? or if anyone knows a fix. Its been fine, but randomly today its decide to do it." by @[Bigxpz](
"someone created an account for me and wanted to run my website on CloudFare." by @[fs0c131y](
"your Cloudflare setup is brocken. Every page I visit I either being forced to solve a captcha or it doesn’t load at all." by @[111110100](
"You do know that Cloudflare acts as a proxy? They can be the causing those 502 errors and slow loading times. They aren't perfect. If you're connected to a (shitty) wifi network that can cause slow load times too. Deactivate Cloudflare next time before jumping to conclusions!" by @[StopTheComplain](
"I can’t even load your website, it’s not working idk why." by @[Shahbaz28149872](
"Cloudflare how do we get you to stop showing us the "I AM NOT A ROBOT" screen?" by @[GD_EdRob](
"Cloudflare page would tell it explicitly; "Hey, we think you're a robot, we don't serve your kind in this corner of the web"" by @[JessicaCGlenn](
"Check into Cloudflare it seems to be forcing blatant censorship in part by blocking access to sites and information on the internet!" by @[rickadam0](
"I'm hearing my friends got doxed by 8ch/GG because of a gross mishandling by CloudFlare ?! Are you kidding me?!!" by @[dirtbagboyfren](
"Short story: CF passes on all the info you submit in their abuse form (incl. name, email) to the website owner." by @[iglvzx](
"There is no excuse for even considering the possibility of routing all user traffic through Cloudflare. What a phenomenally dangerous idea. There are many better options." by @[taoeffect](
"If you report abusive content on that particular site you will get doxed. It's not safe to report that site." by @[dxgl_org](
"Gotta wonder why, when innocent players are being banned and harmful ones can just as easily be avoided / blacklisted later, nothing is being done and Cloudflare is still in use despite it going rogue..." by @[Zephyrpocalypse](
"Is there any way to take this cloudflare ban off my ip address . I have whitelisted it . Tried reseting my router i have tried everything i have it the last week and it is still not lifted" by @[CarolineHand8](
"...but it seems that there is another bug causing your cloudflare to IP ban you soooooo Me: ..." by @[phoenixprime1](
"CloudFlareからIP Banされたらネットの何割か使えなくなりそう" by @[Lispict](
"Cloudflare, if I use Tor do you still read the resulting so-called abuse report? And why does the head of "abuse" block critics?" by @[dxgl_org](
"CF are an outlier with *ALL* vile sites behind them and make the abuse process as hard as possible." by @[plambrechtsen](
"My problem is *created by* Cloudflare's protection of violent extremists and not solved by giving more Cloudflare for me." by @[lizthegrey](
"Cloudflare problems for south america – hundreds of websites down" by @[Kush_Shailendra](
"Javascript is off by default because of trust issues with a website Meanwhile Cloudflare demands I turn on Javascript because of trust issues" by @[steelhoof](
"a lot of people are getting capcha and challenge on every sites with Cloudflare since sunday without proper reason." by @[Ahks_u](
"It seems like our applications getting blocked by your CloudFlare firewall." by @[kooicia](
"Past experience shows Cloudflare treats Tor network traffic as suspect and I have to answer captchas to load webpages." by @[joshburker](
"I keep getting a message from Cloudflare saying I'm blocked from the site. It started a few days ago after clicking a Google search result." by @[ThisSteveGuy](
"I got blocked by Cloudflare's CEO and "abuse" head for asking similar questions." by @[dxgl_org](
"Still not usable in China, the whole world except China!" by @[iWyvern](
"I'm trying to evaluate Hubspot for our CRM solution, but our IP address seems to be blocked by CloudFlare" by @[sitchaba](
"cloudflare blocking u from playing friend...seems like they cucked you as well..." by @[Unhearddoc999](
"Why don’t you explain blocking domains? You’re pretty good at blocking access to websites." by @[JimInHeaven](
"half the sites i visit require me to do a captcha, and then half the resources fail to load even after i'm successful." by @[adamjogrady](
"I have an issue where CloudFlare is blocking access to HubSpot ... it is from one IP only (my work IP)" by @[sitchaba](
"Cloudflare WAF blocking real Yandex and Bing bots, starting from today" by @[Nktzz](
"Cloudflare is not an option. You should not use it if you value your privacy." by @[larrybeck_](
"Cloudflare can fuck right off with this sudden "Confirm you're not a robot" page that's popping up everyfuckingwhere. Sort your malconfigured shit out." by @[anarchic_teapot](
"Resulta que la web m'ha bloquejat per activitat sospitosa Quin ensurt!" by @[bartomeumiro](
"They block anyone who challenges them on their lack of morals or ethics. All while claiming transparency and protection of free speech." by @[phyzonloop](
"How about actually focus on protecting your website and not rely on free cloudflare to cover your ass" by @[organise](
"Use #1dot1dot1dot1, and you WILL be spied on." by @[brettglass](
"Cloudflare has been crippling our web site speed and has been removed. Things should be noticeably better from today." by @[ModSquadAU](
"If you are actually deleting all of the information you have on me then how are you able to prevent me from signing up with the same email?" by @[real_ate](
"Cloudflare keeps banning me temporarily... just from browser activity. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?" by @[marcgoujon](
"Your firewall rules prevent our office IP to visit (Cloudflare 1020, Access denied). Can you help us out?" by @[WietseWind](
"Cloudflare deleted my domain config I lost all my DNS settings no wonder why my emails were not working." by @[stefan_eady](
"We're about to find out if #Cloudflare keeps your #IPAddress anywhere." by @[shadesmaclean](
