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Tykayn 5924670e17 auth infos 4 months ago
Tykayn c5b1c7a730 add links and future things in readme 4 months ago
Tykayn f343dc6df4 up readme 4 months ago
Tykayn f636b308c0 max restant 4 months ago
Tykayn 71fecd1961 add place info in description 4 months ago
Tykayn d09767dd4e add delay in fetching each second 4 months ago
Tykayn 3f44754e94 add tags from ADL 4 months ago
Tykayn bea58afa1e compare events date 4 months ago
Tykayn 7228429013 ok import but wrong title 4 months ago
Tykayn f3cb3673a9 add compare function for titles ADL 4 months ago
Tykayn a297e20777 get json from agenda du libre 4 months ago
Tykayn 7c5e018a3c hop 4 months ago
Tykayn 4faa6ef364 gather links 5 months ago
Tykayn 04f561a9d3 get one page data 5 months ago
Tykayn 055a811441 test mongoose 5 months ago
Tykayn 9c7c5af6df start scraping page for CCPL 5 months ago
Tykayn b9a874b7ac multi import events in conf 5 months ago
Tykayn e584fcf61d can create with api 5 months ago
Tykayn 3f012c258f list events ok 5 months ago
Tykayn 52a0ec6284 add mocks 5 months ago
Tykayn a0d6163186 update with ts-node 5 months ago
tykayn 4e510e5718 add nominatim reverse, osm link to coordinates for osmcal 1 year ago
tykayn 0bb0d27ead add conversion of osmcal 1 year ago
tykayn e5eea3f803 refacto in utils 1 year ago
tykayn b5f108c571 refacto in utils 1 year ago
tykayn 86aa7bc3ae fetch osmcal and persist file obtained 1 year ago
tykayn df1767c778 ignore node modules 1 year ago
tykayn 3251e837d4 format date conversion 1 year ago
tykayn f6393429f2 working on date conversion with momentjs 1 year ago
tykayn 3620d7c081 splitting things 1 year ago
tykayn 0d268afaf9 doc sources 1 year ago
tykayn 2905c230bc add other sources 1 year ago
tykayn ce237b22da add new events works, now there are date conversions to make 1 year ago
tykayn 7f1be91da8 add psql query dump and emoji in comments 1 year ago
tykayn b110fbd4c4 enrich readme 1 year ago
tykayn c1360e393e init parsing rss and postgres connection 1 year ago