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# ZwiiCMS 12.4.00
Zwii is a database-less (flat-file) CMS that allows you to easily create and manage a web site without any programming knowledge.
ZwiiCMS was created by a talented developer, [Rémi Jean]( It is now maintained by Frédéric Tempez.
[Site]( - [Forum]( - [Initial version]( - [GitHub](
## Recommended configuration
* PHP 7.2 or higher
* .htaccess support
## License
This work is licensed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License.
To view a copy of this license, visit or write to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
## Downloading ZwiiCMS
To download the latest released version, go to :
- [the Updates page](
- or at [the site download page](
## Installation
Unzip the Zwii archive and upload its contents to the root of your server or to a subdirectory. That's all!
You will find more explanations, in particular for an installation at Free, in the "Downloads" section of the forum.
## Update procedures
When installing a major version, it is recommended to make a backup copy.
### Automatic
* Connect to your site.
* If an update is available, it is proposed in the administration bar.
* Click on the "Update" button.
### Manual
* Save your entire site, especially the "site" directory.
* Unzip the new version on your computer.
* Transfer its content to your server by activating the file replacement.
## General tree structure
*Legend: [D] Directory - [FILE] File
[DIR] core Core of the system
[DIR] class Classes
[DIR] layout Layout
[DIR] module Core modules
[DIR] vendor External libraries
[FILE] core.js.php Javascript core
[FILE] core.php PHP core
[DIR] module Page modules
[DIR] blog Blog
[DIR] form Form manager
[DIR] gallery Gallery
[DIR] news News
[DIR] redirection Redirection
[DIR] site Site content
[DIR] backup Automatic backups
[DIR] i18N Zwii Interface languages
[DIR] data Data directory
[DIR] en Localized folder
[FILE] page.json Page data
[FILE] module.json Page module data
[FILE] local.json Language-specific site data
[DIR] content Folder of page contents
[FILE] home.html Sample home page content
[DIR] fonts Folder containing the installed fonts
[FILE] fonts.html File containing the fonts calls to load on cdnFonts
[FILE] fonts.css File containing the style sheet linked to the local fonts
[FILE] fonts.woff Local font files (woff, etc..)
[DIR] modules Customization of modules or own data
[FILE] admin.css Theme of administration pages
[FILE] admin.json Theme data for administration pages
[FILE] blacklist.json Logging of login attempts with unknown accounts
[FILE] config.json Site configuration
[FILE] core.json Core configuration
[FILE] custom.css Advanced customization stylesheet
[FILE] fonts.json Custom font descriptor
[FILE] journal.log Action logging
[FILE] languages.json Interface database languages
[FILE] theme.css Site theme
[FILE] theme.json Site data
[FILE] user.json User data
[FILE] .backup Marker for file backup if present
[DIR] file File manager upload directory
[DIR] source Various resources
[DIR] thumb Image thumbnails
[DIR] tmp Temporary directory
[FILE] index.php ZwiiCMS initialization file
[FILE] robots.txt Filtering of directories accessible to search engine robots
[FILE] sitemap.xml Sitemap
[FILE] sitemap.xml.gz Compressed version
The .htaccess files contribute to security by filtering access to sensitive directories.