"Cloudflare, if you don't know this; we have seriously misplaced our trust in you." by @[ADoug](
"Brittany has been killing my inbox with spam. I politely ask her to remove me from your marketing list and she replies ... blaming "marketing" and inviting me to an event. Two days later, Keenan emails me, inviting me to the same event." by @[johnzilch](
"I politely replied that I don't have purchasing authority or reason to use your products. Then he added me to your mailing list. Stop this insanity now." by @[danfuhry](
"Hi, I get spamed by an Cloudflare employee with the same "Broadening possibilities with Cloudflare"-Mail every day at noon. Can this stop immediately please?" by @[BooVeMan](
"Cloudflare sends spam so many times. I said "Don't do it" but they don't care." by @[christine_nakaj](
"Cloudflare are intentionally rubbish at dealing with abuse. It's no mistake they don't validate emails, it's no mistake their AUP is one paragraph. Everyone needs to stop thinking of them as some benign DDoS provider as none of the other companies have this problem." by @[plambrechtsen](
"Outrageous to use SSL MITM 4 a healthcare site. Horrendous for fintech." by @[paulmillr](
"Which means, you are in fact blocking Tor. Finger pointing to the TLS MITM service you use is just pathetic." by @[MacLemon](
"Cloudflare is doing TLS/SSL termination (MITM) at scale." by @[cqwww](
"Cloudflare can, as it does a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack on all of its users, even behind SSL/TLS as it does SSL Termination -- so user's that think they have a secure connection with a website, in fact, don't." by @[cqwww](
"That is not good enough as Cloudflare exposes us and violates our privacy with their MITM spying technology that feeds the Big Brother network that is watching our every move globally." by @[larrybeck_](
"If you truly care about your users & you are so concerned about privacy and having a decentralized Internet, then you will do what’s right" by @[larrybeck_](
"A lot of us VPN users don't enjoy helping google train computer vision and fingerprinting bots. Or spending 20 minutes being told we don't know what crosswalks are." by @[digiwombat](
"We are trusting one secretive, private company with censoring the web. We’re essentially centralising a decentralised system once again." by @[steve228uk](
"Chiming in here, of course, but Cloudflare ARE censoring people." by @[misslolahunt](
" I do not appreciate "Cloud flare" unilaterally censoring conservative sites I choose to visit and comment on" by @[Suchindranath](
"Cloudflare's CEO and abuse head block me over arguing about their support of abusive websites. Trolls fear transparency." by @[dxgl_org](
"Defenders are screwed. Plus users are screwed as they lose all control of privacy to companies like cloudflare." by @[hrbrmstr](
"CloudFlare is breaking everything." by @[sukarodo](
"Thought my Website was a Phishing Suspect, Cloudflare decided to force a Nasty Don't Enter notice on my E-store domain. No notifications to me at all!" by @[modaitalysuits](
"RSS Feed is behind the Cloudflare DDoS protection. My RSS Reader is self hosted, so it is impossible for it to retrieve any feeds" by @[GarcaMan2](
"Mais comment osez-vous parler de "respect des données personnelles"? Votre site est bourré de traceur en tout genre! Pire vous routez vos utilisateurs via cloudflare aux USA!" by @[Armdias](
"Avoid and ask any website you use why they are using them and to stop ASAP." by @[larrybeck_](
"I hope other IT leaders with buying power will boycott Cloudflare until they stop protecting the armpit of the internet." by @[lost_packets](
"Companies should boycott Cloudflare immediately." by @[DanRayburn](
"#Cloudflare is blocking me again. Asks me to tackle a challenge that requires #javascript to get past, basically making my surfing a lot less convenient, far less secure, and making the Web a much more dangerous place. Webmasters, boycott CF." by @[schestowitz](
"Folks don't forget to add CloudFlare to your list of providers to boycott!" by @[miftik](
"Security: You might want to avoid sites with #Cloudflare" by @[schestowitz](
"Zero Cloudflare, our site scores a 98% on pagespeed.. Really cant see any benefit to using cloudflare at all" by @[WESHUK](
"I read a description of CloudFlare as a "man-in-the-middle attack on the entire internet" and now I'm just a LIIIIIITLE bit conflicted." by @[ianbeck](
"don't be fooled, Cloudflare is Evil and misleading, it is down only for some, the others are blocked by security rules" by @[cassyan128](
"It's why I will never, ever, chose Cloudflare (and have actively recommended business to not do so either)." by @[GregWildSmith](
"Cloudflare IMHO remains a major threat to #privacy. Were they to turn evil or be compromised, with the technical ability to snoop TLS encrypted traffic on essentially all top websites, we'd be toast." by @[V_Gibello](
"Cloud flare you overdoing everything. Now i need to do a CAPTCHA for every page i visit. It surely changes how we use the web." by @[Kemboidickson](
"IP's are being blacklisted and denied access to any site using Cloudflare." by @[purplepopoto](
"My IP got flagged for spam cause I tried logging into VRChat when they were having issues. Now I keep getting captchas for everything" by @[Fleurfurr](
"only to find out that my ip was blacklisted becuz of the cloudflare thing and when i used my vpn i couldnt leave my home world or join my friends." by @[NeitherVr](
"Let's get Blacklisted on Cloudflare, Ty Vrc Devs." by @[ultracori](
"the equivalent of a Flash-required splash page 20 years ago. It makes you look stupid." by @[skry](
"You say you're in IT but don't acknowledge the SPOF issue in cloudflare (right after privacy issues and Tor users problems to access your content)?" by @[Idfollowher](
