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[SRE] Oauth2-Docusaurus


Docusaurus is a simple yet flexible static website generator. The files are written in Markdown and converted by yarn in HTML.
OAuth2 proxy is, as it's name implies, an OAuth proxy. It's used in this case as a very primitive static-file server serving the HTML files generated by Docusaurus.
The OAuth2-proxy pre-built image is pull from the official repository, that is quay.io one.


  • Edit the pre-init'ed docusaurus markdown/json files as you please.
  • Rebuild the Oauth2-Docusaurus image to incorporate the changes.
  • Launch Oauth2-Docusaurus with the sampled Dockerfile.
  • Voilà!

Closing credits

I would like to thank:

  • My brain, for it's frequent lapse of memories
  • Richard M. Stallman, for his genius and his philosophy
  • The whole free-software community that make the world better at each commit
  • Sylvain Arrembourg for his dedication, his professionalism, his teachings (and patience!) and finally his robot-cat ;)