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Updated 2021-03-06 18:11:55 +01:00
A user script for the game Fallen London
Updated 2021-10-06 23:22:30 +02:00
Fork of to make it compliant with last Eclipse version. The official project seems to be abandoned as the code has not been migrated outside CVS repository. The transfer to git has been done by cvs2git .
Updated 2022-04-09 18:26:25 +02:00
Flyer et logos membres du collectif Aïolibre Marseille (
Updated 2022-05-09 17:12:46 +02:00
A user script for the game Fallen London
Updated 2022-06-23 18:49:30 +02:00
traduzione italiana d della mappa esplicativa del funzionamento di Mymarkmap creato da Cédric Eyssette
Updated 2022-09-25 22:12:26 +02:00
A python command line utility to send commands to a wifi enabled gbs-control over http.
Updated 2022-11-06 15:26:02 +01:00
Encrypted overlay filesystems implementation for Android. Also available on GitHub:
Updated 2023-11-28 05:13:13 +01:00
Création de paquets Debian pour mobilizon.
Procédure documentée dans le fichier debian/
Updated 2024-03-10 19:11:28 +01:00
Automount SMB shares as a user on startup with a systemd unit. '' is based on by @linux-aarhus
Updated 2024-04-16 11:56:05 +02:00
Adaptation of the original PdfViewer app to work as a library (fork of
Updated 2024-06-06 13:50:26 +02:00
Updated 2024-06-10 13:40:52 +02:00