A python command line utility to send commands to a wifi enabled gbs-control over http.
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gbscc - gbscontrol control

A python command line utility to send commands to a wifi enabled gbs-control over http.

Your gbscontrol instance has to be reachable over http at gbscontrol.local .

Alternatively, you can edit the GBSCONTROL_ADDRESS variable to reflect your network configuration.

Usage :

gbscc /COMMAND

Available commands :

Presets :

	Video modes:

	 /720P   1280x720

	 /960P   1280x960

	 /1024P  1280x1024

	 /1080P  1920x1080

	 /SD     NTSC : 720x480 / PAL : 768x576 

	 /15K    15Khz Scale Down 

	 /PASS   Pass Through 

Slots :

	 /1      Load Slot 1

	 /2      Load Slot 2

	 /3      Load Slot 3

	 /4      Load Slot 4

	 /5      Load Slot 5

	 /6      Load Slot 6

	 /7      Load Slot 7

	 /8      Load Slot 8

	 /9      Load Slot 9

	 /LOAD   Load Custom preset

	 /SAVE   Save Custom preset

System :

	 /RESET  Reset the GBS


	 /SCNLN   240P Scanlines

	 /LINEF   Line filter

	 /PEAK    Peaking

	 /STEPR   Step response

	 /SCNLS   Scanline strength


	 /MATCH   Matched presets

	 /FULLH   Full height

	 /UPSCL   Low Res: Use Upscaling

	 /60H     Force 60hz

	 /ADCCAL  ADC calibration

	 /FRMTL   FrameTime lock

	 /SWLCK   Switch lock method

	 /RGBC    RGBHV/Component Toggle

	 /MAD     Deinterlace motion adaptive

	 /BOB     Deinterlace bob


	 /FREEZ   Freeze capture

	 /MBL     Move picture left (memory blank)

	 /MBR     Move picture right (memory blank)

	 /HSL     Horizontal Sync Left

	 /HSR     Horizontal Sync Right

	 /INFO    Print infos

	 /TIMI    Get video timings

	 /CLKR    Cycle Sdram clock speed

	 /RSTC    Reset chip

	 /INVS    Invert sync

	 /PLLD    PLL divider++

	 /DEBG    Debug view

	 /ADCF    ADC filter

	 /OVRS    Oversampling

	 /HTOTU   HTotal++ 

	 /HTOTD   HTotal-- 

	 /SNCHT   Resynch HTotal

	 /RSTS    Reset sync processor

	 /SNAP    Snap to 50/60hz

	 /SNCW    Syncwatcher

	 /OTA     Enable OTA update

	 /IFAO    IF auto offset

	 /SOGL    SOG Level --

Picture Control:

	Move picture:

	 /MVUP    Up

	 /MVDN    Down

	 /MVL     Left

	 /MVR     Right


	 /HORZU   Horizontal +

	 /HORZD   Horizontal -

	 /VERTU   Vertical + 

	 /VERTD   Vertical -

	Border masking:

	 /BMHU    Horizontal +

	 /BMHD    Horizontal -

	 /BMVU    Vertical +

	 /BMVD    Vertical -


	 /GAINU   Gain +

	 /GAIND   Gain -

	 /AUTOG   Auto Gain Adjust Toggle


Thanks to @danhans42 for suggesting the http module and providing example code and to @ramapcsx2 for this great software !