"I can't even reach the "contact us' without cloudflare banning my IP because of 'rate limit'." by @[SirIsaacIn1905](
"Mind telling me why everything your apart of thinks im a Robot?" by @[BrewManChew_](
"I've always referred to CloudFlare as the 'global passive adversary ya momma warned you about'." by @[NetworkString](
"They'll have to monetize data eventually, likely with an unnoticed tweak to their ToS." by @[phyzonloop](
"#Cloudflare increases its MITM'ing of the web with a free #VPN for mobile. Best to avoid IMO." by @[sweepthenet](
"Not playing the game is the best thing for anyone who wants to use the internet without being blocked." by @[Ares_CVR](
"VRChatのようなゲームはCAPTCHAフォームを受け取ることができないので、ブラックリストに捕まった人々は事実上ゲームをプレイすることができません。" by @[Meowkyway222](
"今日からなんか各地のサイトでCloudflareとかいうページが表示されてcaptchaのチェックをやたら求められるようになった" by @[yagamo54](
"クライアントがバグって意図せず攻撃者のような大量アクセスしてCloudflare大激怒でVRCユーザーのIPアドレスがブラックリスト入りってことかね" by @[bironist](
"バグが原因でCloudflare使ってるWebサービス全体にIPブロックされてる" by @[JO2PEG](
"What’s going on with this cloud flare thing it’s locked me out of all website" by @[Xiverta](
"Cloudflare run DoH and do Man-In-the-middle of the century" by @[FernandoGont](
"It's not a fully-encrypted experience. In fact, Cloudflare becomes, by definition, a Man In The Middle (MITM) -- and at mass scale!" by @[FernandoGont](
"I guess #cloudflare's business model is #spam (and man-in-the-middle attacks on #tls)" by @[christophe0o](
"journalist was murdered in #Kiev. His home address was doxxed by the Ukrainian website, protected by Cloudflare" by @[RusEmbUSA](
"Everybody remain silent about US-based extremist website 'Peacekeeper’ protected by Cloudflare with ‘high moral standards'" by @[RusEmbUSApress](
"They've doxxed someone who reported pedoporn in the past so I'm not expecting miracles" by @[jpetazzo](
"I reported a website for hosting illegal content. CloudFlare doxxed me to Brennan. Brennan doxxed me to 8chan" by @[petercoffin](
"Cloudflare who are free speech to the point of doing nothing. You can't safely report valid abuse to them without it being forwarded to the hosts and you getting doxxed. Then cloudflare wash hands." by @[plambrechtsen](
"Our users are actually customers, and we look out for them and strive to satisfy them. Unlike the lying #Clownflare, which wants to be an MITM." by @[brettglass](
"You buy the "free" service with your sites traffic.a.k.a mitm the heck out of you." by @[cireumayn1](
"Who the hell is cloudflare and why do they block access" by @[TheCubanEdge](
"Why should we trust cloudflare to MITM all our traffic as a VPN when there are such bad security practices in place with existing products?" by @[GvilleComputer](
"So, you are actually putting the trust in a commercial provider that is already in a position to find out very private details about you?" by @[h3artbl33d](
"Cloudflare seems to be protecting it a bit too much" by @[spitf1r3](
"all web traffic is routed through CloudFlare - which is an adversary to privacy (MitM by design)" by @[h3artbl33d](
"Aren't Cloudflare themselves the biggest MITM around?" by @[auspicacious](
"This Cloudflare error is popping up on a ton of sites all of a sudden. It doesn't seem to be malware or anything..." by @[Eltalite](
"When #Cloudflare and #Google prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?" by @[STP_KITT](
"People find themselves met with a brick wall of endless captcha requests any time they try to go to a cloudflare-protected website, and they can't even submit a ticket to Cloudflare about it because they're protected, obviously. " by @[RiDakuYazumi](
"Blind people simply can't pass them. Your test is failing at telling humans & computers apart." by @[axelsimon](
"My IP was blocked by Cloudflare because I can't access a variety of websites without the CAPTCHA page showing up. I also can't play RuneLiteClient anymore." by @[MohamedMounib3](
"Hey ProtonVPN some of your servers in PT are blocked by cloudflare" by @[brecke](
"Your support of Cloudflare's spyware and lies demonstrates that, again, you're either misguided or malevolent." by @[brettglass](
"It wants to be a 'man in the middle' between you and the Internet, and between Web sites and the Internet." by @[brettglass](
"I don't know why I was banned from access government website." by @[abidavid1199](
"You've officially banned my country via CloudFlare's firewall. I honestly, sincerely hope your company goes bankrupt because this is pure bs." by @[ii0wii](
"I had a friend who got banned by cloudflare" by @[WhisperMute](
"Hey guess what! i got ip banned by Cloudflare Woohoo!" by @[cearealkillas](
"vrchat fucked up and ended up having bunch people banned from cloudflare so no one could login i cant even watch anime" by @[LoliGoddess_VR](
"Imagine being so incompetent at networking that you get your users flagged for spam from cloudflare, you guys are a joke" by @[SilverTheFlat](
"Cloudflare is trash, has always been trash, and will continue to be trash." by @[justkelly_ok](
"You probably got blacklisted by Cloudflare like a good amount of people" by @[Mertvyi_](
"Only started today. I am definitely not a robot!" by @[TheReal_blue166](
"Ridiculous CAPTCHA usage, Cloudflare Edition; 'not a robot' to refresh the API key for an account that's already locked behind credentials + MFA, and requiring the password." by @[sindarina](
"I spent my day telling Cloudflare every 5 min on every site that i'm not a robot." by @[morhac](
"People are being blacklisted by cloudflare, and the fact that it's literally all down to the vrc devs, this will end with a lawsuit" by @[Retr0Fighter](
"This little VRChat bug is banning people from actual millions of websites with very few convenient fixes." by @[RiDakuYazumi](
"Im so damn annoyed with this Cloudflare stuff" by @[styloVR](
"Gonna quit VRChat for a bit to avoid a cloudflare ban. This isn't gonna end pretty for the dev team at all." by @[iamblssm](
