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Who is punishing Tor users?

These sites are not blocking Tor access, but treat users like a criminal.

Site Domain Since Comment 2020 Click "Digital Post" and get redirected to, which tells Tor users "A technical error has occurred." 2020 The admin don't care Tor users. Tor user can't login or register at all. 2020 The bank gives you an opportunity to provide your login creds and then denies the user access and locks their credit card account permanently for "using an unauthorized device". The action is irreversible, and card holders must sign up for a new card with new number if they want service. (Google) 2015 "Unusual traffic from your computer network" 2020 Elan gives you an opportunity to provide login creds, and then denies access with the phony message: "We are experiencing Technical Difficulties." 2020 Login page returns "Not Found" if you try to login via Tor. 2020 "There was a problem providing the content you requested Please contact us via our support center for more information and provide the reference number below."