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A user script for the game Fallen London https://www.fallenlondon.com/


The "Our appologies" error message might appear a little more frequently than usual when using this script.:w!


The purpose of this script is to make the usage of FL easier. This is achived via 3 methods.

Display stats CPs

CP are displayed under the stats

Change points are displayed under each stat bar.

The format is A (B+C/D), with:

  • A: The total number of change points earned from level 0
  • B: The number of change points until the last level
  • C: The number of change points from the last level
  • D: The number of change points needed to reacht the next level.

For instance, 191 change points of Making Waves have been accumulated, 190 to reach level 19 and 1 more out of the 20 needed to reach level 20.

Always display some qualities or possessions

CP are displayed under the stats

Under the "TRAVEL" button, 3 blocks are displayed:

  • Renown & Favours: A list of factions icons is displayed with a Renown+Favour "bubble" on the bottom. The color changes when Favours increase: yellow at 5, orange at 6 and finally red at 7.
  • Quirks: Same thing with the quirks, except everything is green. And white.
  • Advantages: Again same thing for the advantages (also called second chances).

Please note that this is NOT dynamic. It will only be displayed and updated after visiting /myself and /possessions.

Optimize space

The banner and candles are removed to prevent scrolling too much


Things that can be done, maybe later, one day, probably...:

  • The numbers associated with the advanages could change color too when reaching 21.
  • Allow the userscrip to be customized. It could be done if there are more than one person using it.
  • Some infobbles would be nice.
  • Dynamically update the qualities/possessions displayed