"Cloudflare like to act as champions of free speech, but as soon as protections for free speech disappear, they all but rolled over and censored that speech." by @[ThisIsMissEm](
"I am stuck at an infinite loading screen trying to load the game. This has also caused my IP to be flagged by Cloudflare" by @[Etna_AD](
"How do I fix the cloudfare from popping up. This has made it Impossible for me to even stream." by @[RealTypey](
"ISPs don't sell customer DNS data. Cloudflare is fearmongering in an effort to garner DNS traffic to spy on and sell its VPN" by @[brettglass](
"You're lying about your paid product, too. VPNs don't protect privacy, because their exit nodes are easy for governments to monitor." by @[brettglass](
"can you unflag my ip please. its actually stoping me from doing anything" by @[churchillvr](
"So much for transparency. If they have nothing to hide, why block me?" by @[phyzonloop](
"Seems like your Cloudflare waf rule is blocking me!" by @[JobinNixHive](
"Tu veux nous informer d'un problème? Ok, mais donne tes données personnelles avant." by @[fladna9](
"Your Cloudflare config is being screwy & blocking my wife’s IP (which has been the same IP for over a year) which is screwing up her stream." by @[alexanderhanff](
"Cloudflare's WAF blocking Googlebot. Is this accurate? Even this morning I woke up and noticed another page dropped" by @[madhacks](
"I'm super tired of websites deciding what I want, or indeed who I am, based on my current geolocation." by @[storyneedle](
"it seems you're running Cloudflare and I can't access your API anymore since I need to solve some Cloudflare captcha from my server" by @[PaulWebSec](
"I can't access the article. Getting an error from Cloudflare." by @[QuestionsAndTea](
"I am in internet cafe which mainly used as gaming facility. There's no malicious activity since we can't. But Unfortunately somehow I can't access all cloudflare website. I can't access support page." by @[cloudscoid](
"I can't access your blog in the United States using my PC. CloudFlare return Error 1020. My mobile in the same network have no issue though." by @[tam403](
"I can't access the website. Maybe BroadwayWorld banned my IP from accessing the website?" by @[AnthonyeQuality](
"Hey I can't seem to access the site, getting a cloudflare 522 error" by @[nemo2966](
"I can't access your site. I'm getting a cloudflare error 552 connection timed out" by @[Abdul201388](
"I’m fucking tired of cloudflare and their nonsense grandstanding about DoH." by @[JumpyBirdBird](
"i’m getting tired of cloud flare’s captcha on every single site" by @[riyadhalnur](
"Hate captcha. Hate Cloud Flare." by @[EconomicMayhem](
"So nice of cloud flare to use a captcha provider that doesn’t appear to work inside China, thus completely blocking sites." by @[albertren](
"eww I got cloudflarecaptcha'd again… too lazy to search for a good pic tho, so I'll just pretend I didn't click link for once" by @[yuki_the_maven](
"I'm having trouble getting to your site, everytime i try to get to it, cloud flare seems to block me" by @[slurpeerun](
"You have Cloudflare on your website and you're blocking access from entire countries?" by @[dec23k](
"hey Cloudflare, why do you suck so much? you've blocked my ability to use streamlabs while streaming." by @[Sam41gaming](
"#Cloudflare Owns the encryption keys to the servers that collected the data from the 2018 voting machines." by @[MaggieMaeMooCow](
"What about stop using stupid Cloudflare!" by @[x61sh](
"I don’t want to select pictures with a car plate to read a fuckin article on web" by @[umurgdk](
"クラウドフレアっていうやつにアクセス拒否くらってる模様" by @[notmoneybutrust](
"If you use, cloudflare will be able to snoop on what you do on the Internet." by @[neirbowj](
" Cloudflare blocks a bunch of people without giving you any choice in the matter. If you're using cloudflare you are allowing them to censor who hits your site." by @[jeffcliff1](
"It breaks a lot of things for me, like images stop loading on Twitter or some apps straight up don’t work." by @[ScottishBakery](
"Not just you. CloudFlare got interrupted a few times today." by @[guyothersome](
" prevents some apps from working, in particular I have problems connecting with the app" by @[SCRWD](
"First, you create a problem. Then, you pretend to solve that problem." by @[switch_d](
"Why are you blocking listeners in Thailand? You’re blocking countries at the CloudFlare level. I’ve tried multiple IPs from multiple providers here. It’s discriminatory to block based on country of origin." by @[smacintyre](
"Cloudflare DNS is flaking out ugh" by @[sleepingkyoto](
"Tell eastdakota it's not nice to block me. He said in his YouTube interviews that #censorship is bad." by @[phyzonloop](
"They want to be a single point of failure once again and they've already failed once" by @[wombatush](
"This special treatment is inexcusable" by @[saleemrash1d](
"You are KILLING the #internet and aiding #surveillance agenda of #GAFAM and others" by @[Dr. Roy](
"The log file from your iOS app shows that you do track personal information" by @[holydevil](
"Which part of the privacy policy allows you to share data with marketing crap" by @[thexpaw](
"Can you explain why I am blocked from accessing your site?" by @[Susan_Larson_TN](
"Did my questions and comments hit a little too close to home so you BLOCKED ME?" by @[phyzonloop](
"Why is your site blocking me?" by @[flarn2006](
"It's pretty bad as half the internet is behind Cloudflare." by @[Skyfusion89](
"Cloudflare has me blocked." by @[JacobyDave](
"People really ought to stop using/trusting cloudflare. it's a disgusting centralized morally compromised CDN." by @[drwdal](
"anyone who uses cloudflare as an authority is promoting corporatization and effectively introducing an opportunity for MITM" by @[drwdal](
