Scripts by a translator dabbling in programming to ease various tasks related to handling files used CAT tools or to the translation process in general.
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Little CAT Tools

This repository contains scripts intended to facilitate various repetitive or tedious tasks involving CAT tools or related translation tasks. They mostly cover the handling of files used or generated by such tools.

The majority of tools presented here draw on quick-and-dirty scripts I hacked together some time ago to address an immediate need. They have been rewritten from scratch to remove copy-and-pasted duplicate code and hardcoded information that should either be in a configuration file or obtained from the user.

Descriptions of the individual scripts can, for the time being, be found in the README in their subfolder.


These scripts are provided as is. They have not been tested extensively, and are not designed to handle unexpected inputs or errors. The author shall not take responsibility if the use of these scripts blows up your coffee machine or results in any other unforeseen or unintended consequences.


In the spirit of sharing and freedom fostered by OmegaT, which inspired the majority of the scripts here, all scripts in this repository are provided under the terms of the GPL3+ license.