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Realtime BirdNET powered soundscape analysis for bird song identification.

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BirdNET-stream records sound 24/7 on any Linux computer with a microphone and analyze it using BirdNET algorithm by @kahst.

Bird contacts are stored in a database and are made accessible in a webapp.


  • 24/7 recording and BirdNET-Analyzer analysis of sound
  • Live audio streaming and live spectrogram visualization from web browser
  • Bird contacts saved into a SQL database
  • Web Interface for system monitoring, data analysis and visualization


BirdNET-stream aims to be able to run on any 64-bit Linux computer. It has been tested on Fedora and Debian.

It should work on a Raspberry Pi (or other Single Board Computer) with a USB microphone or Sound Card (not tested yet).


Warning BirdNET-stream is in early development, and may not work properly...

On debian based systems (tested on Debian Bullseye), the following command should allow you to install the base components without too much trouble:

# Change to your installation directory here, /home/$USER/Documents/BirdNET-stream for instance, or /opt/birdnet-stream, or whatever
cd /path/to/installation/directory
# Download installation script 
curl -0
# Run installation script:
chmod +x ./

I recommend to add DEBUG=1 before this command to see the installation steps:

DEBUG=1 ./

To install from a specific git branch, add BRANCH=<branch> before the command, for instance:


For finer control, or to adapt to your system, you can follow the instructions in the file (it may unfortunatly not be accurate for your system).


  • BirdNET-stream web application can be accessed on any web browser at https://birdnet.home, from your local network, or at any other hostname you set in nginx configuration, if your public IP is accessible from the internet.

  • See the species detected


  • BirdNET on which this project relies
  • BirdNET-Pi the great inspiration of this project


BirdNET-stream is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, see ./LICENSE for more details.