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Tykayn 23df4a5899 style on comments bubbles 3 months ago
Tykayn c6861d1690 put correct icons in participation vote, add dropdown on option button 3 months ago
Tykayn 873c7dd9c8 add advanced icons 3 months ago
tykayn 83e00d57f8 display error message on creation if any 3 months ago
tykayn 0c24b2e602 title typo levels responsive too 3 months ago
tykayn 0c25809159 dialog element 3 months ago
tykayn 778f5b4716 put back leaving modal, and focus on hour choice when we add one for a day 3 months ago
tykayn 5e92466854 home emphasis on demo components 3 months ago
tykayn e5f7e6bb83 id step buttons 3 months ago
tykayn 0afad9c7a3 🎨 custom_url font size 3 months ago
tykayn 248f225fa0 remove aria labels on nav steps 3 months ago
tykayn aa1f146278 default to calendar mode 3 months ago
tykayn 9de903f867 :gears: RGAA skip links shown on keyboard nav 3 months ago
Tykayn 2dd8c8e825 link anchor in success page 3 months ago
Tykayn 62489dd250 default max count of answers set to a big number 3 months ago
Tykayn 5c1e7119b2 mobile menu min height 4 months ago
Tykayn 934e004a33 mobile button to exit menu, padding on main col on small screens 4 months ago
Tykayn 6afb4d4640 helpers to colorize svg for yes maybe no 4 months ago
Tykayn d76bd5a2d9 title margin top in popup 4 months ago
Tykayn 31e9e4eab2 title top position eased by step padding 4 months ago
Tykayn d9e0b270b1 step 3 text choice url display break word 4 months ago
tykayn 11a9035816 🎨 step 7 style and email template 4 months ago
Tykayn 9a6a052608 update modal content on text edit click button 4 months ago
Tykayn fef2e7e78c style image in text links 4 months ago
Tykayn 57a7f3dbfc close modal on click 4 months ago
Tykayn 6e1a3c57f4 text choice place of buttons, and modal unification 4 months ago
Tykayn a620566563 Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/master' 4 months ago
Tykayn c3b1df4fc7 home modal to search for polls by email, style, buttons in footer 4 months ago
Tykayn e09429d0d8 style participation page, button colors and placeholder icons bg, cancel modal content 4 months ago
Tykayn 0319d75b40 pattern email validation 4 months ago
Berto Te a2add4efd8 Translated using Weblate (Spanish) 4 months ago
Tykayn 123effe9f7 go to step notification change 4 months ago
Tykayn 2b6e8ea5c1 error message when no date selected on hour page; add no default day 4 months ago
Tykayn e8dc383eae add bullet on lang selector 4 months ago
Tykayn 4f5f8df077 remove column and container in resume step 4 months ago
Tykayn ffeb21e8fe fix focus on hour of correct day 4 months ago
Tykayn a44100b7a0 style of small trash icon, placing negative margins, bg icon in css 4 months ago
Tykayn 86229138da remove dom classes in popups 4 months ago
Tykayn 0d3fdf78eb focus on previous hour when deleting one 4 months ago
Tykayn 8998ee2d9e uniform titles 4 months ago
tykayn 874b9cdf16 toast on day deletion, icon trash 2 replacement 4 months ago
Tykayn 41ce51b421 unify lang selector action display 4 months ago
Tykayn c288c6716b Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/master' 4 months ago
Tykayn c93825a527 popup cancel creation, buttons 4 months ago
Tykayn 7d1385185b display all buttons on home, style accordingly, remove bulma buttons styles 4 months ago
Elegant Codes a91bc20660 Translated using Weblate (French) 4 months ago
Tykayn e84cfa9194 add buttons page 4 months ago
Tykayn aad31c9d5f default font for inputs 4 months ago
ElG ae5ee1f087 Translated using Weblate (French) 4 months ago
ElG f62bf46f4f Translated using Weblate (French) 4 months ago