"Please stop using Cloudflare's CDN. They blocked my IP" by @[actual_mishaor](
"Cloudflare is a threat to the internet, and makes it harder for visitors of your website to protect their right to privacy." by @[Mr. Jeff](
"WTF! Just stop! Patreon Cloudflare and many others..." by @[umurgdk](
"I could not access the email because of cloudflare." by @[DouglasLindquis](
"I have tried but API cannot be used because of Cloudflare" by @[miningpoolstats](
"Akamai states that 0.2% of Tor exit nodes had malicious requests, yet CloudFlare claims 94%" by @[musalbas](
"I'm starting to think that #CloudFlare is post-irony with their non-functional or just broken captchas" by @[ioerror](
"Why trust Cloudflare so much? I'm very wary of them handling so much Internet traffic." by @[ampajaro](
"You do not pay them anything. If you are not the customer, you are the product." by @[brettglass](
"I don't trust a CDN provider that much. Simple as that. It's too big of an ask. This is why I will not use cloudflare." by @[Otto42](
"There is no reason why people should trust you more than their ISP of choice." by @[pchapuis](
"It gets even better. SOLVE ALL THE CAPTCHAS" by @[metabubble](
"CloudFlare is gathering the web and centralizes it, I don't see any good aspect in this" by @[fuolpit](
"At work, a very large client had major issues due to cloudflare misconfig. Don't use CloudFlare." by @[Dr. Roy](
"Fuck me CloudFlare Captchas are just impossibly difficult. Yet to succeed tonight … are you trying to block people as well" by @[badlydrawnrob](
"So you intermittently block me from viewing sites on your platform, and refuse to even address my questions about it." by @[2012_04_28](
"Go away cloudflare, don't block me from my own website!" by @[liamgooding](
"You successful manage to block me, and fail to display why" by @[kaareal](
"Requested a refund. You guys refuse to do so. Trying to call goes to voice mail and support by email give me lame excuses." by @[thenitai](
"genau von denen bin ich wenig begeistert..." by @[r00tthebox](
"Ist übrigens die IP-Adresse von Cloudflare für die Homepage der JusoSchweiz, die ihr das blockiert." by @[sacovo](
"Dass CloudFlare selbst TOR blockiert, ist denen wohl nicht aufgefallen." by @[kamikazow](
"Cloudflare blockiert TOR-Exit-Nodes." by @[schild202](
"Sites on Cloudflare blocked me upon browsing. Please fix." by @[lino_almojuela](
"Achievement Unlocked! Cloudflare has blocked me. Oh, whatever shall I do???" by @[thisisgab2](
"It's blocked by Cloudflare for me" by @[motters](
"My access to all cloudflare websites seem to be blocked." by @[MrDHat](
"CloudFlare doesn’t like me… I have been ‘blocked’ by CloudFlare…" by @[bryanbrake](
"CloudFlare would not and won’t let me connect to & open that link." by @[ZEPHYoRUS](
"Torをホワイトリストに追加していてもブロックしてくるCloudflare" by @[CheenaBlog](
"CloudFlareのCDNをウイルスバスターがブロックしちゃって見れない" by @[_iro](
"Error 520と表示されてページが見れない。" by @[halpas_blog](
"ここ数日ずっとCloudFlareのerror 522で見れない。" by @[usunekoserv_pub](
"IT Cell found a way to secure their website: they banned French IPs" by @[fs0c131y](
"Cloudflare thinks I'm a robot and is blocking the most annoying preflight requests without letting me do a captcha." by @[enjalot](
"It's disappointing that you use CloudFlare to reject some visitors to your website." by @[DeborahPeasley](
"How can you reject abuse complaints? My abuse / theft report about one your clients was rejected because I am not a #cloudflare customer." by @[Mitchell_Miller](
"Solving captcha puzzles for Google every single time due to your Cloudflare protection just ruins the whole experience." by @[chowdhuryrahul](
"I am unable to login to android app, tried using credentials, reinstalling app, nothing worked." by @[prasadthombre](
"Why you shouldn't use CloudFlare...they are run by a degenerate asshole who gave out personal information to GG, used to dox peeps" by @[CALMicC](
"Cloudflare has traditionally thrown CAPTCHAs aggressively enough at VPN users to degrade the browsing experience." by @[mbarnath](
"Very few websites aren't using it meaning the majority of warp traffic is easily decrypted." by @[nathanielrsuchy](
"Cloudflare captcha is annoying af" by @[YourAnonNews](
"What’s up with the forced #CloudFlare captcha page today?" by @[Aybara](
"CAPTCHA protest outside CloudFlare rightscon party!" by @[ageis](
"The truth behind Google Captcha, Analytics, CloudFlare is Covert Espionage and Mass Surveillance." by @[Casey_Comendant](
"#Cloudflare is always the most frustrating part of my day. #dontblocktor" by @[jbrooks_](
"C'mon CloudFlare... I really don't feel like training your AI today" by @[trevorpaglen](
"Tor CloudFlare Captcha #TellASadStoryin3Words" by @[YrB1rd](
"CloudFlare is such trash, is there anything comparable that DOESN'T suck???" by @[radix42](
"Your blog post wasn't worth the cloudflare captcha i solved to read it" by @[agentdero](
"Cloudflare's aggressive use of google captcha basically means the trade-off of using a vpn is training google's self-driving cars." by @[frnsys](
"cfc;dr = cloudflare captcha; didn't read." by @[mrphs](
"Each time I fill out a Cloudflare captcha I grow slightly more suspicious that I may in fact be a robot..." by @[projectgus](
"Select grass, copy-paste text, click "not a robot", select storefronts. Not getting better." by @[shiromarieke](
"Getting the Cloudflare captcha for everything today!" by @[TheHodge](
"Tor user in Iran can't read content behind CloudFlare" by @[attractr](
"I gave up after the text captcha step." by @[jordansissel](
"Why don't you just commit to only using Tor Browser for all of next week and see what it's like for yourself?" by @[hdevalence](
"Every time I have to do an image Captcha it's a dead giveaway that Cloudflare services are used." by @[StateExempt](
"I just encountered a site with a fake #Cloudfail #CAPTCHA dialog to trick people reflexively clicking on it." by @[Nin_99](
