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Instant messaging documentation - by Tykayn

========= here is detailed the progress and the state of wondering. By now, the IM (Instant messaging) aims to be a simple frontend over the direct message structure.

Come discuss here: @tykayn or here

what is done

The IM is able to

  • list followed accounts by the user

    • retrieving contacts from the DB
  • talk one to one with an account

    • the input is a simplified compose form, it has predefined settings to have only one recipient. It uses the same mecanism than the compose form to send a private / direct message to somebody. other mentions of persons are not yet recognised.
  • components used by the IM are listed under the folder app/javascript/mastodon/features/ui/components/messaging

  • the addition of bulma CSS enables a reliable set of css classes to have a cool layout and tooling.

  • style dedicated to the IM is added in the mastodon style folder app/javascript/styles/mastodon/messaging/main.scss


Work in progress


find how it is already done to:

Paths to explore, reflexions

I would like ideally the IM to be able to:

  • send pictures just like in normal messages
  • be end to end encrypted
  • be able to be a bridge with some other messaging, like Matrix does with IRC and a lot of other.