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Eugen Rochko 4c7efdba40
Bump version to 3.4.0 (#16239) 2021-05-16 23:55:07 +02:00
Eugen Rochko d862728ae1
Add more checks to `repo:check_locales_files` (#16249) 2021-05-16 23:54:46 +02:00
Claire 76064e6608
Update fix-duplicates maintenance script to support latest migrations (#16231)
* Update maintenance script to support latest database migrations

* Update Account#merge_with!
2021-05-12 23:19:44 +02:00
rinsuki 5ed5f62705
Fix animated GIF generates animated thumbnail (#16216) 2021-05-11 19:15:11 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 7bd2b54a46
Bump version to 3.4.0rc2 (#16206) 2021-05-10 22:23:48 +02:00
Takeshi Umeda 9b18914c35
Add a Redis environment variable for sidekiq (#16188) 2021-05-09 10:40:17 +02:00
Eugen Rochko d1442a06c3
Bump version to 3.4.0rc1 (#16053) 2021-05-08 17:15:06 +02:00
Claire a5f91a11d0
Fix older migrations on Ruby 3 (#16174) 2021-05-07 15:56:45 +02:00
Claire 566fc90913
Add Ruby 3.0 support (#16046)
* Fix issues with POSIX::Spawn, Terrapin and Ruby 3.0

Also improve the Terrapin monkey-patch for the stderr/stdout issue.

* Fix keyword argument handling throughout the codebase

* Monkey-patch Paperclip to fix keyword arguments handling in validators

* Change validation_extensions to please CodeClimate

* Bump microformats from 4.2.1 to 4.3.1

* Allow Ruby 3.0

* Add Ruby 3.0 test target to CircleCI

* Add test for admin dashboard warnings

* Fix admin dashboard warnings on Ruby 3.0
2021-05-06 14:22:54 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 6d9ad30bf8
Fix media redownload worker retrying on unexpected response codes (#16111) 2021-05-05 23:46:59 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 036556d350
Fix media processing getting stuck on too much stdin/stderr (#16136)
* Fix media processing getting stuck on too much stdin/stderr

See thoughtbot/terrapin#5

* Remove dependency on paperclip-av-transcoder gem

* Remove dependency on streamio-ffmpeg gem

* Disable stdin on ffmpeg process
2021-05-05 19:44:01 +02:00
Takeshi Umeda 25345c90ff
Fix how to change connection pool for rails 6 (#16158)
* Fix how to change connection pool for rails 6

* Fix to match the code elsewhere
2021-05-05 04:41:10 +02:00
Takeshi Umeda 422df9d670
Fix cache redis not being used (#16131) 2021-04-29 15:43:49 +02:00
Ikko Ashimine 0bc909687a
Fix typo in db.rake (#16126)
occured -> occurred
2021-04-27 16:25:24 +02:00
Claire e78d06eecf
Add border to 🚲 emoji (#16035) 2021-04-13 23:43:51 +02:00
Eugen Rochko ad61265268
Remove dependency on pluck_each gem (#16012) 2021-04-12 03:35:58 +02:00
abcang ddabbbf5a6
Fix DB connection pool settings in CLI (#15983) 2021-03-31 17:46:17 +02:00
Stanislas d33351af3c
tootctl emoji import: case insensitive duplicate check (#15738) 2021-03-24 10:55:16 +01:00
Claire cbd0ee1d07
Update Mastodon to Rails 6.1 (#15910)
* Update devise-two-factor to unreleased fork for Rails 6 support

Update tests to match new `rotp` version.

* Update nsa gem to unreleased fork for Rails 6 support

* Update rails to 6.1.3 and rails-i18n to 6.0

* Update to unreleased fork of pluck_each for Ruby 6 support

* Run "rails app:update"

* Add missing ActiveStorage config file

* Use config.ssl_options instead of removed ApplicationController#force_ssl

Disabled force_ssl-related tests as they do not seem to be easily testable

* Fix nonce directives by removing Rails 5 specific monkey-patching

* Fix fixture_file_upload deprecation warning

* Fix yield-based test failing with Rails 6

* Use Rails 6's index_with when possible

* Use ActiveRecord::Cache::Store#delete_multi from Rails 6

This will yield better performances when deleting an account

* Disable Rails 6.1's automatic preload link headers

Since Rails 6.1, ActionView adds preload links for javascript files
in the Links header per default.

In our case, that will bloat headers too much and potentially cause
issues with reverse proxies. Furhermore, we don't need those links,
as we already output them as HTML link tags.

