Repository for the Monito Gnome-Shell extension. Monito is a simple monitoring extension that queries Icinga/Icinga2 monitoring servers in the spirit of Nagstamon.
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Monito multi-monitoring checker

Monito is a simple tool to query monitoring servers and display results in the Gnome-Shell panel.


Manual Installation

If you install from sources/scratch, put the sources into the ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ directory. Then build the schema using either make schema or glib-compile-schemas --strict schemas/.

Once this is done, reload gnome-shell (Alt-F2) and execute gnome-tweaks to enable the extension or alternatively the following command gnome-extensions enable

And voilà!


This extension has been developed for my own needs. I will maintain it and add features but it may be very crude, compared to the excellent nagstamon package, which only missed the ability to be put inside of the gnome-shell panel (this could not be developed).

Things I plan to add at some point or another:

  • Buttons to operate on services à la nagstamon (recheck, connect via SSH, etc.)
  • Filters to hide services (handled, scheduled downtime, host down, ...)
  • Support for other (as in free speech) monitoring servers
  • Choose which columns are shown in services result

Things I will be unlikely to add unless a patch is provided:

  • Support for broken HTTPS certs
  • Notification for new alerts
  • Display list of down hosts (I am not interested in host monitoring but services)