Mes dotfiles, qui regroupent tout ce dont j'ai besoin pour utiliser ma machine, à savoir mes fichiers de config et mes scripts
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David JULIEN 56e2aaccaa
Merge branch 'dev' into gentoo
8 months ago
.old feat: use HEAD@neovim instead of arch package 1 year ago
X11 [x11] prevent screenlock in every corner 8 months ago
dunst Merge branch 'dev' into gentoo 10 months ago
git [git] feat: commits ordered by date in log graph 10 months ago
gnupg [gnupg] fix: env variable setup 9 months ago
htop init repo 2 years ago
irssi [irssi] feat: add irc client 9 months ago
mpd format: cleanup config format 11 months ago
mutt [mutt] feat: add accounts config files 8 months ago
ncmpc feat: introducce ncmpc 11 months ago
ncmpcpp [ncmpcpp]: don't display startup message 9 months ago
npm [npm] introducing npm 10 months ago
nvim Merge branch 'dev' into gentoo 8 months ago
redshift init repo 2 years ago
root cleanup: remove useless files 11 months ago
sxhkd Merge branch 'dev' into gentoo 9 months ago
tmux [tmux] feat: introducing tmux 9 months ago
transmission-daemon feat: rpc-whitelist 1 year ago
tremc feat: use transmission-cli instead of gtk 1 year ago
vpn/servers feat: add vpn 1 year ago
zathura feat: add zathura config file 2 years ago
zsh Merge branch 'dev' into gentoo 9 months ago
aliasrc [alias] enforce rsync to show progress 8 months ago
mimeapps.list feat: proper xdg-open configuration 1 year ago
user-dirs.dirs feat: add XDG_DIR declaration 2 years ago