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Rachel H f690320fb9 Keep newlines in xml (#1397) 6 years ago
Stephen Burgess 553170b77a Fix #1097 When onClick is falsy, do not make status content clickable (#1434) 6 years ago
Jessica Stokes 8a6096a3de Allow typing a toot while an image uploads (#1429) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski d2f6d9b9fb Fix issue with missing emojify class in views (#1455) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski dbe9f33fdc Admin base controller (#1465) 6 years ago
Alexsander Akers 1be6aa0c7f Fix references to "v1" API (#1460) 6 years ago
Corey Dutson 087ca3009b Adjust background of emoji panel (#1461) 6 years ago
Jessica Stokes db7c7d1af1 Improve scrolling behaviour (#1415) 6 years ago
Ram Lmn 42fb4faa0f Fix icon and emoji sizes (#1403) 6 years ago
Ryan Freebern 9bb398ee91 Minor clarifications (#1386) 6 years ago
Ratmir Karabut 9043b32183 Add Russian translation (ru) (#1023) 6 years ago
Jantso Porali e30bbb1cb0 Fix for Import issue from URL (#1416) 6 years ago
Gavin Mogan 8bdf02812c Add search to emoji picker (#1395) 6 years ago
Eugen 93db265be7 Do not store last visited URL from API controllers (#1330) 6 years ago
Eugen c172919745 Fix #1339 - better Atom titles (#1343) 6 years ago
Eugen 15d442cf9d Fix /api/v1/accounts/update_credentials tests (#1357) 6 years ago
Ornithologist Coder 43f955e31f Minor change to Entity on (Relationship) (#1356) 6 years ago
Hugo Gameiro 4ea4ef9d0f update portuguese translation (#1280) 6 years ago
ThibG d19ed18388 Get handle from atom feed's author/email field instead of guessing from URL (#1344) 6 years ago
David Authier f0bd439486 Use HTTP Accept-Language to detect locale (#1166) 6 years ago
Ornithologist Coder b16fbd52b2 Minor changes (#1351) 6 years ago
Ornithologist Coder 3b34c28bee Minor change on (#1352) 6 years ago
R Tucker 8bfdbf0aa6 Add comment to settings.yml to nudge admins towards editing values via Web UI (#1289) 6 years ago
David Celis d4fe6cd2bf Allow users to update their Account in the API (#1179) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski ea6c930c04 Helper cleanup (#1348) 6 years ago
StefOfficiel 12e29c9660 Update fr.jsx (#1329) 6 years ago
Olivier Humbert 082bef3027 French translation update (#1271) 6 years ago
spf e6b48a7048 French typo (#1257) 6 years ago
Jonathan Klee ba2aea3a80 add empty notifications french translation (#1111) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski e5282e4ec0 Clean up about page (#1282) 6 years ago
Brian Mock 53eb31f124 Fixes #1311 margin shouldn't stay fixed (#1312) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski 388ec0d5b6 Search cleanup (#1333) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski 71706f21c2 Ignore implied formats for catch all route requests (#1340) 6 years ago
Rachel H b1881a3d48 Fix nonworking clear notices button (#1316) 6 years ago
Eugen d5a675099a Add env variable to disable prepared statements (#1293) 6 years ago
Ash Furrow c3e7bac1cc Allows setting log level in env variable (#1290) 6 years ago
Ash Furrow 6e3925521d Adds user confirmation rake task (#1300) 6 years ago
Eugen b89f007862 Make public timelines API not require user context/app credentials (#1291) 6 years ago
Eugen 9acdb166e8 Fix #795, fix #704, fix #835 - 2FA requires confirmation to be enabled (#1278) 6 years ago
Pavel Djundik 470eb0042e Improve responsiveness of registration form and closed banner (#1265) 6 years ago
Pavel Djundik fc146a19cc Improve about page responsiveness (#1252) 6 years ago
Elizabeth Myers 941a593ea8 Add to list of instances (#1235) 6 years ago
Eugen 982fef811e Fix #1141, fix #1126 - Avatar/profile info fetching (#1215) 6 years ago
Thomas Citharel 41f8fde83e Update french translation (#1148) 6 years ago
Markus Amalthea Magnuson 157f0a2aa7 Add titles to more icons, and change clear notifications icon. (#1101) 6 years ago
kadiix 49043f644d Update instance name on List of Instances 6 years ago
Nicolai von Neudeck c803f5b440 Updated German translation (#1248) 6 years ago
Sebastian Hübner f860eb7d71 Fixed two translation errors (#1139) 6 years ago
Korbinian 8f9a11b642 Update (#971) 6 years ago
Thibaut (Eychics) c6b0707cf6 Update (#1242) 6 years ago