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Tykayn 5a463695c3 add comment anonymous, move route params to custom_url instead of id 8 months ago
Tykayn a005aa0f97 ease comment endpoint 8 months ago
Tykayn 9cfb974c27 handle creation of mixed subset of datechoice 8 months ago
Tykayn e488b76a2d up essai 8 months ago
Tykayn 110ef9fc7a hop up script 8 months ago
Tykayn 38fdbf8e85 add essai route 8 months ago
Tykayn 46d6d21c6b up debug message in poll creation 8 months ago
Tykayn 9414951370 fix custom url in vote stack 8 months ago
Tykayn 40d0914b47 sort poll display 8 months ago
Tykayn 83978f1757 reorder fields for poll display 10 months ago
Tykayn 85efc2cbe5 add local domain name for dev 10 months ago
Tykayn c5dc43580b remove description annotation 10 months ago
Tykayn ca5a77c408 add pipeline gitlab file 10 months ago
Tykayn d3f3b75252 max 360 days expiracy for creation poll 10 months ago
Tykayn a69c3ab1da fix CORS in dev env 10 months ago
Kayn Ty 73555bd539 Merge branch 'master' of 11 months ago
Kayn Ty 23c6ac47fc change branch of front update to master 11 months ago
Kayn Ty 2ef293ca12 up script to deploy front 11 months ago
Tykayn 597fb8c5a8 bigger fastcgi buffer size in nginx conf 11 months ago
Kayn Ty 2321355434 update script to several-steps-creation branch for the frontend 11 months ago
Tykayn 6c9905318b up routes debug 1 year ago
Tykayn ed8c603329 add nelmioAPIdocbundle to have a swagger description in api/doc.json 1 year ago
Tykayn 31c75f69b2 display also empty votes in stacks 1 year ago
Tykayn fd28433dd8 update of a vote stack returns a vote stack 1 year ago
Tykayn 18d251270b limit owner list of poll emails if it were asked less than 10 seconds ago 1 year ago
Tykayn 28ccc52dd6 update votes action 1 year ago
Tykayn 0f8d981c94 send modifier token after submitting a vote stack 1 year ago
Tykayn 57adb29cb9 update vote stack methods and routes 1 year ago
Tykayn 8c03b1c521 remove content in header, upgrade deps 1 year ago
Tykayn 7f01e2de60 var env for mailer 1 year ago
Tykayn a034f59a90 add symfony profiling, and spool for emails 1 year ago
Tykayn 64fd83caa2 send mail with owner polls 1 year ago
Tykayn f8554d5f7a global site name in templates 1 year ago
Tykayn 2a68825926 up add vote stack route 1 year ago
Tykayn 863e216fe7 add mailer flex 1 year ago
Tykayn c65a71d177 fix repo name 1 year ago
Tykayn f2edaa49f0 limiter l'ajout de vote stack si la limite par poll a été atteinte 1 year ago
Tykayn 5716642c09 migration from framadate 1 choice name using separator for timeSlices in name 1 year ago
Tykayn afef8edd0b style on creation poll email 1 year ago
Tykayn 623b16a046 add migration for first info on zero knowledge 1 year ago
Tykayn 9a1b8c90a4 up mail templates 1 year ago
Tykayn 03cba297d5 persist date choices on creation 1 year ago
Tykayn f5a154b20e cleanup poll reports, compare expiration date and list soon to be deleted, disable vote on expired 1 year ago
Tykayn 93a567184a add get admin config for poll 1 year ago
Tykayn cc74a08603 save kind of poll 1 year ago
Tykayn e86606b543 update namespace of api to include v1 1 year ago
Tykayn f4427dcd77 fix count for no sub time slice on day 1 year ago
Tykayn 60207dc361 check field add poll 1 year ago
Tykayn ff0da0cf49 dev conf nginx 1 year ago
Tykayn 9f57894d2a add config for apache 1 year ago