Blender plugin to export a scene to a level for the 3dcam PSX engine.
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Blender 3dcam PSX engine Level exporter

This Blender plugin is to be used in conjunction with the 3dcam PSX engine.
It allows exporting a gouraud shaded, UV textured Blender scene to a format compatible with the aforementionned engine.

3d scene


Check the Wiki for in-depth informations.


Be warned this is WIP !


  • Export UV textured models
  • Export vertex painted models
  • Export camera positions for in game use
  • Export vertex animations
  • Export up to 3 light sources
  • Export pre-rendered backgrounds for in-game use (8bpp and 4bpp)
  • VRam auto layout for TIMs
  • Export sound/music as VAG/XA files

Real-time 3D / 8bpp background / 4bpp background


  • Fix and improve all the things !

Install the plugin

This plugin is not compatible with Blender > 2.79.

  1. Download and install Blender 2.79b.

  1. Clone this repository in the addons folder of blender 2.79 :
git clone
  1. Dependencies

These utilities should be in your $PATH :

Linux users, these utilities are trivial to build using gcc -o output source.c.
Only psxavenc and img2tim are a bit more involved as you should install the ffmpeg and freeimage dev packages from your distro before compiling.

On Debian,

sudo apt install libavformat-dev libfreeimage-dev

should set you up. Arch users, dev files are already on your system as long as the package is installed.

sudo pacman -S ffmpeg freeimage

Building img2tim :

# In img2tim's sources directory :
gcc -o img2tim main.cpp

Building psxavenc and xainterleave :

# Use the Makefile that's in candyk-psx's sources directory :
make tools
# bins will appear in 'candyk-psx/bin'

For users with Imagemagick installed, there is an option when exporting to use that instead of pngquant.

  1. Enable the add-on in Blender by going to user preferences, Add-ons tab, and enable Import-Export: PSX TMesh exporter.

On Linux : ~/.config/blender/2.79/scripts/addons
On macOS : ./
On Windows : %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.93\

Install the 3D engine

Head over to the 3dcam repo and follow the setup instructions there.

Export your scene !

Open a working copy of your scene, add the needed flags and export your level in the 3dcam-headers folder. Following those steps, you should now see your scene running on PSX !

Custom properties helper add-on


A small blender addon is provided that facilitates setting and copying flags between several objects in your scene.

Setting an object's flags

See the documentation for usage instruction.

The script only does the job of creating/updating the object's custom properties, so it is not mandatory to use it.


Based on the code provided by TheDukeOfZill, 04-2014, on
pngquant :
img2tim :
Freeimage :