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FAQ FAQ: document the color emojis crash issue which affected some systems is fixed 2022-09-16 23:07:09 +02:00
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Swy7ch' fork of st

This is my fork of suckless' terminal emulator, st. It is tweaked to match my needs and comes with just a few patches:


  • Alt+u / Alt+d .....Scroll a whole page up/down
  • Alt+k / Alt+j .....Scroll a line up/down
  • Alt+PgUp / Alt+PgDn .....Zoom in/out
  • Alt+c .....Copy to xclipboard
  • Alt+v .....Paste from xclipboard
  • Alt+o .....Copy a command output to xclipboard, through dmenu [1]
  • Alt+l .....Follow links through dmenu [2]
  • Alt+y .....Copy links through dmenu [2]

[1] Requires st-copyout from my scripts repo

[2] Requires st-urlhandler from my scripts repo

Colorscheme and font

Colors, fonts and other variables are set through xrdb, by sourcing a .Xresources file.

That's it!

No need for anything else. Enjoy!

st - simple terminal

st is a simple terminal emulator for X which sucks less.


In order to build st you need the Xlib header files.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup (st is installed into the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install st (if necessary as root):

make clean install

Running st

If you did not install st with make clean install, you must compile the st terminfo entry with the following command:

tic -sx st.info

See the man page for additional details.


Based on Aurélien APTEL bt source code.