* Switch to Rails 6.0 default config

* Switch to Rails 6.1 default config

* Do not include autoload paths in the load path
2021-03-24 10:44:31 +01:00
Claire 82556834cf
Change mastodon:setup to not call assets:precompile in docker (#13942)
It appears assets are built during image build, and they shouldn't need
to be rebuilt, since we now have reproducible builds.
2021-03-24 10:37:24 +01:00
Claire 741d0952b1
Improve account counters handling (#15913)
* Improve account counters handling

* Use ActiveRecord::Base::sanitize_sql to pass values instead of interpolating them

Keep using string interpolation for `key` as it is safe and using
“ActiveRecord::Base::sanitize_sql_hash_for_assignment” would require stitching
bits of SQL in a way that is not more easily checked for safety.

* Add migration hook to catch PostgreSQL versions earlier than 9.5
2021-03-19 13:14:57 +01:00
Claire c31c95ffe4
Remove MySQL-specific code from Mastodon::MigrationHelpers (#15924)
Mastodon::MigrationHelpers has been forked from Gitlab a long time ago, but
Mastodon has never supported using a MySQL database.

Removing MySQL support from Mastodon::MigrationHelpers makes it a little easier
to maintain. In particular, it removes code that would need updating with
Rails 6.
2021-03-19 13:14:40 +01:00
Claire 82caed594c
Change deduplication order of tootctl maintenance fix-duplicates (#15923)
Hopefully fixes #15922

Also update support up to latest database schema version
2021-03-19 11:07:56 +01:00
Claire b358229834
Further preparation for Rails 6 (#15916)
* Use ActiveRecord::Result#to_ary instead of deprecated to_hash

They do the same thing, and to_hash has been removed from Rails 6.1

* Explicitly name polymorphic indexes to workaround a bug in Rails 6.1


* Fix incorrect usage of “foreign_key” in migration script

* Use `ActiveModel::Errors#delete` instead of deprecated clear method

* Fix link headers tests on Rails 6.1

Rails 6.1 adds values to the Link header by default, thus it is not a
LinkHeader object anymore. Fix the test to parse the Link header instead
of assuming it is a LinkHeader.
2021-03-19 02:45:34 +01:00
Claire 9aaaa96d2f
Use more robust hook for loading timestamp_id function into database (#15919) 2021-03-19 02:43:13 +01:00
Claire a4dcaef53b
Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (#15917)
* Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (Rails 6)

Add inflections and rename/move a few classes.

In particular, app/lib/exceptions.rb and app/lib/sanitize_config.rb
were manually loaded while still in autoload paths.

* Add inflection for Url → URL
2021-03-19 02:42:43 +01:00
Claire 43eff898a0
Prepare Mastodon for Rails 6 (#15911)
* Fix misuse of foreign_type

* Fix use of removed "add_template_helper"

* Use response.media_type instead of response.content_type in tests

* Fix CSV export controller test on Rails 6

Rails 6 sets a "filename*" field in the Content-Disposition header to
explicitly encode the filename as UTF-8.

This changes checks the first part of the Content-Disposition header so
it matches in both Rails 5 and Rails 6.

* Fix emoji formatting with Rails 6

* Make emoji output more idiomatic and robust

* Switch from redis-rails gem to built-in Rails redis cache storage
2021-03-17 10:09:55 +01:00
Claire a8139ab016
Add borders to 📱 and 📲 emojis (#15794) 2021-03-01 21:22:54 +01:00
Justin Tracey c9e8e1739c
replace all instances of "ends_with?" with "end_with?" (#15745)
The "ends_with?" method is just a Rails alias of Ruby's "end_with?" method.
Using the latter makes the code less brittle.
2021-02-19 09:56:14 +01:00
Justin Tracey 3f8523130d
use host instead of headers to make Rack happy (#15741)
"headers" is provided by Rails, Rack can't rely on it
2021-02-16 15:28:17 +01:00
Cecylia Bocovich 3447bd2f80
Monkey patch Rack::Session to send secure cookies to onions (#15725) 2021-02-14 00:10:52 +01:00
Claire 21fb3f3684
Drop dependency on secure_headers, fix response headers (#15712)
* Drop dependency on secure_headers, use always_write_cookie instead

* Fix cookies in Tor Hidden Services by moving configuration to application.rb

* Instead of setting always_write_cookie at boot, monkey-patch ActionDispatch
2021-02-11 23:47:05 +01:00
Claire 6feaad33f2
Fix obsolete digitalocean.rake file breaking rake tasks (#15618) 2021-02-11 02:11:30 +01:00
Shubhendra Singh Chauhan c8d11b8bdb
Fixed code quality issues (#15541)
* Added .deepsource.toml

* Removed bad use of `alias`

* Fixed operand order in the binary expression

* Prefixed unused method arguments with an underscore

* Replaced the old OpenSSL algorithmic constants with the newer strings initializers.

