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David JULIEN b78f4dc620 feat: add torrent block 7 months ago
David JULIEN 3625829f14 feat: change update time for mail block 7 months ago
David JULIEN bf487a1472 feat: put date module in a dedicated script 8 months ago
David JULIEN 629c40f1bf feat: put spaces in modules 8 months ago
David JULIEN 31ad768f96 feat: move mailbox to the left 8 months ago
David JULIEN fe16d9a110 feat: modify clean directive 8 months ago
David JULIEN 72b5294bc7 feat: base configuration 8 months ago
torrinfail 96cbb453e5
Merge pull request #40 from IGeraGera/IGeraGera-patch-1 10 months ago
torrinfail 0e22e81b1e
Merge pull request #39 from Strahinja/master 10 months ago
torrinfail 5b8eb5f7b1
Merge pull request #41 from victor-timofei/master 10 months ago
Victor Timofei af5389ce30
Fix LDFLAGS for Ubuntu 10 months ago
IGeraGera 5583a44cd3
Updated README with new patch 10 months ago
IGeraGera 9319e12a45
Update README.md 10 months ago
Страхиња Радић 4c392c32ed Added the call to pclose() when the output from the command is empty 11 months ago
aidan b6b0be4f4f Only open X server once rather than open and close after every writeout. 1 year ago
aidan b7d1970488 Consolidated X11 based code into the setroot function 1 year ago
aidan 13c7700f34 Fixed issue with empty command delimiter 1 year ago
torrinfail 3d308cafb0
Merge pull request #29 from keikari/patch-2 1 year ago
aidan 500b1fbb0f fixed output from commands without a newline end. 1 year ago
aidan 904e407908 Added back the ability to change compiler with CC environment variable. 1 year ago
aidan 416a36d636 Unified style for if, for, and while statements. As well as general 1 year ago
torrinfail b12722ab48
Merge pull request #30 from toniz4/master 1 year ago
Cássio Ribeiro Alves de Ávila 8ebe5ecb60 updated readme with new statuscmd patch 1 year ago
keikari d581dae180
Update dwmblocks.c 1 year ago
keikari 86d7ae90b7
Update dwmblocks.c 1 year ago
keikari 0bd4575574
Small fix 1 year ago
aidan 941f415b38 Manual merge of pull request #19. This adds multi-character delimiter. 1 year ago
aidan 9c5aec5cd5 Removed call to redundant call to exit() 1 year ago
torrinfail 661f3eb4bc
Merge pull request #12 from kdkasad/patch-1 1 year ago
aidan 5dcb2a0d84 fixed signal handling on OpenBSD by using SIGUSR1 instead of SIGRTMIN. 1 year ago
torrinfail 5b9f39d697
Update README.md 1 year ago
torrinfail d2e6d20ebf
Merge pull request #15 from tomboehmer/issue9 1 year ago
torrinfail 1b2e50c6c5
Update README.md 1 year ago
Aidan 7e0bc3f580 added blocks.def.h to act as default blocks file so that changes made in 1 year ago
torrinfail 8893f2d08a
Merge pull request #17 from tph5595/patch-1 1 year ago
torrinfail 7a570d5760
Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 1 year ago
Aidan dcb198d7d7 Added variable in makefile to change c compiler 1 year ago
torrinfail 31b9d65b31
Merge pull request #8 from markcaudill/master 1 year ago
Taylor Henderson e62fbe6499
Fixed argument order for gcc 1 year ago
Tom Böhmer 4d92b6ca6c Fixes #9 - determine the size of the status buffer based on the number of blocks 1 year ago
Kian Kasad 507cf284a2
Change `cp`/`chmod` to `install` 1 year ago
Aidan 6e0519df3a Switched to ISC license 2 years ago
torrinfail 5a199e25f6
Start transition to ISC license 2 years ago
aidan 030de220e4 removed unused replace function 2 years ago
torrinfail 003a2238dc
Merge pull request #3 from crian/master 2 years ago
Mark Caudill 06710ebd05 Proposed fix for issue #5. 2 years ago
crian 2b44212f45
Makefile: Set permission 2 years ago
crian 2c47e9e707
Makefile: Add uninstall 2 years ago
crian 9c9e08d2bc
Makefile: Use DESTDIR and PREFIX 2 years ago
Aidan fefab14bee Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/torrinfail/dwmblocks 2 years ago