A WIP 3d engine for the original PSX. Uses Nugget+Psyq, no libgs, and has a companion extension for Blender !
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3dcam PSX engine

This a WIP PSX 3d engine. Use this with the companion blender exporter to create levels for the engine.

3d scene pre-rendered BGs Push things Sprite Vertex animation

More video samples here.


Be warned this is WIP !

Real-time 3D / 8bpp background / 4bpp background


  • UV textured models
  • Vertex painted models
  • Multiple camera modes
  • Vertex animations
  • Up to 3 light sources
  • Use pre-rendered backgrounds (8bpp and 4bpp)
  • Basic collisions
  • Sound effects (VAG/XA)

Demo Controls

  • L1, L2 : rotate light matrix.
  • R1 : Change camera mode.
  • R3 (Dualshock) : Rotate camera in orbital mode.
  • Up, Down, Left Right, L3 (Dualshock) : Move actor.
  • X : "Jump" .
  • Select : Switch level.


  • Fix and improve all the things !


You need to install mkpsxiso and the Nugget+PsyQ SDK before you can build the engine. Put mkpsxiso and pcsx-redux in your $PATH and you should be good to go.

  1. Clone this repo in your nugget+PsyQ folder as a new project :
git clone https://github.com/ABelliqueux/3dcam-headers --recursive my-project
  1. Navigate to that folder in a terminal :
cd my-project
  1. Type ./isotest.sh. This should compile the example, build an iso with mkpsxiso and launch it with pcsx-redux.
    If you'd rather do things manually or are using Windows, this script does 3 things:
    * make : compile the project
    * mkpsxiso -y config/OverlayExample.xml : create the bin/cue disk image
    * pcsx-redux -run -iso OverlayExample.cue : run the disk image in the pcsx-redux emulator.

On first launch, pcsx-redux will ask for a PSX bios. You can use your own or the open source OpenBios.
A prebuilt binary is available here for convenience.
Set it in pcsx-redux ; Configuration > Emulation, then reboot the emulator ; File > Reboot.

  1. Install the blender extension to create your own levels.

Trying on real HW

If you have a real PSX, a cart flashed with Unirom and a Serial/USB cable, you can upload the demo to the PSX memory with NOTpsxserial.

The engine can use overlays to load data in the psx memory, so as opposed to a 'classic' project where you can just load the psx-exe in ram, we first have to load the data to a specific address, then load the exe.

First, comment out line 28 in main.c, so that the PSX won't look for the data on a CD :

// #define USECD

The address we have to load the data to is defined by the 'load_all_overlays_here' symbol in main.map.
The provided ovly_upload_helper.sh bash script takes care of finding that address depending on the ps-exe name.
Thus, to load Overlay.lvl1 and main.ps-exe in the psx ram, use :

./ovly_upload_helper.sh Overlay.lvl1 main.ps-exe /dev/ttyUSB0


Sound credits

XA files :

Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3986-lobby-time License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Pixelland by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4222-pixelland License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

VAG files

All the sound effects come from https://www.myinstants.com and are :


PSX code based on example by Lameguy64
An incredible amount of help from the good fellows at the psxdev discord,
Including but not limited to @NicolasNoble, @Lameguy64, @Impiaa, @paul, @sickle, @danhans42...