* Removed unnecessary UTF-8 encoding comment
2021-01-31 21:26:09 +01:00
ThibG 13d5b81579
Fix “tootctl accounts unfollow” (#15639)
Fixes #15635

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2021-01-29 18:38:56 +01:00
luigi eb51e43fb4
Optimize some regex matching (#15528)
* Use Regex#match?

* Replace =~ too

* Avoid to call match? from Nil

* Keep value of Regexp.last_match
2021-01-22 10:09:08 +01:00
ThibG 54d4e5252b
Use Rails' index_by where it makes sense (#15542)
* Use Rails' index_by where it makes sense

* Fix tests

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2021-01-12 09:27:38 +01:00
luigi 087ed84367
Optimize map { ... }.compact calls (#15513)
* Optimize map { ... }.compact

using Enumerable#filter_map, supported since Ruby 2.7

* Add poyfill for Enumerable#filter_map
2021-01-10 00:32:01 +01:00
ThibG 9395143126
Fix maintenance script not re-indexing some indexes on textual values (#15515)
* Fix maintenance script not re-indexing some indexes on textual values

Fixes #15475

* Refresh instance view at the end of the maintenance script run

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2021-01-09 03:51:32 +01:00
abcang efffdd3778
Fix rubocop config and warnings (#15503)
* disable NewCops

* update TargetRubyVersion

* Fix Lint/MissingSuper for ActiveModelSerializers::Model

* Fix Lint/MissingSuper for feed

* Fix Lint/FloatComparison

* Do not use instance variables
2021-01-07 09:40:55 +01:00
Sophie Parker c7262d12b2
Improve Emoji import (fix #15429) (#15430)
* Improve Emoji import

Skip macOS '._' shadow files in tar archive to speed up import

* Fix codeclimate format issue with whitespace

* Update lib/mastodon/emoji_cli.rb

suggestions from Gargron to improve comment

Co-authored-by: Eugen Rochko <>

* Update emoji_cli.rb

Remove extraneous comment (macOS-specific comment now with correct line)

Co-authored-by: Eugen Rochko <>
2020-12-30 23:19:55 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 633d175146
Bump version to 3.3.0 (#15433) 2020-12-27 06:00:55 +01:00
ThibG f1f96ebf02
Fix being able to import more than allowed number of follows (#15384)
* Fix being able to import more than allowed number of follows

Without this commit, if someone tries importing a second list of accounts to
follow before the first one has been processed, this will queue imports for
the two whole lists, even if they exceed the account's allowed number of
outgoing follows.

This commit changes it so the individual queued imports aren't exempt from
the follow limit check (they remain exempt from the rate-limiting check

* Catch validation errors to not re-queue failed follows

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2020-12-26 23:52:46 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 444b21b55f
Bump version to 3.3.0rc3 (#15411) 2020-12-23 01:36:13 +01:00
ThibG 1cf2c3a810
Fix external user creation failing when invite request text is required (#15405)
* Fix external user creation failing when invite request text is required

Also fixes tootctl-based user creation.

* Add test about invites when invite request text is otherwise required

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2020-12-22 17:14:32 +01:00
Eugen Rochko 9915d11c0d
Fix unnecessary queries when batch-removing statuses, 100x faster (#15387) 2020-12-22 17:13:55 +01:00
ThibG c4e860277d
Fix "tootctl accounts fix-duplicates" (#15373)
- `pluck_each` cannot be used this way with `group`
- typo

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2020-12-19 13:34:16 +01:00
Eugen Rochko c6598b17d9
Bump version to 3.3.0rc2 (#15365) 2020-12-19 00:28:38 +01:00
ThibG a60d9335d8
Fix resolving accounts sometimes creating duplicate records for a given AP id (#15364)
* Fix ResolveAccountService accepting mismatching acct: URI

* Set attributes that should be updated regardless of suspension

* Fix key fetching

* Automatically merge remote accounts with duplicate `uri`

* Add tests

* Add "tootctl accounts fix-duplicates"

Finds duplicate accounts sharing a same ActivityPub `id`, re-fetch them and
merge them under the canonical `acct:` URI.

Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2020-12-18 23:26:26 +01:00
ThibG 75944a2f2d
Bump max supported schema version in maintenance script (#15359)
Co-authored-by: Claire <>
2020-12-18 09:46:59 +01:00