"You're making the use of your site pretty difficult for #TOR users." by @[Sebastian Bürgel](
"What, CLOUDFLARE? The company known for doxxing people reporting hate sites for ToS violations?!" by @[Abstruse](
"our office IP always show one step captcha when access on cloudfare web. why this happen?" by @[dhaphie09](
"I have to enter a captcha to get on any of the sites you protect." by @[gtklocker](
"Why on earth would a sane "user" use Cloudflare. Does the DNS get a captcha?" by @[cabshack](
"Why am I suddenly seeing you bullshit CAPTCHA tests when I'm going to websites I've been going to for years?" by @[Lex_the_Tex](
"Can someone at Cloudflare explain to me why your default behavior is to present a captcha to anyone accessing over Tor?" by @[_djmoch](
"Cloudflare used to assist in doxxing and are unlikely to help, even with direct threats." by @[justkelly_ok](
"Here's a harassment forum mocking a doxxing target for asking Cloudflare to help her." by @[justkelly_ok](
"I dislike Cloudflare they always block my VPN which I use to keep ads and trackers at bay" by @[nonesuchzach](
"Ugh, anoying services. You block me because i use a VPN, WHY?" by @[_ruis_](
""#Cloudflare is the Great Decentralised Fire Wall. I can circumvent GFW, but still can't read anything because of GDFW." —a Chinese activist" by @[isislovecruft](
"I get captcha loops, supposedly wrong answers, very very frequently. I don't log every Ray, but surely you" by @[thomaskerin](
"You now seemingly have every single IP block for PIA's VPN service in the US at least temporarily blocked via Cloudflare" by @[theonlymattlach](
"Plz stop using Cloudflare.They block VPN and proxies ment to enhance our privacy." by @[claw137](
"threatening to harass and dox my partners because I told them to remove our address" by @[ZJemptv](
"Your cloudflare-hosted site blocks my VPN so I can't even buy your VPN while using a competitor." by @[focusaurus](
"Most use Cloudflare+CAPTCHAs to filter." by @[r0h1n](
"TorGuard uses CloudFlare They are #antiprivacy and block #VPN users!" by @[SPC_Bitcoin](
"One large company (CloudFlare) deciding who can visit what." by @[OhNoItsFusl](
"So CloudFlare you block my surf because I'm behind a vpn protection?" by @[manuzful](
"In hindsight, I'm an idiot for not taking the decrypt/recrypt into account" by @[Firesphere](
"any dev: to see how obscene they are, imagine getting captchas going onto github, twitter, Facebook" by @[thomaskerin](
"What if you're unable to use them? What if you're banned from using their services?" by @[Zemmiph0bia](
"Is anyone else unable to load images in Twitter’s iOS app while using Cloudflare’s app?" by @[jabberwik](
"unable to load our documentation website." by @[_notnathaniel](
"Currently I am unable to access the Cloudflare Support portal" by @[lemmertwitt](
"You people realize that CloudFlare exists only because you people are unable to ween yourself from 20 year old Apache technology." by @[ErrataRob](
"Good morning, we are unable to pull data from FirstCryptoBank due to the addition of cloudflare to their API. All of the coins listed on FirstCryptoBank, have the wrong value." by @[profitbotpro](
"You send every HTTPS request from my browser to Cloudflare. They decrypt that HTTPS traffic." by @[jamesconroyfinn](
"Never heard of cloudflare until network connectivity denied me" by @[1nzimande](
"Access denied. What have you done, the CloudFlare cyberpolice are now out to get me!" by @[nyarth](
"You differentiate humans from bots." "Well fuck that." by @[magi093](
"Does anyone know if Saudi Arabia likes to filter Cloudflare?" by @[ralphholz](
"Really wish you didn't block my IP with Cloud Flare. I'd join and support if I could." by @[DeborahPeasley](
"Get your shit together. Stop treating all Tor users like criminals." by @[slashdashdot](
"Link uses Cloud Flare to block IPs of those of us who browse anonymously" by @[DeborahPeasley](
"I was just replying to a MySQL support thread on SpigotMC and cloudflare's "you have been blocked" came up. lol, tryin to be helpful and getting the boot instead." by @[Floris](
"Someone tell me how to bypass cloud flare so I can add..." by @[Shh_Its_Raghav](
"Today I learned that Cloudflare is doing more to censor the internet than the Great Firewall of China" by @[pabloduboue](
"If you're a daily Tor user like me, you should get used to contacting the services you use and ask them to #DontBlockTor" by @[yawnbox](
"Uses Cloudflare as MITM, blocks torproject, uses Google Adsense and Analytics to track you. This service is bullshit lies!" by @[MacLemon](
"Please unblock my IP address. I’m having to enter CAPTCHA for every website I visit" by @[itixx](
"Receiving a blocked ip error from cloudflare, why is that happening, can you unblock this ip? We never entered any wrong data" by @[entequak](
"Can #cloudflare fix their mail.... All mail from that domain is flagged as spam by gmail" by @[miekg](
"Please, unblock me on x. My ip is: x. It's because i'm using proxy." by @[S60Team](
"You aren't making anything any easier. Unblock direct IP access for a day, will you?" by @[simAlity](
"It seems your site is behind Cloudflare and is blocking Tor. Could you unblock it?" by @[qbi](
"Please unblock your site, and don't use Cloudflare #dontblocktor" by @[motters](
"One more stepというのが出た Cloudflareってなんやねん" by @[zofeee](
"Even though its your website, you are still restricted on how big a file you can upload to it if you use CloudFlare." by @[MajorLinux](
"I am tired of this stupid Cloudflare Human Verification. Even though I am logged in and been using without any issue why does this human verification comes in annoying way that I have to verify in each and every gaming session? Has robot grown so much?" by @[mysterychemical](
