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Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector : Gitea's issues management for Eclipse/Mylyn.

This Mylyn connector will allow you to connect Mylyn to a Gitea's instance (self hosted or not) in order to manage your issues from your local Eclipse instance.

The update site for the Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector plug-in is https://teilginn.github.io/mylyn-gitea-updatesite/.

Thanks and Credits

I want to thanks and credit:


  • 08.02.2021 - I'm currently working to make the connector working, resolving package and installation issues (plug-ins crash on eclipse start due to missing class Exception), then I will debug basic features (repository connectorion ...) before I will upload first code and binaries.
  • 28.02.2021 - First connector version is working in debug in front of https://forge.chapril.org. I still have maven/jdk 11 generation issue. So I switch to a newly generated "Java Gitea API", OpenAPI based.

Planned Features

Version 0.1.x - prove of concept

  • use basic (user,password) or token authentication (preferred)
  • list and query for issues
  • handles issues on a repository basis
  • installation though update site

Planned features

  • edit issue - add comment on issues
  • edit issue - close/reopen issue
  • edit issue - change assignee list, labels, project, milestone
  • create issue
  • enhance query hmi - labels selection per list

Missing features

  • Password prompt (I just don't know how...)

Won't be implemented

The goal of this connector is not to replaced the Gitea's web interface, so everything which is not Issue related or not link with what may help a developer in his day-to-day issues management like Team/Repository management and milestone management will not be implemented.


see (Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector plug-ins update site)[https://forge.chapril.org/gitea/mylyn-gitea-updatesite]

Known issues/Limitations

Report an issue

To avoid any account management activity, issues tracker is handled at Github.

Feel free to open issues to report bugs or request new features.