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Thank you for considering contributing to Mastodon 🐘
You can contribute in the following ways:
- Finding and reporting bugs
- Translating the Mastodon interface into various languages
- Contributing code to Mastodon by fixing bugs or implementing features
- Improving the documentation
## Bug reports
Bug reports and feature suggestions can be submitted to [GitHub Issues]( Please make sure that you are not submitting duplicates, and that a similar report or request has not already been resolved or rejected in the past using the search function. Please also use descriptive, concise titles.
## Translations
You can submit translations via [Weblate]( They are periodically merged into the codebase.
[![Mastodon translation statistics by language](](
## Pull requests
Please use clean, concise titles for your pull requests. We use commit squashing, so the final commit in the master branch will carry the title of the pull request.
The smaller the set of changes in the pull request is, the quicker it can be reviewed and merged. Splitting tasks into multiple smaller pull requests is often preferable.
**Pull requests that do not pass automated checks may not be reviewed**. In particular, you need to keep in mind:
- Unit and integration tests (rspec, jest)
- Code style rules (rubocop, eslint)
- Normalization of locale files (i18n-tasks)
## Documentation
The [Mastodon documentation]( is a statically generated site. You can [submit merge requests to mastodon/docs](