"People are increasingly getting tired of little tyrants like you attempting to take away their freedoms." by @[Flavius_Amalek](
"Cannot access this site with TOR due to cloudflare. i got tired after having to do 20 verifications. No story's worth that kinda nonsense." by @[TheOnlyHapax](
"I am getting your "one more step attention required" problem when i try to access certain websites. I did not have this problem yesterday, and i dont know what might cause it." by @[edwin_demker](
"Tor Browser experience: CloudFlare captchas all day, every day. Getting so tired of this. The "world wide web" is totally unusable over Tor." by @[attractr](
"Captchas keep failing, so I am on attempt number 7 or 8 to access the website I need to reach today." by @[attractr](
"Really tired of CloudFlare and having to constantly delete my cookies." by @[_Aqua_Buddha_](
"I am *really* tired of convincing Cloudflare I'm not a robot. I wish they were a bit smarter about remembering." by @[_fconti](
"I've seen the "Cloudflare got hacked update your password" thing about 6 times now and I'm tired" by @[kipptune](
"Cloudflare got rekt and many sites including Discord is down so ur bored, hot, tired, and missing ur friends pls talk to me I am slowly dying but not that slowly" by @[Savage_ssb](
"Oh I'm tired of seeing this WordPress / CloudFlare / website error message.... :-(" by @[wfryer](
"I've had a issue for a while now where I get a box on OBS which says "One more step. Please complete the security check to access " I went to your website and completed it with 2 different browsers but still the same thing." by @[NemeZiLive](
"Is it normal for attempts to open your site, to be met with One more step +capcha test? or a BS speedbump?" by @[TotsTeeter](
"Dear CloudFlare, You've some devs who're good people, but as a company you're ruining the Internet. Fuck you." by @[isislovecruft](
"Before blaming torproject for _your_ censorship—where's your data showing "abusive" traffic from Tor is higher than from non-Tor?" by @[isislovecruft](
"Oh fuck, for no apparent reason my IP provider gives me an IP that CloudFlare think it's a bot/spam, but I can't renew the IP." by @[EGaaraAE](
"yes, they are a real pain in the neck when u use torproject on a daily basis." by @[chgans](
"One more step Please complete the security check to access... I’m gonna blow my brains" by @[ahmMohs](
"uh thats gonna b a cmd+w for me" by @[reifitaputs](
"最近、「One more step」という画面がよく出てくるようになって、まともにネットが使えないんだけど、それはカンボジアまたはこの辺の地域の中国人ハッカー共が仕事してるってことでいいのかな" by @[sanchoku_iruma](
"How to have me leave your site. "One more step" Forcing users that us vpns to jump through hoops is lousy customer service." by @[nomadcat](
"A chaque fois que je veux consulter un site il y'a ça : Remplir un captcha" by @[B_Maroc](
"I’m sure these makes your site very secure but they’re an absolute pain. Could you please turn them off? Three rounds of CAPTCHAS to read a blog is a bit disproportionate." by @[Aeyoun](
"This is clearly indicate, these websites track us." by @[muththukrishna](
"The stupidest thing now a days #cloudflare asking #captcha everytime. #cloudflare i use Mac please dont give shitty explanation of #malware" by @[_danielchris](
"Thanx 4 making it impossible 2 use your site because I use a vpn-connection. Please go away from cloudflare because they suck" by @[Curiosity63](
"You know what, dear Cloudflare? Go away. Please. Now. #DontBlockTOR" by @[ChristianTanner](
"Nima (mrphs) talks about Tor's community team, noting: If you are accidentally blocking Tor via #CloudFlare, don't!" by @[torproject](
"In my experience, there are a lot of CloudFlare users who are unwittingly blocking Tor." by @[georgemaschke](
"would you want a company like cloudflare tracking you using Tor? Avoid sites using cloudflare before you see the tracking" by @[FeelitWorking](
"cloudflare also starting to block VPNs. They will be paid well one day for the user tracking database. LEO love it." by @[FeelitWorking](
"Whoever wrote this summary of outstanding questions for #CloudFlare by the #Tor community is great" by @[ioerror](
"One person called it a MITM and it essentially is." by @[SPC_Bitcoin](
"Cloudflare is shit, dont use it" by @[raz_c](
"Oh shit guys, the Internet's here. CloudFlare #dontblocktor" by @[abditum](
""protecting" your exchange with CloudFlare = permanent #MITM" by @[Bitcoin_Central](
""This site has banned your access based on your browser's signature" I'm trying to acces my own site from my PC. Total #fail" by @[CdLCreative](
"Why is cloudflare blocking my access to a range of sites based on my “browser signature”?" by @[jasonwryan](
"jobscore is blocking me. Maybe an advanced AI to screen candidates by browser signature ;)" by @[utsengar](
"why does a 403 response state we banned access because of browser signature?" by @[friedcell](
"I would have to whitelist pretty much my entire readership. It is banning based on "browser signature"" by @[skinnypupp](
"You can't contact the host. Cloudflare proxy servers hide the IP of the website making it impossible to determine who's hosting. You can report to their abuse, but I reported 100s of scammers sites and they did nothing" by @[phyzonloop](
"CAPTCHA served to torproject users is even worse if you reject all cookies…" by @[ecodissident](
"Companies (eg CF) can get bigger than some governments, and have a more meaningful reach of censorship than them" by @[jeffcliff1](
"Is #CloudFlare IP Blocking Causing More Harm than Good?" by @[torproject](
"Trying to read an article online using a mobile. How much more human can it be?" by @[JKirstaetter](
"I wonder if any of the CloudFlare's engineers are human enough to solve this captcha coz apparently I'm not." by @[mrphs](
"next-level annoying captcha from CloudFlare they don't even bother challenging me being a human anymore" by @[mrphs](
"What did I do to make you believe I'm not human enough to surf the web?" by @[mrphs](
