Code snippets to deploy virtualised infra.
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Aston Hyper-V code snipets


As a student at Aston Informatic School we mainly, and until now, exclusively studies Microsoft products.
Because I like to tinker, you'll find here some tools to put an infra in place. For the moment, no Ansible, no Chef-Infra, no Terraform; no nice feature at all. I hope to resolve that later.
To achieve this ambitious goal, i'll use mainly PowerShell scripts.


First of all, here be dragons.

The host folder contain all scripts needed for deploying the infra.

  • Bootstrap-Hyper-V.ps1 copy the necessary files (diff disks etc) on the desired folders. It will configure automaticaly all aspects to launch VMs on this atrocious Hyper-v.v1
  • Create-ALL.ps1 create all VMs with adequate parameters to comply with the school pre-defined infrastructure. It consist on 2 server on a separate network that does AD, DNS, DHCP for one and nothing for the other at the time.v1
  • Create-SRV.ps1 creates only the poor servers, fixed parameters for the moment.
  • Create-CLI.ps1 create only the cursed client, same ase Create-SRV.ps1.
  • SRV-Kill.ps1 cease the suffering of the servers.
  • ALL-Kill.ps1 cease all the travesty of infrastructure.


  • Integrate SRV-02 creation and role definition.
  • Variable isinde Create-SRV.ps1, Create-CLI.ps1.
  • Unmount disk on Kill scripts.

Credit roll

  • Sorry to the free-software community for, in a way, increasing the radiance of the Microsoft "hegemony"
  • Richard M. Stallman for his work and his wise teachings
  • Sylvain Arrambourg, for his teachings and patience.
  • Well, of course my familly, beloved ones and my cat.
  • Go to hell Microsoft, may you eternally burn and take with you corporate greed and private code.


GPLv3 my dudes!