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Generated Java API for Gitea.

Original repository is A github mirror is maintained.


Why another version ?

For project I started to use

Unfortunatelly I experimented blocking ssl connections issues due to the obsolete version of okhttp library the generated code is based on. The root cause of the issue is the swagger code generaror. I had also a lot of issue coming from the Java.

So I decide to restart from scratch with OpenAPI generator which is maintain up to date.

Branching Strategy

head -> openapi -><version>

  • head branch shall not be used. It used on Github only to keep track on the original java-gitea-api head branch.
  • openapi branch will only contains the minimal set of stuff required to generate from scratch.
  •<version> branch is used for the ready to use Gitea api (generated from Gitea repository release)
  • branch may be maintain aligned with the Gitea head branch api. (near future)

License and are the only files I'm the author. They are provided under the MIT license You will find a copy in the LICENSE file.

I think that no one should take the ownership of configuration or generated files. So they are provided as-is for your convenience without any warranty. If you use them, You are just ask you to credits the original location you find them.

The Gitea swagger api description file is provided under the MIT License by the Gitea Authors.

NOTE: To avoid any ownership confusion, this repository is using a Yaml configuration file.

How to generate

NOTE: Generate requires a Unix based host supporting bash, Java JDK (1.8 or newer) and Maven. The 1.13 branch has been generated on a XUbuntu 20.04 host (bash:5.0.17, openjdk 11.0.10, Apache Maven 3.6.3) and openapi-generator-cli 5.0.1. downloads the OpenAPI generator and Gitea swagger API description from their original delivery locations before starting the code generator. At this end it runs maven library packaging and test

  1. Check the file parameters
  2. run