"Watch out for Cloudflare, its controlled by the governments so they can follow each step you take on the internet. They are settled almost in the whole world even the poor countries." by @[EarthAngel_Lex](
"Why are CloudFlare captchas for Tor-users so much harder when NoScript is enabled?" by @[thetorist](
"cloudflare has shared information from abuse form to site owner. They have retaliated and doxxed filer." by @[3bagsfull](
"Fuck CloudFlare. They chose to pass on people's contact details to 8chan when those people report" by @[ChrisWarcraft](
"CloudFlare is a MITM for half the web. CloudFlare sniffs -all- traffic to CloudFlare resolves your DNS queries. Thats a lot of freakin DATA. It's a freakin' GOLD MINE!" by @[uid_](
"Cloudflare won't help future me dox and harass complainants! Whatever will I do?!" by @[yaelwrites](
"Why am I unable to get past your home page? Few attempts, not even captcha loads...says 'attention required Cloudflare'" by @[uxgravy](
"If i ever meet a cloudflare employee in real life, they are going to get a finger in the eye" by @[dcuthbert](
"Hey i'm seeing this attention required again and again on the same website after I do the captcha." by @[rambokkisa](
"torproject users in SF should organize a protest outside cloudflare's office to demand its employees solve a few captchas before entering" by @[wiretapped](
"Why is the CloudFlare memory leak bug not getting more attention?! It's potentially worse than HeartBleed." by @[withgallantry](
"Isn't it time to #BoycottCloudFlare? Fuck CloudFlare" by @[YourAnonNews](
"Stay the Fuck Away from CloudFlare" by @[AaronM](
"Why do I see a captcha or challenge (Attention Required) trying to visit a site protected by CloudFlare" by @[backtoschoolart](
"Why does this notification ("ATTENTION REQUIRED/CLOUDFLARE") pop up instead of the site I want to go to? Annoying." by @[jovefrancisco](
"Why do I get CloudFlare ""Attention Required" CAPTCHA interstitial pages for several websites" by @[pforret](
"Everytime I go to a website I get attention required and it has me do a captcha, why are you blocking me from sites?" by @[syzransport](
"Everytime I go to a website I get attention required and it has me do a captcha, why are you blocking me from sites?" by @[geevaveeri](
"Dear #Cloudflare users: YOU ARE IDIOTS and I'm not a FUCKING ROBOT." by @[AnalSystemist](
"Your captcha currently appears to be blocking Tor users. After clicking 'Im not a robot' it always says 'Try again later. Your sending automated queries'" by @[JungleBoy03](
"can you please tell CloudFlare your users are not robots?" by @[vrde](
###### Mastodon
"It makes it really hard for us Tor-users to use liberapay actually. We do know about "Under Attack" mode already, and I would like you to reconsider and not use cloudflare :)" by @[selea](
"What the fuck lowtechmagazine, you pull your fancy schmancy "oh were all low-bandwith and solar powered", but then you're behind FUCKING Cloudflare, banning ips (not even a captcha). Where's the low tech solarpunk shit huh, liberal hippie garbage" by @[f0x](
"No deja de llamar la atencion, que la inmensa mayoria de las instancias del #fediverso usen #cloudflare, el PEOR enemigo de la #privacidad y el #anonimato. ¿Sabian que cloudflare considera a #Tor una importante fuente de ataques DDoS, cuando no existen estudios que lo demuestren?" by @[rtfm](
"So that's the new level of #Cloudflare blocks on torproject? I thought things were supposedly being fixed. Get your shit together, Cloudflare" by @[shiro](
"someone is trolling by trying to sign me up to cloudflare with my contact mails, thats creative?" by @[SolSoCoG](
"The person who created an account with my email address is actually trying to get my site on #Cloudflare." by @[amolith](
"Some delusional person out there must be madly in love with Cloudflare to pull this type of..." by @[caltlgin](
"I opened my mailbox this morning to find someone had also tried to register a Cloudflare account with my email address." by @[sean](
"I bet somebody who knows you hate Cloudflare is trolling you." by @[ataraxia937](
"It sabotaged users over serious concerns of non-privacy, censorship, unethical, deception and unfair experiences." by @[HarvettFox96](
"Firefox is going to ship with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default soon. It will still use Cloudflare by default." by @[amolith](
"How pathetic is life when becoming absolutely enraged after solving a #captcha 3 times but not being permitted to move forward." by @[hrthu](
"When #Cloudflare and #Google prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?" by @[MacLemon](
"You definitely put yourself in big danger by using it. Cloudflare has an own CA that is able to issue certificates for ANY website." by @[sheogorath](
"Cloudflare is among the worst organisations I've seen from a privacy and security standpoint, same as Google, Facebook, et al." by @[amolith](
"sometimes it feels like I'm the only one pushing against the #greatcloudwall" by @[jeffcliff](
"I liked them until I saw #Cloudflare." by @[amolith](
"#Cloudflare #surveillance marketed as "fast"" by @[Dr. Roy](
"Nothing says "our web developers are very competent" like putting your RSS feed URL behind a Cloudflare "please turn on javascript and reload the page" notice." by @[paul](
"I wonder if the implied subtext is that YOU ARE THE FOOL for using these services. :-) " by @[MateJ](
"I dream of blocking #Cloudflare and #ReCaptcha" by @[Chuculate](
"you can't solve a puzzle to prove that you're a human in the new version anymore. if google says you're a bot, then you're a bot." by @[leip4Ier](
"am i the only one being blocked by #Cloudflare before reaching Falkvinge's article relating #NSA , and #GNU / #Linux systems... i'm puzzled, what am i missing ? " by @[hellekin](