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Dead God Helper

Spot missing items!

Easily spot items that were not previously picked up on this savefile. Very useful when you're trying to get a second or third Dead God.

Now supports modded items, and integration with Repentogon!

I made it mainly for myself, because it was annoying to go back to the menu every time I encountered an item I was unsure about.

There's an integration with External Item Description. It is also compatible with Mod Config Menu, if you want to toggle things (such as displaying info when on Curse Of The Blind)

Mods can't access the savefile directly, so the mod tracks itself witch items are taken. This means that the first time you install it, everything will be marked as new.

If you want to import data from your savefile, you can either use the extractor I wrote (adapting EID's one for Linux), or install Repentogon. The extractor is available here : https://forge.chapril.org/ayte/DeadGodHelper/src/branch/main/SaveExtractor

This mod is still relevant in itself if you do not want to use external tools, or you want to track modded items ^^

Anyway, I hope that this mod will be useful to someone :)

Source code is available at https://forge.chapril.org/ayte/DeadGodHelper