2023-05-12 20:39:58 +02:00

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Here's a list of features that it would be nice to have in DroidFS. As this is a FLOSS project, there are no special requirements on when or even if these features will be implemented, but contributions are greatly appreciated.



  • File associations editor
  • Optional discovery before file operations
  • Modifiable CryFS scrypt parameters
  • Alert dialog showing details of file operations
  • Internal file browser to select volumes

Encryption software support

  • Shufflecake: plausible deniability for multiple hidden filesystems on Linux (would be absolutely awesome to have but quite difficult)
  • fscrypt: filesystem encryption at the kernel level


  • F-Droid ABI split
  • OpenSSL & FFmpeg as git submodules (useful for F-Droid)
  • Remove all android:configChanges from AndroidManifest.xml
  • More efficient thumbnails cache
  • Guide for translators
  • Usage & code documentation
  • Automated tests