762 B



  • Add docker compose port
  • Improve install script
  • Add base uninstall script (need deeper work)
  • Add ttyd for systemd logging

v0.0.1-rc (2022-08-18)

  • Integrate BirdNET-Analyzer as submodule
  • Add birdnet_recording service
  • Add birdnet_analyzis service
  • Create symfony webapp
  • Extracts BirdNET bird contacts into SQL database
  • Add birdnet_stream icecast audio streaming and live spectrogram service https://birdnet/spectro
  • Add /today/species and /today/{date}/species/{id} endpoints
  • Add records deletion button and /records/delete endpoint as well as bulk deletion (select all button on /today/species/{id} endpoint)
  • Add systemd status page /status
  • Add i18n for webapp (not species name), en|fr only for the moment