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Swy7ch' personnal scripts

Hello, world! This is my scripts directory. Feel free to use it at your convenience :)

/!\ Those scripts are POSIX-compliant (hence #!/usr/bin/env sh), they are supposed to be run with such shell (BaSH, zsh, dash...); FISH, for example, might cause issues (with if statements, for instance) if a script is run directly in a terminal; I recommend launching background scripts within .xinit to avoid those issues.


  • arch-setup : my personnal machine setup script
  • audio-notify : send a notification when audio level is changed
  • backlight-notify : send a notification when backlight level is changed
  • bibinput : add a .bib entry through dmenu
  • bibshow : retrieve a .bib reference and copy to xclip
  • bulk : execute batch commands through your favorite $EDITOR
  • colorblocks : show the system colors through colored squares
  • compiler : compile a file / runs a script if the filetype is supported
  • displayselect : handle a multimonitor setup
  • dmenumount : mount USB drives through a dmenu prompt
  • dmenupass : dmenu prompt for password, when needed
  • dmenuprompt : ask for a binary choice through dmenu
  • dmenuopen : fuzzy-find a file and open it with appropriate application
  • dmenuumount : unmount USB drives through a dmenu prompt
  • dot : git wrapper to manage dotfiles
  • fetch : display basic system infos
  • kbacklight : change keyboard backlight level
  • maker : create a basic makefile for C/C++ project
  • mailsync : synchronize mail accounts
  • mom : create a groff/mom file with generic metadata
  • mommerge : merge all .mom files of a directory and compiles it
  • player : control mpc and send notifications of current mpd state
  • refbar : refresh dwm statusbar
  • remaps : remap keys
  • sbacklight : change screen backlight level
  • setbg : set the wallpaper using xwallpaper
  • texclear : remove LaTeX compilation files
  • texer : create a .tex file with generic metadata + input packages
  • webupdate : update the files on my website


This is the shell script I run just after I installed Arch. It does few things:

  • Install the apps I use
  • Download my personnal repos
  • Compile my WM (dwm), my binary launcher (dmenu) and my terminal emulator (st), which are part of the suckless project.


A collection of scripts I call in my dwmblocks build.